Monday, September 30, 2013

Social Butterfly

Hey Beautiful People,

I finally gave the hair weaves a rest and decided to rock my own hair. It's actually longer than I thought. I'm a little sad because I don't feel Gone With the Wind Fabulous now that my weave is gone. I'm proud that my hair finally grew out but its just not the same (sad face). MajorMustHavs is my stylist and it is because of her that my OWN hair looks this good but I'm going through withdrawals!!! On a positive note - Surprisingly my closest guy friends have noticed my hair and love it. We've had a conversation in the past and they've never had a problem with me wearing a weave because I make this shit look good but what I'm finding out now is that they really like natural hair. Well now it looks like I'm going to have to figure out how to get creative!!! More hairstyles to come (smile)... Now lets see how rocking my natural hair will differ in my attempts to have a dating life.

Lord, have I been busy since we last talked...Every Weekend!!!
                                            I'm not complaining..I'm just tired, Lol.

Me, DK and Michelle
Lets review my shenanigans...

Saturday Night - Met up with my girls Lashawn and Tenisha at a Fight Party in Inglewood to watch the Mayweather vs. Canelo fight. I had Big Fun! Food was good, drinks were flowing and the DJ was spinnin all the hits on the 1s and 2s. I was a lot of guys at this party but there was only one good looking guy that caught my eye. He was hanging out in our area and I gave him every opportunity to talk to me I threw out all kinds of hints to show that I am approachable but "no such luck". I guess he wasn't interested....oh well...moving on!

@ The After "Fight" Party - I met up with my boys D.K., Ahmad and "white boy" Dave at a house in LA!

Me & Dave

Did I mention I love me some Dave he's such a sweet heart. When I tell you this man knows how to treat a lady...Believe me! He also only dates Black Women...And He's Single...Gotta Love Him!! Dave's like a big brother to me so I can't date him but if anyone's interested....let me know I'll hook you up (wink).

Only qualified applicants may apply...meaning you gotta get through me to get to make sure your portfolio is tight!

Actually I just realized that all my boys are SINGLE...I think they have the same problem I have...and thats finding a GOOD Companion! Damn shame. Well all the guys at this party were either taken or friends of mine so there were no potentials here either. After attending 2 fight parties still no LOVE!! SMH

Relaxing Sunday consisted of watching football and drinking damn good Mimosa's at Big Wangs in Downtown LA. I had a good time talking to complete strangers but I did not meet any potentials (sad face).

The following weekend...

On Saturday morning I went hiking in Del Cerro Park in Palos Verdes with my sister Kee, brother Bruce and brother-in-law Davion. I don't know what I was thinking??? I probably should have picked an easier path to go on my first hike but in the end the beautiful view was worth it. The best part of the hike was the end, Lol, when we went to eat at Capiola's Gourmet Sandwich Company it was DELICIOUS!

Beautiful view
Later on that night I met up with my girl friend Timi at Maverick's Flat. Initially I was told this was going to be a pretty good party but I should have trusted my gut. Once I looked at the location I should have known. Smh. I was misled, bamboozled, led astray...Lets just say the experience was different!

Sunday evening, I went to the LA County Fair - 1 strawberry margarita in one red boot, 2 good girl friends and lots of night time Fun.
P.S. I'm STILL trying to figure out what's the best way for me to loose weight, smdh. But a good friend of mines, Lashawn, gave me some good advice she said see a nutritionist!  She's exactly right I need an EXPERT! So I'm working on that and I will keep you posted.

As you all know...The Adventures of SingleNFabulous must go Stay Tuned!!

More Shenanigans are on the way...Smooches!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Standing in My Own Way

Hey Beautiful People,

Me in "The Resheda Dress"!
I have to confess...I initially started out writing this Blog with my usual complaining about how I haven't met anyone and then out of the blue I meet someone...and then I successfully manage to mess it up...hence today's Blog title!

So let me back up a few days -
I was at the BB Jazz Festival in Huntington Beach on Sunday, when I began writing the following -

My ass has been here, there and everywhere and I'm happy to report that I've been having a good time!

My presence has been requested at several different local events this summer: 
Rodrick's birthday party at Nola's, An All White Party in Riverside with my boy DK, Happy Hour at Mas Malo in Downtown LA for Ashley's Going Away Party & Birthday drinks with the Birthday girl Keisha at the Rooftop on Wilshire.
Guess which one is Keisha? Lol
Not to mention, I've been to every jazz festival I could possibly get to this summer...but still no potential dating options (sad face)!  All I can do is continue to go out and meet people and have a good's out of my hands...I'm just trying to be in the right place at the right time! (smiley face)

Now my twin sister, on the other hand, has recently been dealing with this one particular guy and from what she's told me he sounds like he just needs to focus on himself and not even THINK about dating!! She's already made it clear to him that they can ONLY be friends. She's been trusting her "gut feeling" and seeing to many subtle "yellow flags" that tell her too many things are not right.
Ashley & I
Listen guys your number #1 mistake is telling us ALL your business. If you are struggling with your income and/or transportation you are in no position to be dating or making new friends. Ain't nobody got time for that! In addition, this is not information you should be comfortable sharing with someone you are trying to get to know. First Impressions are Everything!!
So needless to say my sis will be keeping this one at arms length as he sounds like he has a few things he needs to work on immediately. Right now he doesn't have a chance in hell. So sorry boo!

In the meantime, I'm trying to loose this damn weight but to be honest with you this weight loss journey is a pain in the ass.

I've tried so many different things and 'm still trying to figure out what works best for me. I don't want to do anything extreme because I don't want to fall back on my bad habits. It needs to be a way of life that I can see myself adhering to as a lifestyle change. I know there is a way to eat healthy and loose weight that works for ME...I just don't know what it is yet!! Unfortunately everyone has a different idea on how to loose weight. One diet will say you can eat fruit and another diet will say no fruit because there's too much sugar, WTH?? That's part of my problem, not knowing what's good for me. I'm trying to educate myself on what ingredients are beneficial to weight loss. If anyone has any other "realistic" suggestions please let me know!!

Rodrick & I
FYI - I started out real good on The SHRED diet but then I realized after a week and a half I was tired of repeatedly eating salads, soups and smoothies. I then found out that as you progress through the 6 weeks it just gets harder. Can we say I am no longer motivated (sad face). If I can't get through the 2nd week I'm really not going to make it through the other 4 weeks, SMH. So now I'm on a mission this weekend to do as much research as possible on how to Eat Clean. Then maybe I can prepare my meals in advance for the work week and somehow manage to be consistent. Wish Me Luck & Will Power! (I'm going to need it)
Now that I've caught you up to speed let's fast forward to Monday evening

OMG! I'm so mad at myself. Ok so here's what happened. I went to Target after work Monday evening and a guy stopped me and asked if I was from Belize...yeah the hair will throw them off every time, LOL. Of course I told him no I grew up in Inglewood. We had a quick conversation - he appeared to be of Latino descent and I found out that he graduated from Locke HS, lives somewhere in LA and I think he said he works at a naval base (idk). Somehow I ended up telling him a little bit about myself but when he asked if he could "text me sometime" I automatically responded with my "go to line"...Sorry I have a boyfriend.
Wait what just happened? WTH was I thinking???? He seemed like a perfectly nice guy, approximately my age and he wasn't bad looking at all. After I walked away I wanted to kick myself for not giving him a chance. I think the whole encounter caught me off guard. I haven't been  randomly "hit on" in so long that I think I froze up. But still that's no excuse for me not to give him my number. The perfect opportunity presented itself and I let it slip through my fingers. I'm sooooo disappointed in myself for blocking my own blessing. I guess I learned my lesson for next time!
Back into the "social trenches" I go...I promise to be more open to giving a guy a chance!
In the meantime, The Adventures of SingleNFabulous must go on...Smooches!!