Friday, October 5, 2012

Family First !

Hi Beautiful People,

I am happy to report that I am enjoying my singlenfabulous life because I have no other choice, Lol. I'm loving my life and my family and that is enough for me right now.

I had a great time this weekend. It was mandatory that I take a day off of work to enjoy my puppy's 1st Birthday party.
Of course I ended up working the weekend anyway...are you surprised?!!! It was too much like right for me to think that I would actually get a "weekend off", SMDH. What can I say, I made the best of my weekend and had a great time!

Saturday morning I was up bright and early running errands and picking up last minute items for Bailey's Birthday Party at the Zoom Room in Culver City. I know this is not typical of any puppy parent but if you know me you know I have no children and Bailey is my "puppy child" :) I LOVE that little doggie! So of course my sister and I had to celebrate her 1st Birthday in style!

Birthday venue - check,

            Invitations mailed to Our friends and their doggies- check

                        iTunes playlist by Auntie Keesha - check,

                                    Bailey's yellow "Chewnel" tutu outfit - check,

                                                Mommy and Auntie matching outfits - check

                                                            Bailey having fun with her doggie friends -                                                                                                        PRICELESS!! 

I'd like to thank all of our closest friends - Meagan, Kirk and Nola; Keisha, Zoe, Zara and Cocoa (Bailey's sister); Caroline and Cassie and Bailey's favorite Uncle's Bruce & Davion - for coming out and bringing their dogs to enjoy the coolest puppy play date EVER :) planned by Yours Truly - Me!


Sunday morning the plan was to go to the LA County Fair with my younger sister and niece, however after all the puppy shenanigans from the night before I over slept. Thank goodness my sister texts me and says its going to be 102 degrees in Pomona and we are going to die a slow and horrible death in the sun if we go early, lol, so we changed our plans. A late Brunch at The Strand House in Manhattan beach, make sure we pick up my brother-in-law and then hit the LA County Fair "after-hours" when the sun isn't beaming down on us.

We had a blast! We played lots of games, won stuffed animals, ate delicious cheeseburgers and bought a whole bunch of stuff at the shopping centers. We can't wait to go back before it ends!!! 

No new prospects in the dating department as of yet so I continue to "do me" and try to have as much fun as possible when I have free time! 

The Adventures of SinglenFabulous must go on...Smooches!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Summer has been Fifty Shades Funner, LOL

Hi Beautiful People,

I am very proud to say that I've been able to take advantage of what free time I have to get out and socialize. I've been to Jazz Fest West in San Dimas, Washington, D.C. for my Family Reunion, Long Beach Jazz Festival and the Gardena Jazz Festival.

I met an LAPD Officer at the Long Beach Jazz Festival but I won't hold my breathe. We've sent text messages but I have yet to receive a phone call and I made it clear that we need to have a conversation and he agreed. But I've yet to receive a phone call......Really?

I learned my lesson from the past and what I won't do is "chase a man". If there is one thing I do know it's that if a man is interested in you he will make an effort to call you, spend time with you and clear his schedule for you."
It doesn't help that my current Summer Read is: The Fifty Shades of Grey Series - Fifty Shades Freed :p, As freaky as that book is I understand why women are drawn to it. There is romance, hot steamy sex, chivalry, communication, courtship and unconditioinal love throughout this trilogy.

I've come to the conclusion that I am a hopeless romantic and I would love to meet someone who is even remotely close to being fun, spontaneous, over protective and romantic like the main character in this  book. But I'm having trouble just meeting a "normal" guy. I've come to the conclusion that online dating is not for me. I just have to wait and be patient and HAVE FUN in the meantime!
I already have a plan for 2013 and it's as Selfish as they come, LOL. I've determined that since I am "Single" I am going to enjoy every minute of it until I am "Single No More"! I have planned as many 2013 activities as my pocket book can afford ;). My main goal right now is to focus on searching for a new path in my career that will enable me to make my own schedule. I believe a transformation is coming soon and this Blog is going to help me document. I'm also glad I have my SingleNFabulous followers to support me through it!

Until next time...the Adventures of SingleNFabulous continue...Smooches