Friday, September 19, 2014

Hartbeat Weekend in Las Vegas

Hi Beautiful People,

I'm trying to be a Good Girl and make sure I keep you updated on my shenanigans in a timely manner but it takes time to sit down and write these Blogs and I think their getting longer, LOL. But I have to make sure you guys get all the deets! So here it is...Vegas Baby!

I told myself upon my return from Soul Beach Music Festival in Aruba and The Essence Festival in New Orleans that I was not going to travel to anymore "major" events this year (I allegedly put myself on punishment), WELL...that plan didn't quite work out like I thought it would.
A few months ago, right when I returned from New Orleans, my girl Towanna (aka Nikki) mentioned that Kevin Hart & Kendrick Lamar were going to be in Las Vegas in September. My mouth fell open and my heart dropped. I wanted to go really bad but I knew I shouldn't be going so respectfully declined and told Nikki I wasn't going to go! Nikki said okay, but she don't play... she started making arrangements to make this "Girls Trip" happen. My ass knew I had already spent enough money on my previous trips and I needed to stay at home and relax. So I let go of the idea of going to Vegas and life went on.
A few months passed by and then one day out of nowhere I get this email in my Inbox and I almost had a  "HARTattack" LOL...there it was!! I completely forgot about going this event as I had not come across any visual reminders of the trip...UNTIL NOW. Then I see this email and I got excited all over again!!

I immediately called Nikki and told her I wanted to go to Vegas with her and the girls. Nikki loves me and so of course she called "my cousin" Kym to find out if it was okay for me to crash with them in their hotel room...and of course she said YES!! 
So now that the girls gave their Approval....I had to figure out what I was going to wear and buy tickets at the last minute !! 

Now I'm the party crasher so I was just happy to be going!
*Bought my Kevin Hart & Friends Comedy show ticket for Friday night - Check!

*Bought my Kendrick Lamar concert ticket for Saturday night - Check!

*Picked out ALL my outfits and bathing suits for Las Vegas - Check!

Sidebar - If you didn't read my last Blog...I lost 15 lbs. Yaaaay! So now I don't feel sooo self-conscious in a bathing suit. But I still choose to wear a cute one-piece suit that compliments my figure at least until I get down to my goal weight!

I was so EXCITED!! I haven't been to Las Vegas in FOREVER!!

Thursday, September 4th, Sheda was packed and ready to go! I don't know how the hell I fit 5 outfits, sandals, make-up and jewelry into a "carry on bag" ??!! I also had an extra bag for toiletries and of course a bag full of SHOES...and this didn't include all the goodies I stuffed into my Michael Kors backpack! Can you say PREPARED (aka High Maintenance, lol).
Oh....I must not forget...let me introduce you to "The Crew" - We had a smooth three and a half hour drive as we talked all the way to Vegas. My "cousin" Kym was behind the wheel and got us there safe and sound, Nikki was riding shotgun and Angie and I were relaxing in the backseat.
P.S. We had one person missing Angie's sister Nicole...she was meeting us there on Friday.

We checked into the Cosmopolitan Thursday evening and decided to eat at PBR Rock Bar & Grill. We had a cute and young male server who took VERY good care of us! Seeing that Nikki and I both are apart of the same Fantasy Football League this was the perfect place to watch the game and figure out how to navigate our CBS Sports App!! Good food and drinks and excellent service! I would definitely go back.

Friday morning came and our #1 priority was to Lay by the pool. It was Nikki's brilliant idea to rent a "daybed" for the DAY! Comfortable couch beds on the water, umbrella for shade with drinks and food included in the price. Who could ask for a better deal?? We had breakfast and lunch by the pool and I officially became a mermaid this weekend because I lived in the water. You know I came back to LA at least 2 shades darker. Me and my SPF were best friends in Vegas. You know light bright people burn easily so like my sister says....I had to apply and reapply to protect all this goodness, LOL.

Of course WE had to make friends with the "drunkest" people at the pool (a guy and a girl).
I don't know what it is but we always attract the "special", Lol. They were fun but our new "girl friend" was falling on people, stealing french fries off strangers plates and pouring beer in the pool. Really? The shit we have to deal with for being nice... eventually they left and were suppose to come back but we didn't see them again for the rest of the weekend. #iwasn'tcomplaining

"Lady of Leisure" Lmao!
My P.I.M.P., Lmao!
Friday night Angie's sister Nicole arrived in Vegas right on time! We all got cute and went to the Kevin Hart & Friends Comedy Show in a venue at the Cosmopolitan. It was really cool. All the comedian's were funny - Kevin Hart was the host, Rodney Perry got the party started, Corey Holcomb was a damn fool and we ended the night with Donnell Rawlings.

Now that the comedy show was over we were walking through the hotel debating on where we wanted to eat dinner. Out of nowhere this "dingy" brotha walks up on me and asks "Are you a Lady of Leisure". My face frowned up and I asked him "What is that?" He said, "no one's ever asked you that?" and I said "No". He told me to "do my homework" and stated he was "A Man of Leisure". Nikki was standing with me when all this went down. I was dumbfounded so I Googled "Lady of Leisure" on my phone. Once my ass figured out he asked me if I was a PROSTITUTE I was "locked, loaded and trying to hunt his motherfu*kin ass down!" But it was too late his dusty ass had disappeared into the crowd. In hindsight, I was thinking that if he is a so called Man of Leisure there was no way in the world anyone was buying what he was selling! He looked a hotmess! P.S. I've heard of a Lady of the Night but not a Lady of Leisure, SMH.

Nikki was laughing at me and you know she had to tell the girls who were just a few steps ahead of us but missed the whole thing. Not 10 minutes later me and my girls we almost to the elevator and out of nowhere this older man stops me in my tracks and asks "Do you like Irish men?" WTH?? I was caught off guard (once again) and my response was "Maybe". He proceeds to explain that his friends were sitting at the bar and one of them was celebrating his birthday. He asked if I could wish him a Happy Birthday! I was nice enough to fulfill his request but at this point I was really confused and low-key OFFENDED. I walked back to my girls and of course Nikki had to tease me yet again, she said, "Resheda these guys really think you're a Call Girl". Of course my question was, "What part of this outfit says I'm a hooker??" I thought I was Cute & Classy! Then I thought - It's gotta be the choker necklace I had on. "Lady of Leisure" was my nickname for the rest of the weekend, LOL.

Sidebar - Lets Be Clear! If I'm going to be "working in Vegas" I'm going to be a high dolla trick and readily available to ALL the "High Rollers"...not the random strangers hanging out in the Casino...HELLO!

Saturday morning came and we were on a mission to Lay by the Pool again but we expected it to be even more FUN because Kevin Hart was coming to hangout at the pool at 1pm and there was going to be a DJ (thank goodness)! This time we attempted to find regular patio chairs but the SUN was just too HOT, there was no umbrellas and no shaded areas. There was just no way we were going to be able to lay by the pool under those uncomfortable conditions. Once again, we got a daybed by the pool. Can you say "SPOILED", Lol. Breakfast, Lunch and all you can Drink...who could ask for anything more!!
This time we enjoyed good music, massage chairs, manicure and pedicure stations and celebrities mingling by the pool - Tank, Terrance J and Kevin Hart. There was a mixed crowd and more black men hanging out today. Surprisingly none of them approached us and we were the ONLY sistah's by the pool, WTH?? did I miss something. Fuck em' I made friends with the cool white guys in the pool who photo bombed my picture. They were fun, friendly and hilarious!
It wasn't until way later when a couple of "younger men" came to hang out with us by the pool that all of a sudden we became the "popular" hangout spot. Then we were surrounded by brotha's....that was interesting! I guess the guys decided to drink their "liquid courage" so they could have the confidence to come over and talk to us! The younger guys in their early 20's were no joke they made it clear they really wanted to hang out with us! Well we had no problem with that because they were good company and their resumes were impressive! They both were college educated, one has a corporate job and the other one is making a name for himself in the music industry. I don't know how this happened but we seemed to attract ALL the younger men that weekend.

Let's Review - our waiter at PBR was a hottie in college at UNLV and about 24 years old, our server assigned to our first day bed was a cutie too in his mid 20's and then there was the pool boy who was "FINE as all get out" (we should have got a picture of him) but he was married and in his early 30's but he didn't look a day over 24 either. All weekend we were getting all this attention and enjoyed every minute of it!

Saturday evening it was time to get ready for the Kendrick Lamar concert!! The best part of the night was our girl Angie...(aka the Negotiator) who worked her magic and got us a deal on a VIP Table that included Bottle Service and concert tixs!! I sold my general admission tix and upgraded to a wristband. #NoMediocre was our theme ALL Weekend. We had SO MUCH FUN!! We were sooooo comfortable on the couches of our VIP balcony location! The drinks were flowing, the view was ridiculous and Kevin Hart passed our section several times as he was the Host that night and introduced Keri Hilson and of course "the man of the hour" Kendrick Lamar! Since we were so close to the celebrities we got a chance to take a picture with comedian Darnell Williams...he was real cool...he remembered us from when we tried to jack him for his McDonalds shake when we were all in The Cosmo Elevator, Lol.
Kendrick repped that West Coast as we threw up the W to Swimming Pools (Drank), B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe, The Recipe and Poetic Justice. Everyone came out to see Kendrick Lamar and he gave a great show. We walked out of the concert good and tipsy. It was Nikki's bright idea to have us ALL walk to The Grand Lux for dinner afterwards because it's open 24 hours. We thought it was a good idea until we figured out the walk was waaaaaay longer than we originally thought. I was half awake and tired. I almost didn't make it but thank goodness I had a strong 23 year old there to hold me up, LOL. Yep the younger men met up with us after the concert and walked with us to the restaurant. Eventually we arrived at the Grand Lux, enjoyed our dinner and made sure we hitched a ride back to the hotel in a CAB. There was no way in hell I was going to walk back. Nikki, Kym and I stayed up as long as we could participating in all types of shenanigans until 4 or 5am but then we had to Turn it Down because we had no more energy to be Turnt Up!

This was one of The BEST Vegas Trips I've had in a long time and I'm so glad I went on this Girls Getaway!

Did I have to go NO,
Did I have a good time YES,
Did I spend too much money YES,
Was it worth it YES,
Would I do it all over Again...HELL YES!!


Although I had fun flirting with the Younger Men (a girl's gotta have some fun) I'm still in Search of a Grown Ass Man!

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