Monday, June 6, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend was a Bust

Hey Beautiful People,

I did absolutely nothing this weekend but I have to update you on what happened last Memorial Day weekend.
I didn't plan on doing much because I hadn't heard of anything worth getting into. I was going to just relax and lounge around the house...but then Timi called me! She was like "what we getting into"? I told her I had no idea. So she shoots me an invite about this party being thrown my #Plei. I saw the flyers circulating around Facebook but I had my reservations. Timi convinced me to go and said it's only $20 pre-sale and if we don't like it we can leave and find another spot to go to.

So of course I was in... I didn't have anything else to do!

So let me break this down for you.... In the picture to the right is what this place alleged looked like. Pretty, right?! I was expecting it to be "classy" with the cute decor and furniture.

Well this is NOT what we saw when we walked in...This damn place looked nothing like the picture "false muthafukin advertisement".

This party was so bad I started writing this blog while I was sitting there watching all the madness.... SMH.

So technically we were in a wherehouse on the 3rd floor with three rooms.

The main room was the largest and had some random seats available for people to sit on, there was also some long tables you could reserve but it definitely was not worth spending the money.

There appeared to be 1 bartender in this room and the line was ridiculously long. If you weren't paying attention people were just cutting in line because they didn't want to wait (just triflin'). The DJ was okay but couldn't really make up his mind what genre of music he wanted to play. One minute it was Michael Jackson the next minute it was Drake. Can you please focus on one genre at a time!

The second room was a decent size but smaller than the main room. Here is where you had the option of playing Twister, oversized Jenga, Connect four, Uno, Hula hoop, etc. But there was nowhere to really sit because there were more games then there were tables. The DJ in this room wasn't so bad and we would have stayed in there but the lack of seating sent us back into the main room.

We made a quick stop to check out the 3rd room which was small and set up like a small casino - Blackjack or craps anyone??!! There were more tables in here but it appeared they were for people celebrating a birthday. So we moved on as this area really wasn't that exciting.

So we got lucky and found two seats in the Main room and sat back to enjoy the show...

First of all, There was absolutely NOOOOOOOO eye candy!

This was definitely a "come as you are" type of party! I ain't never seen so many terrible outfits in my life...gloves and snow boots, church dress and tights, bodysuit with pasties only, and some "non committal pumps" (Timi's words, lol). She explained it as the heel that isn't low and it wasn't high but right in the middle hence the term non-commital, Lol. I call them church shoes, Lmao! The women sitting at the bar looked like they were depressed. We stayed a little longer until we couldn't take it anymore and then left. We sent out an alert on Facebook asking if anyone knew of any hot spots we could go to..... we got no response!

It was around 11pm and since I was hungry our next destination was The Cork on Adams but finding parking was an adventure in itself. Every time we tried to follow someone walking to their car there was always a car that was one step ahead of us. We were going to valet but it didn't look so reliable either! We just left and called it a night. 

Timi invited me to another event the next day hoping it would make up for the night before but I already had plans to go to the movies (sad face). 

What kind of Memorial Day weekend was that??? Well at least I can say I tried something different, it just wasn't my cup of tea.

Well the Summer is just beginning and 
I still have more SingleNFabulous Adventures Coming Soon...