Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sunday…Girls Night Out

Hey Beautiful People,

Okay so I went out on Sunday with my Sis…Girls Night Out was way Overdue! We were celebrating “Happy Birthday Ahmad” at Yen Sushi in Culver City. Sunday night Happy Hour and Karaoke what a great combination – the Karaoke participants were hilarious! The sushi was delicious and the drinks were on point. It was a nice crowd of people but a little crowded in the lounge area by the bar…early arrival suggested. The good news was that my friend moved the party to a bigger room, but I missed out because the “so-called” bouncer irritated me and claimed the area we were sitting in was Reserved after we had been sitting there for about 3 hours.  I can’t tolerate BS and I took that as my cue to leave.
Happy Birthday Ahmad
Sidebar- if I were just a little more patient I would have been able to go to the Reserved birthday room, but I wasn’t patient and as a result I missed out…my bad!
Sorry but I prefer not to stand at a crowded bar and I refuse to stand in a line to get into a Club. I’m Grown and So Over It! If I’m going to a Lounge…then I need to be able to lounge and they need to be able to accommodate me and my guests. Looks like I’m going to be upgrading to some “new” venues in the future so I can expand my social horizon.

Overall, I was soooo happy I got the chance to dress up “Like a Lady”. So you know I had to come with it: threw on my sweater dress, wedge boots, make-up, eyelashes, lip gloss and I had to walk that walk! I’m looking for a man who can Talk that Talk! No luck tonight but I had fun anywhoo!

Unfortunately, I’m going to miss out on my friend’s upcoming Birthday Celebration this Friday at the SLS hotel L and I’m so mad about it! That’s a spot I need to make an appearance at!

Sidebar - Why is it when I didn’t have this “After Hours” job I had nowhere to go…but now that I take on these new work hours I get invitations to Everything!!!
Well, I’m working on being creative with my Free time/Off Days in the new year 2012… I can’t keep listening to ADELE on heavy rotation (as much as I love her CD 21 :)!!

I am SingleNFabulous and We Like to Partaaaaaay!!! Until next time…Smooches

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Facebook Pet Peeves

Me and my Twin/Best Friend
Hi Beautiful people,

I’m back and ready to vent. As you all know my “new” work schedule hasn’t allowed me to do much “mixing and mingling” during my free time but I’m okay with it…for now ;) Although I haven’t been going out I’ve still been keeping up with the social networking scene. I just wanted to express that I think Facebook is a great social networking site however it is not a place where people need to tell “All” their business. Listed below is my own “personal opinion” regarding what I’ve seen posted on Facebook News feeds.

Let’s review “My Facebook Pet Peeves”:

·         I don’t need to see your sonogram on facebook.

·         I don’t need to see all these damn self portraits of yourself, that’s just vain.

·         If you are promoting your business on every other post, you might want to choose another line of work.

·         The excessive profanity is just not mature.

·         My condolences to you and your family… but posting a death of a family member is just inappropriate. R.I.P.s is acceptable.

·         If you are working out in the gym…post the “After” pictures because we really don’t need to see the “before” pics. Thank you

·         Ask someone for permission before you tag them at a location.

·         Please review your pictures before you post every single one of them because some of them don’t need to be posted.

·         Long ass facebook posts…keep it to a minimum!

·         I don’t need to know the details of what you ate for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner menu! Holiday meals are an exception.

I’m not trying to offend anyone I just need you to think twice about what you post for the world to see! If anyone would like to add to this list feel free J (men are welcome to comment as well).

In the meantime, I’m earning my stripes at work and sacrificing my personal life until I’ve earned my new found freedom ;) that may result in a more flexible schedule in the future!

Although the Adventures may be delayed…they will continue…as I am still Single N Fabulous! Smooches

Friday, November 25, 2011

Giving Thanks....

Hi Beautiful people,

It's that time of year when families come together to relax, reminisce and eat delicious food. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. It is this time of year that brings family together when our every day lives sometimes get in the way. Thanksgiving Dinner was delicious, thanks MOM. Meeting up with the fam bam at Big Mama's house was great too (and long overdue)! Christmas breakfast will be at Nessa's house, I can't wait! I am soooo thankful to have my family, friends, co-workers and loved ones in my life! I am a firm believer that everyone comes into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. It's up to you to determine their role in your life.

This year is coming to an end and I am looking forward to the New Year 2012. Change is inevitable and I am thankful that my life is evolving and has given me the opportunity to experience new things. I have big plans for 2012: My personal goals are to save to buy a home and educate myself on "eating clean" to embrace a healthier lifestyle. I am also looking forward to attending a friend's wedding in Jamaica, my family reunion in New York and a Girls Trip to Miami.

In the meantime, I continue to remain patient as I know my "soulmate" is out there  somewhere. I understand that I must be in a good space in order to make someone else happy. In the meantime, I will focus on my own personal growth and pray someone will come into my life who holds the same interests and values as myself. So until that happens...we must Keep the Party Going...LOL.

Just because my work schedule has changed does not mean I can't socialize, it just means I must be creative! The Adventures of Single and Fabulous continues...Smooches

Happy Holiday's Everyone!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

All Dressed Up...and going out Solo!

A Girl's Best Friend, she greets me when I come home - Me and Bailey!
Hey Beautiful people,

I call myself trying to get out and "mix n mingle" at an after work BlacknLA event at Philippe Chow but I was slightly disappointed. I could have been impressed but there were several things wrong with this event. Where do I begin?

The venue is very nice but it was too small for the amount of people that showed up. The background music was cool. The crowd of people in attendance were cool. But we all were cramped at the bar. Of course there were no seats available and as usual more girls then guys! Sidebar- if this is an "after work mixer" why do some people have on sweats and tennis shoes, c'mon. Leave it to black folks to mess up the dress code! And whose daddy is that over there tryin to holla back, oh lord.  

Although I was discouraged, it was early so Resheda decides to look at the dinner Menu! The food did not appear to be expensive, I haven't had my dinner yet, it's Friday night, I need a Good drink and I really don't want to leave yet! As a result, I'm having dinner SOLO! What else was I suppose to do? I didn't get all doll'd up for nothing! But it is sad that I am blogging at the table waiting on my food when I should be mingling! This Word document to Go is the business, lol.

The good news - dinner: chicken and broccoli with vegetable fried rice and the free dessert: my pineapple sorbet was Delicious! The hostess and waitress took Great care of me, A+ on the customer service! But my presence there just felt "forced".

With my upcoming work schedule changing I can't say I'm going to miss events like this, Lol. But the whole experience was interesting to say the least! Have you ever gotten all dressed up only to think "this was a waste of a good outfit"...well this may be one of those nights, smdh.

In retrospect, I think I would have had a better time if "my girls" were there with me! But of course the goal is to meet a nice guy and rolling 6 six deep with a bunch of girls can be intimidating and so I'm back to square 1;)

My Adventures as Single and Fabulous appear to be Inevitable....and so the journey continues... Smooches

Monday, October 31, 2011

Everything Happens for a Reason

Hi Beautiful People,

The journey continues and as to be expected unforseen events have been happening in my life.
FYI - I'm not a fan of change and I'm use to things running smoothly. But as we all know everything happens for a reason.

As you should know, approximately a month ago I received good news that my work hours will be  changing and I am pursuing a less stressful position. My release date was scheduled for Nov. 2nd. Unfortunately, I am leaving a great group of co-workers but I must go out with a bang! So of course, I had to celebrate my departure.

But of course I find out on what I though was my "last day" that I'm not leaving and I am being held at my current job for 2 more weeks, REALLY!! These people want me to despise them. Every time I try to make moves "the man" is always trying to hold  me back! Damn!

Well the Party Must Go On (we will just have to celebrate my departure again in 2 weeks, lmao)

Friday Evening - Destination: Seven 7 Restaraunt Bar and Lounge in Downtown LA. Shout out to my twin sis for finding the spot for me :) Happy Hour from 5pm to 8pm! Great venue. The only downfall was the D.J. didn't start until 8pm (world series was on tv). But we were going to make it fun anyway. Cool spot to host your event at. Some random people came by but me and my people took over the joint! Great appetizers for $4 and "four" purple moon drinks later I was good and tipsy! I had a great time.

Thank you for all of my friends/co-workers for coming out to Celebrate my departure I am truly going to miss the comraderie in our office as I think we have the best Social Workers in LA County ;) Smooches

My only love connection right now is with my puppy Bailey!
My Stylist Tanya with Bailey!

If  a sista gets a date anytime soon I will definitley let you know. So the Adventures of Single n Fabulous continue...Smooches

Friday, October 14, 2011

Patience is a Virtue

Hi Beautiful People,

The time has come where change is inevitable…my persistence has paid off. I am going to a new position at work and with change there is sacrifice. Although I will be working nights now, I get 3 day weekends. I will be able to go to the gym, pre-cook my food and focus on getting my clinical licensing hours. Also, I can meet new people in the daytime rather than limit myself to meeting them at night. I’m actually looking forward to this change as I think this change will afford me some flexibility with my schedule and hopefully lead to less stress. So the career change looks good.

Let’s transition over to my social life…

Okay so one of my girlfriends invited me out to the Conga room last Sunday night. Hey I didn’t have any plans, so what the hell. I like the Conga room on Monday nights because of the “Live music” as this is Foxxhole night, so I thought I would give it a shot. It was pretty packed and had a pretty good turnout of supporters that night. Sadly, I did not observe any “potentials” upon my arrival. Let me clarify and give you my definition of what a “potential” is…a man you can spot out of a crowd who has his own swag, dressed nice from head to toe, crisp and clean, nice smile, not intimidated but confident in himself…and of course handsome. You know him when you see him because your eyes constantly stray back to him even within a room full of people. Now I don’t think I’m asking for much, because I know these men exist and I’ve met them in the past. Unfortunately, nothing came of these previous encounters and of course I’m still searching for “the one”. However, apparently this wasn’t my lucky night.  But I was appreciative of the men asking the ladies to dance hence I had a great time sweating my hair out ;). I met a nice guy from Chicago who told me his wife was out of town and he was out with the guys having a good time. Somehow I ended up talking to him about his marriage and recommending he and his wife seek counseling (this would happen to me). What’s his response “how can we keep in touch?” My response was “We Can’t”. I told him straight out that I am not friends with married men.Period. I explained to him that this is a “suspect” position to be in especially if I wasn’t a friend of his that met his wife prior to their marriage. I walked away from that situation quickly. Why me, LOL. Well I guess that event was something to do on a Sunday night with no work on Monday!

Transition over to Monday’s surprise…

I have a new “puppy” that I was not prepared for. I knew I wanted a dog but I did not do my usual research on what it takes to care for a puppy. I don’t know what my motivation for getting a dog…was I just set on getting my way…because the price was a good deal…am I going through a midlife crises…is this my way of substituting for not being in a committed relationship or having a child…I don’t know what the answer is but I do know that I love my Bailey! She is the cutest puppy and I am sacrificing some “good sleep” to make sure she gets what she needs. I also have the best supportive family in the world because they have pitched in to help although they did not sign up or this!! So now I am responsible for someone other than myself. I’ve made a commitment of my own. Let’s see how this works out and prepares me for my future. Thank goodness my mom is more than willing to babysit because mama still has to find Bailey a good daddy J.
Bailey's 1st Day Home
I will keep you posted on my usual Single and Fabulous Adventures…Smooches

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hi Beautiful People,

Stress has gotten the best of me and has affected my ability to provide this Blog to my peers with consistency and I apologize for that. However I believe "I see a light at the end of the tunnel" (some form of relief). Please allow me to explain:

I've been frustrated recently due to several things in my life not going the way I want them to! Don't get me wrong, I know life has it's ups and downs but sometimes I wonder what is "my purpose"? I love my career in Social Work but I also believe that I have to be happy in my career choice. Therefore I have come to the realization that change is necessary.

Like anyone else, I have my own personal goals I would like to achieve and because of this unpredictable work schedule of mines I can't commit to what I want to do -one of them would be Dating!

For example, two Friday's ago I RSVPd to go to Buffalo Wild Wings in LA to participate in Mingle and Plei's Speed Dating event. I was having a great day at work when around 3:30p I get an Emergency investigation that has me working until 11:00p at night. Really? I've been at work since this time I'm "exhausted". Sidebar - "exhausted" was the designated word I used for the month of September! Needless to say I went home and drank a glass of wine, alone.

Let's review what other personal goals I haven't been able to commit to fully: exercising consistently, eating healthy, cooking daily and of course dating. This is just sad. How am I going to be able to commit to a relationship if I can't commit to my own personal goals.

Looks like some major changes are going to have to happen. I've come to the conclusion that my job is dictating my life and this is not what I signed up for ;) The good news is, I have some things in the works and now I must put "ME" first. I know that I must be patient so I will take one day at a time.

I definitely have to keep you posted on what is soon to come! If you have any suggestions on how I can accomplish some of my personal goals with a "tricky schedule" feel free to share them with me! Much appreciated.

The Adventures continue....hopefully some excitement will happen in my life that I can share with you soon ;) Smooches

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Hour - NFL Football Season is here!

Hi Beautiful People,

NFL football season is finally here! This is my favorite sport. Let me just start by saying I finally picked a football team. I accidentally came across HBOs Hard Knocks football series and I fell in love with the NY Jets! Maybe because the quarterback is an alumni of USC - Mark Sanchez and he's supported by a "shit talkin" coach Rex Ryan and some brothas who can run the ball. Now don't get me wrong I'm very much aware i am rooting for the under dogs. But I think once our boys get their rhythm going we are headed to the Super Bowl. Please don't sleep on the Jets the game may start off slow but they are known to be the "comeback kids!" Now all that being said where will I watch the game?

Happy Hour locations can be tricky. One minute you have a spot to go to and the next minute you find out it's been shut down (I.e. Capitol city, I'm so hurt I didn't even get to go) What's a girl to do? If I'm suppose to be on a mission to find "my guy" I have to pick a spot that fits my personality. So far the suggestions have been Buffalo Wild Wings in Torrance, The Game Sports bar and grill in Inglewood, Pink Taco's in Century city and El Toritos in Marina del Rey. Looks like I have a few places I need to check out. However I need suggestions people!

I'm looking for a place that has friendly people, preferably a mixed crowd (i ain't trying to be at the Savoy I know them folks already), a D.J. is optional, great happy hour prices and a cool ambiance! If you know of a spot that you think Resheda would love please let me know! I will definitely give you a shout out and blog about my experience.

The Adventures must continue....we can not let all this fabulousness go to waste ;) Smooches

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Like it, Love it, Live It!

Parting by the Pool - Rumor Boutique Hotel in Vegas!
Dress from Thick Chic Boutique in Inglewood
Hi Beautiful people,

Just checking in as my "Staycation" approaches an end! I have loved every minute of my "stress-free" vacation!
  • I've been to the Conga Room on Monday night and enjoyed the comforts of live music!
  • I've attended a couple of jazz festivals and had fun listening to more live music in the beautiful sun and relaxing in the park!
  • I've laid out by the pool in Corona and Rancho Cucamonga enjoying good company with family, friends and a good drink! I've turned my cafe latte skin tone into cafe mocha, lol (at least in my mind i've gotten darker) I love getting a tan in the summer.
  • I spent quality time with my twin sister, younger sister, brother-in-law and niece at the MAGIC Retail Convention Show in Las Vegas and had a great time getting out and enjoying the 102 degree weather and night life!
  • The only down side to this vacation is I missed two trips to MIAMI this month. But I am definitely planning on going next year, Mandatory!
  • Congratulations and Happy Birthday to my girl Tracy as she will be getting married soon and celebrated her birthday in Miami. Also, Happy Birthday to my girl Tamanika who also had a blast celebrating her birthday in Miami.
  • Since I'm giving shout-outs, I can't forget about my girl Gloria (aka Doctor Hudson) for getting her doctorate degree! Of course she had to celebrate big at The Standard downtown and of course I had to be in attendance.
  • Last but not Least! I LOVED the SADE Concert! She is a beautiful human being, inside and out and it reflects in her Music!
Sade Live @ Staples Center "Just Beautiful"
Notice that out of all these events I've attended I haven't mentioned any thing about meeting anyone new, WTH!!! Yep I've been out on the town and no such luck. What's a girl to do??? I'm really contemplating moving to another state. A girl friend of mine's (Sam :) stated it's really not that difficult. Finding a place to live isn't hard, it's making sure you can line up job interviews and have a savings account to keep you afloat. I mean really what's stopping me. I love my family and I was born and raised in LA (Cali girl for life), but I'm single with no kids and have met very few men who are willing to entertain the thought of dating. I need to do what's best for me and maybe start Brand New "somewhere else"! But of course everyone knows I'm a "planner" so I'm not going anywhere until I know exactly what I want to do down to the last detail, and of course I will always do what's best for me!
The Standard Hotel - Dr. Gloria, Caroline and Me!  
Sidebar- I almost forgot to mention that another good girl friend of mines attempted to introduce me to a guy I saw in passing a couple months  ago and she totally hooked me up as soon as she saw him again! I spoke with the guy over the phone but had to cut the conversation short due to not being able to hear him well. (I was laid out by the pool with a bunch of cackling tipsy girls and loud music :) However, I thought I made it clear it was okay for him to call me later on that night as I would be available to talk. That was 2 weeks ago, I haven't heard from the brotha since! Lol, I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Ladies and Gents please note - It's not like I haven't been open to meeting guys. As you can see I've done my part in getting out and socializing. If they can't approach me then that's not my problem. And don't get me wrong if I think it's worth it I will definitely approach him or give him an obvious invitation to come "see about me", Lol.

I know deep down that if I just be "patient" the Lord will bless me with a "good man". I just want the Lord to know that I'm just trying to help HIM out! I can't get a man sitting at the house watching Tivo every weekend! And so the Adventures continue.......wish me luck, lol, I have a few more days of vacation left to "Enjoy myself!" Smooches

Monday, August 15, 2011

Long Beach Jazz Festival

Hi Beautiful people,
Sunday morning, bright and early 8am I'm up and getting ready for the festival. Of course I'm hoping to get a good seat across from Crenshaw and Slauson (the infamous walkways that are adjacent to the lagoon). But of course nothing went right before I left the house. Pulling out the garage sis leaves her sunglasses in her car and we go back to get them and we find my big floppy hat is sitting on the trunk of her car, Really! I left the sandwiches and chicken salad in the fridge, had to go back and get them. Too bad I didn't remember I left the tickets behind, had to go back again and get them too. Lord what are we going through this morning, I've never been this absent minded, lol. Good news is we made it to Rainbow Lagoon Park only to stand in line for an hour. Finally got in and ended up on the "sidelines" not our usual spot (south side of Crenshaw) but we made it work. My partners in crime for this Adventure are Keesha and Devona. You know we had to represent in the pic below!

It's mandatory that we walk down the pathway and unfortunately I did not see very many "potentials". My girls agreed with me that there weren't very many single men available and the ones that were "easy on the eyes" were either with a female or knew they were a hot commodity. What's a girl to do! Shout out to my social worker girl friends who came out to represent and have a good time too!

I enjoyed Kem and Charlie Wilson but no luck at meeting anyone new at the jazz festival. I must check my social calendar and see if there are any upcoming events I need to make an appearance at because I can not continue to let all this sexy go to waste, lmao!

SideBar - why is it men and women have different communication styles? I don't get it. I call a guy to tell him I'm available to hangout over the weekend and I don't get a call. I know things happen but you could give me a courtesy call or text (since we cool like that). I was trying to be considerate but I'm done trying to work around someone else's schedule. I'm going to take a backseat and let you make the next move. Ladies and gentlemen let me know if I'm wrong!

In the mean time, Sade is in concert this weekend at the Staples Center and I'm going to put on my classy but sassy outfit and show em how it's done! The Adventure continues...Smooches!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Matchmaking by my Girlfriends

Hey Beautiful people,

It's Sunday afternoon and I get a text message from one of my girl friends saying she found a "prospect" for me! Now of course my first reaction is that of caution because I don't do blind dates. Let's keep it real, I need to be attracted to you in some way and not knowing what you look like makes that a little difficult. Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for a male model because I know that it's not going to be your "looks" that keep me interested. But most of my closest girl friends know that before you play matchmaker you need to know what kind of guy I'd most likely be interested in. Well fortunately, my girl friend (who will remain anonymous because I'm going to need her for future match making purposes, lol) picked a good one! So far we know he's almost 30. I can't ever find a man that's my age! He doesn't have any children, which is a plus, but I don't discriminate against men that do, it just depends on their situation. I also saw a picture of him and he looks like a keeper, translation -he's handsome. So now we have a conversation to see if we have anything in common. Wish me luck!

I love my girl friends because they are as much interested in marrying me off as I am. I'm not getting any younger.
It makes no damn sense why I am single right now!

Update from Essence - Option #2 - I completely forgot about a gentleman I met in New Orleans who happened to be "working" at the W Hotel. Apparently I was the assertive one in this situation. I guess that's what happens when you are on your second alcoholic beverage! ;) I completely forgot I had his business card until I was rummaging through my wallet recently. Of course I couldn't let this one get away so I text him. We've been conversing ever since and I am impressed. A man raised in New Orleans with a degree, career in the hotel industry, one child that he helps raise, close to his family and wants a family of his own! Sounds like a package deal right!

You know I'm going to keep you posted on this adventure as I continue to get to know my "new friends". I maintain my expectations of my male counterparts because I know Mr Right is out there and I refuse to settle! Smooches

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Girls…Who Run the World

Hey Beautiful People,

I’m baaaaack. Please understand me when I say I’m Exhausted. When I take a vacation it’s for a REASON! I love getting out and “mixing and mingling” so I can relax and meet new people. I think this is what helps me maintain my sanity. What’s happened since we last spoke…. Well of course I had to re-cooperate from New Orleans ;) That is a highly recommended trip every other year.

Jazz Fest West in San Dimas. This was my first time going and I had a BLAST! and I wasn’t even drunk! It was a great place to be and it was a big beautiful park. The weather was perfect, the people were friendly, we had good snacks and I was in good company (my twin). It was one of the most relaxing days I’ve had in a long time, just sitting and listening to the music – Leela James, Ledisi, Stevie Wonder, Eric Benet and Boney James. I definitely have to make this an annual event especially since I got a TAN, lol.

Caroline’s All White Birthday Party
Leave it to one of my girl Caroline (bday girl in red) to rent out the Rooftop Pool at the Thompson Hotel, Beverly Hills to throw a birthday party! Great minds think alike! It was a great idea, a great party and a beautiful venue. For once my twin sis was available to go with me as that is my official “partner in crime”. You know we had to represent! Now mind you I was doing some last minute shopping because Resheda has been working like a slave but I think I pulled it off. I need to find some more boutique shops so I can have a “white outfit” on standby (kind of like the little black dress). Every woman should have one! I had one good evening before I had to get back to working Overtime!
I think that my workaholic like hours and what I do for a living may be the reason as to why I am at a disadvantage on the dating scene. Once my work schedule permits I’m going to look into attending a few mixers through BlackNLa or go to a Lock and Key party. I definitely have to look into expanding some of my summer activities. Coming soon…Long Beach Jazz Festival in August…oh lord. I already know what to expect…pure ghettofabulousness! I love my people! There will be a straight fashion show on Crenshaw and Slauson walkways at Lagoon Park Sunday, lmao. See you there!

Still no love connections but every weekend is an Adventure!
Talk to you soon! Smooches

**Sidebar – Please forgive me if I do not respond to your Comments but I’ve been trying to fix this issue and I still haven’t figured out what the problem is but I will keep you posted.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

2011 Essence Festival

Hi Beautiful People!
Please believe me when I say that I loved my vacation in New Orleans, Louisiana. The 2011 Essence Festival was a great getaway!  I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t gone before. It is a great experience! Shout out to my girl April for going with me and being a great partner in crime!

We arrived Wednesday evening Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel conveniently located on Canal and Bourbon Street, and of course there was some drama! Uh oh, check-out was set for Saturday evening, WTH? ALL rooms are sold out or oversold! I called the reservation desk and fixed it “quick fast and in a hurry” check out is now on Sunday, room issue cleared up!

Thursday evening, First on the agenda - The W Hotel to mix and mingle at the bar! DJ on the 1’s and 2’s and handsome men everywhere! They were all courteous with plenty of southern hospitality. A sista didn’t have to go into her wallet once to buy a drink! Brotha’s were checking to make sure a lady was comfortable.

Thursday night – the infamous Razoo on Bourbon Street. It’s so hot and sweaty in this joint! Gotta love the attention. Love the house band that was singing all the new R&B hits LIVE! White girl in the house rapping Nicki Minaj – whaaaat? Get em girl.

Friday night – Old School concert hosted by MC Lyte with guests Big Daddy Kane and Dougie Fresh. Waited 2 hours and no performance. Really??? I can’t stand the House of Blues, I will never do “standing room only” ever again!

Concert Saturday night – made it just in time to see my favorite artist Jill Scott. I have to give it to Kanye West he can put on a show until 1:30am. He had an old school mix in the middle to highlight all the 90’s jams we listened to as teens growing up. The sound system in the Superdome was ridiculous!

Unfortunately I did not know about the artists performing Sunday night - Mary J. Blige, Trey Songz and New Edition until after I already purchased my plane ticket. Booo!
I must say, All the food was delicious! So many different places to eat!

Throughout the weekend I met gentlemen from Texas and Alabama, 2 guys from Mississippi and 2 guys from New York. It was Heaven on Earth!
Did I make a love connection? Probably not. Did I meet several nice guys? Yes, I did. Will I venture to another state to visit them? Maybe. But it’s going to take several more telephone calls before I make that type of decision. Did I enjoy myself? Hell yes. Will I be patient for the right one to come along? Yes I will. Do I have any more trips coming up? Not yet, but I have no problem occupying my time with good company and making new friends! Wish me luck!

Thank you to all my followers for all your advice and support!
The Adventures of Single N Fabulous will Continue…Smooches!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Countdown to My Vacation…Essence Festival Baby!

For those of you who know me…you know that “a vacation” is long overdue! I’ve been working my assets off so much that my body aches from head to toe! Sidebar - I accept all full body massages from the male persuasion, sexy and single of course, lmao. Fortunately, I’ve been drinking a glass of wine every day after work to calm my nerves. Moscato does wonders to relieve stress. After making it through a very rough 3 weeks at the job, I’m able to relax this past weekend for a brief moment and prepare for my trip to New Orleans…yaaay!

I went to Staples and they were a rip off. However, Best Buy redeemed my faith in retail as I bought a few things on sale and received some things for free! Found a cute dress at Del Amo Mall and I love the great “steals” at TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

Only my “better half” - Twin Sis Keesha - knows that I (over) pack at least 2 weeks in advance. I can’t stand not being prepared and I dread forgetting something at home. I also don’t like the pressure of packing at the last minute…I need my beauty sleep, Lol.

So let’s review “The List”:

Plane Tix/Concert Tix/Hotel reservations – Check
Roommates/Best Girlfriends’ In the World - Check

Summer dresses – Check
All BEBE stilettos (my fav shoes) – Check

Sandals (back up shoes ;) - Check
Camera/Flip video – Check

Luggage – Check
Toiletries – Check

Jewelry – Check
Cell phone/Charger – Check
New Hairstyle (finally figured it out!), Lol – Check

Feel free to make suggestions on what you think would make my trip complete ;)

Let the Essence Adventures Begin…….Stay tuned J


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Intimidated...Or Not

Hey Beautiful People,

It’s June and Summer is Officially Here! No Scorching Heat yet, but I can’t wait. You know a sista needs a TAN asap J
I’m back to share/discuss the "pattern" I’ve been dealing with every time I go out. Not once but several times I’ve been out attending different events and NO LUCK in meeting anyone!

Let me give you the rundown:
Memorial Day Weekend - I hung out at the Roosevelt Hotel Pool, relaxing in the shade with two cool guys from the Bay area (not my type) but made no connections with anyone.

I went to the UCLA Jazz/Reggae Festival – Jam Day on Sunday – I got lots of sun, had fun with my girlfriends and enjoyed Lupe Fiasco, but no such luck. (P.S. There was a big crowd on this day but a very limited amount of “potentials”, I was sadly disappointed).

Last night, I went to my girlfriend’s Birthday Bash at an Art Gallery – stuntin’ in my haram outfit, decent looking guys but no phone numbers. The one guy I did talk to most of the night was from Seattle, Washington!
What’s a girl gotta do? I really need to be in a room full of handsome eligible bachelors or at a Speed Dating Event because this is Ridiculous!

Is it me? I’ve been told about the “intimidation factor” but I didn’t think this was going to be an issue in meeting other people. Let me rewind, I was told a few years back by a male friend that some men are “intimidated by me” and will not approach me because they assume I am going to “be rude, say no or that I am stuck-up”. Of course I was taken aback by this but what can you do if some assumes these things about you. However, I have a tip for guys - If you observe my body language I am always friendly towards the people I am around, I am very talkative and I love to dance.”  If you are paying attention you will observe all these things which should make you a little more comfortable in approaching me.

For the Record – Some of us LA Women Keep it Real, please stop assuming we are “Hollywood” we are not those fake hoe’s on Basketball Wives, thank you!

In the meantime, I can’t wait for the Essence Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana, starting at the end of this month (4th of July weekend), because then I know that I will be surrounded by an abundance of “Grown men” who will not be intimidated nor have a problem expressing their interest or appreciation of a fabulous Black woman J! Damn, why do I have to go to another STATE to feel the LOVE! Maybe I need to Move?????????
Stay tuned as the Adventures will continue....Smooches

Monday, May 16, 2011

My "Zen" Weekend

I couldn’t wait to go out Friday night as I was/am so “Over It”. My job that is! I was tired from a long work week and ready for a glass of wine! Unfortunately my hair appointment  conflicted with a "long overdue happy hour” with my co-workers but I had to sacrifice one for the other :( But I know my girls had a good time as they should :)! 
I made it home just in time to throw an outfit together and go out to Villa Lounge in West Hollywood to support my girl April in celebrating her new membership into a very distinguished social organization "representing that crimson and white", lol. Of course my girl friend Devona and I arrived in Style! The venue was Hott! Cool little spot to be at on a Friday night. Good crowd of people, DJ was jamming and drinks were expensive but delicious! Sidebar- I love it when a guy just stares at you but doesn’t have the confidence to approach you (in my sarcastic voice). I had a blast hanging out with my girls and dancing the night away. That night was just what I needed to relieve some Stress!
For some reason this was my Zen weekend (lol @ Keisha ;) Sometimes my status on Facebook or BBM might say “Just Breathe”… It’s my state of mind at that time, heavenly influenced by an Interlude called “Breathe” by Jill Scott. This weekend I was inspired by Jill Scott’s album “The Real Thing Words and Sounds Vol. 3”.
The song “The Real Thing” is powerful and passionate, she says:  “you gotta do right by me, it’s mandatory baby, sweeter than your favorite ice cream, basking with glory baby…I’m the real thing in stereo, I got a little highs I got a little lows, follow this melodic flow I can make you shine I can make you glow! I can play this album straight through from beginning to end.
My favorite single is “Wanna Be Loved” as every single word on this track describes my feelings right now! I’ve realized that we “as women” have so many things in common: no matter what your celebrity status is, or how much money you have, what neighborhood your from or your nationality, we all have our moments when we are at our most vulnerable as human beings and desire the same things - one of them being companionship. I often ask myself “am I asking for too much?” But we must remember “What may seem simple to you may not be as simple to someone else”. This is what makes it difficult for some of us to find our “true mate”! But I hear patience is a virtue and so I wait !!!!!
Well enough of me on my soapbox. My weekend started and ended well…now back onto my daily grind…
I had a great workout at the gym and a GREAT 55 min Massage from my favorite masseuse Mona! I have places to go and people to see next weekend so…until the next Adventure…Smooches!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Food 4 Thought...

Ok so I was spending quality time with my family on Mother's Day and I ended up in a conversation with my brother-in-law regarding the ever so popular topic - have I met any new guys recently? I explained that after that last incident I haven't been on a date since. What was interesting is that he is the one that told me “Sis don’t settle, just be patient and he will come”. Mind you my brother-in-law is younger than me however knows what he wants based on his personal life experiences as a youth growing up in a single parent household. I was happy to hear his support of me and his encouragement to “keep my head up” –Tupac. Coincidentally, a light bulb came on, Steve Harvey is right!  "We as women" have to assess (listen to what he’s telling you) whether a man is where HE wants to be in life and then only HE can give his ALL to a relationship with US. Right now I can honestly say that I'm not meeting any "worthy" candidates. Don’t get me wrong, I believe there are “good men” (somewhere) out there.
  • I could blame it on the fact that I reside in LA (too easy). 
  • I could say that the quality of men available left to choose from has deteriorated (Somewhat true).
  • I could say that I'm not “mingling” in the right places or at the right times (I’m out every other weekend). But overall those different functions can add up to - Expensive!
  • I go to church?? Maybe I should attend 11am service instead of 9am (Lol).
Who knows? It could be all of the above or none of the above.
Seeing that I don’t have all the answers I’ve made it a point to ALWAYS Self Reflect! I'm not perfect and I'm not looking for perfect. I know we all have our “preferences” and “deal breakers” but people always like to comment that my “expectations” may be too high. I don’t think people should make generalizing statements, as such, until they’ve actually asked me what I am looking for. My only response to this statement is “I’ve met guys in the past who have met my expectations and I know he exists and therefore I refuse to settle!” Unfortunately, I was not “The One” for them or the “timing” was not right. I’ve heard that there are some who are in your life for a season and those who are in your life for a reason! Well whatever the reason is I guess it’s not my season yet! For those of you who are interested “Spring is my favorite season”, so I guess until 2012 I have the right to “act a fool and be Single in this upcoming scorching Hott season - Summer” until I meet my “match” ;)
P.S. - Not long ago I was talking to a guy friend of mine and it appears that he is having the same dilemma with females (Whaaat, say it isn’t so). Sometimes the best things are right in front of you (sounds like I need to listen to my own advice J)
Just thought I’d share what was on my heart…until next time…Smooches…SingleNFabulous

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Night Out with The Girls...

Hi Beautiful People,
I’ve always been told that the best way to meet people is to get out and go places. So I try to go everywhere I can without going “broke” at the same time. So of course on my three day weekend I had plenty of things to do!
Prince Concert on Saturday night –
A night out with the Girls! I was not thoroughly convinced that I should go to the Prince concert partially because I just wasn’t motivated. But the invitation from one of my girl friends (Keisha) was motivation enough! I had no plans for the night and I knew going out with the girls would be good for me and fun. I signed up to go see Prince making a rare appearance at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood. I guess I can’t complain about a concert that only cost $25. In my opinion, the best part of the night was hanging with the girls! Don’t get me wrong, the concert was great but I expected Prince to play more “classic” hits. However, the multiple encores were really cool and the man had us out til midnight. I’ve never been at a concert that kept going, and going, and going….Lol. The Forum was packed with all of Prince’s fans, however no love connection but that’s okay because that wasn’t my focus that night.
Pinky’s Napps Snapps and Curls Beauty and Barber Parlor- Play at Acme Theatre on Sunday Night-
My Girlfriend Taunya invited me out to this play in support of another friend. I almost missed the play due to my deteriorating memory (that’s a whole other storyJ). But everything worked itself out. Although I read the title of the play weeks ago I completely forgot about it and did not know what to expect! I can honestly report back to the people that the play was funny. Sidebar- I strongly encourage our community to go out and support our friends and family with local talent because you never know what hidden talents they possess. I loved the ambience at Amalfi Restaurant (next door to the theatre). This place had good food and great customer service. I think the bartender had a “crush” on us! I enjoyed a delicious late night snack: crab cakes and mac & cheese and relaxed with great company! Once again, no love connection but it’s okay because I enjoyed myself!
Monday – Relax at home and attempt to do some “work” at home on my “temperamental PC”. Maybe I can date a Geek Squad guy from Best Buy so he can fix my computer for free ;) Just a thought!
Until next time….the Adventures will continue…Smooches!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Can Do Bad All By Myself


Hi Beautiful People,
The title for this particular blog seems fitting as my weekend in Vegas did not quite turn out how I thought it would. I guess you could say I had my own expectations and I wasn’t prepared for what was to come. This Vegas Trip was more about spending time with Myself and reflecting on what I need to place priority in

my life. Don’t get me wrong there are perks to being single. This is not to insult those who have families. But I have the freedom to come and go as I please and I can make an immediate decision that does not affect anyone else. However, as a single woman you are still obligated to find friends that are reliable because it is “taboo” to do things on your own. Well I learned quickly that if I don’t go out on my own and explore the world myself (and I wait on someone else to experience it with me) I’m going to miss out. I’ve learned the hard way that I can’t seem to rely on other single people either unless you know for sure “they are on the same page as you”.
This Vegas trip resulted in me doing a lot of things by myself. It was originally planned with other people but when it came down to it “we all were not on the same page”. Therefore, I explored Vegas on my own!  I met a few “new” people this weekend that were really cool with great personalities.
Friday evening, Manny met me at valet upon check-in and he kept up with me throughout the whole weekend, acknowledging me as Ms. Patterson. I took time out to talk to him and get to know him as a person when he had some down time!
Saturday morning @ the Pool I met Tony a police officer from the O.C. participating in the Baker 2 Vegas Run, and his wife (cute couple). They were friendly and kept me company making great conversation, as we attempted to achieve a tan and drink $20 mimosas :). A few hours later, off to the Outlets to do damage! I had no “restraint” and as a result I am on restriction on buying anything else for the next few months. If I would have had a partner in crime someone could have talked some sense into me! But, oh well, what’s done is done. 
Saturday night, Char was my bartender/hostess at N9NE Steakhouse Restaurant and she  took care of my every need as I ate at the bar, Party of 1. Mixing and mingling at the bar was easy as everyone was friendly and inviting.
Sunday night, at RAIN nightclub I met Rochelle and Bianca who invited me to hang with them since I was clubbin solo. We took sexy pics for the paparazzi in the Club and I played big sister  for the rest of the night (making sure they didn’t get too drunk). I had a blast dancing and drinking the night away!
I guess what I’ve learned is that with every day there is room for growth. Right when I think I’ve figured it all out a lesson is learned and I am stronger for the next day! With that being said…I will be patient because I know my time will come, hence the Adventures will continue…Smooches!

My vintage throwback heels, those sucka's hurt, lol

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baker 2 Vegas Weekend

Jus Me!
Finally, I made it to Las Vegas!
Much love to my hunny bunny Majormusthavs (blog) for making me the Glamgyrl that I am! She is my Hair Extraordinaire!
Pay Close Attention! Here’s the Agenda for Vegas:
Friday night – recooperate from that long ass drive, order room service and rest up for tomorrow. (I missed the deadline for picking up my VIP wristband so I can’t get into the Ghostbar tonight, without having to pay L) So I’m updating my blog!
Saturday morning – Rise and shine breakfast by the pool and attempt to get a Summer tan. Before it gets scorching HOTT! Objective: Flirt with MEN!
Saturday afternoon - Pick up VIP wristband at 1pm for LAPD pool party and rock my leopard dress. Damn, I will officially be a “Cougar” when I make my Entrance (lol)! Objective: Flirt with MEN!
Saturday evening – Dinner at N9NE restaurant with My Girls!  Objective: Flirt with MEN!
Saturday night - Moon Night Club, Objective: Flirt with MEN!
Sunday morning – Fly back to LA to attend my Best Girlfriend Erica Cox’s Baby Shower.
Sunday evening – Fly back to Las Vegas for the MAIN EVENT @ Club RAIN,
Objective: Flirt with Men!
Did I miss anything????
Ahhhh the Single Life!!! It has it’s Perks!
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Adventures of Single N Fabulous in Vegas!!!

Deluxe Room with a View!