Saturday, March 31, 2012

Do I Look Like a Groupie Chick to You?

Hey Beautiful People,
Aren’t you proud of me? Back to Back Blogs, LOL.
I Love my New Hair Color! Thank you Tanya & Mimi
Get a comfortable chair and a glass of wine because this Blog is going to have you falling out your chair!

You know I had to update my people on what happened with the alleged “NFL athlete”! This Blog is a Part II: follow-up to "Sunday Night with Chico DeBarge".

For those of you who don’t know I “investigate” for a living and have 7 years experience at doing a damn good job. When I tell you I tried to Google this man and to no avail have I been able to provide confirmation that he is really an athlete! The reason why I want confirmation is because it goes to HIS credibility. Do not claim you are something you are not. If you are a Realtor/Broker, Business man/Owner, CEO, or a Retired Athlete/Coach…whatever the case maybe…then claim that!

Here’s the Scenario:
Sunday Night - Met at the Game Sports Bar/Lounge. He introduced himself and offered to buy me a drink. Proceeded to say he wanted to take me out to dinner, take me shopping and buy me a house!
(In my mind - Confusion set in…You don’t even know me!)

Monday night – I received 8 picture text messages containing pictures of HIM, his money, him holding his money and his blinged-out watch! (In my mind - I’m not impressed , so I ignore the text…why are you sending these pics to a perfect stranger you just met?)

Tuesday morning – I receive a phone call from this fool at 8am…he doesn’t leave a message. In my book if you don’t leave a message you didn’t call and it wasn’t important, BAM! (In my mind - Is he out his damn mind?! I am not thinking about HIM at 8 in the morning!)

Wednesday morning – I receive 2 back to back text messages from this man. 8 more picture text messages of this fool and then another 9 more picture text messages. Him and his house, him and his black Bentley, him and his white Mercedes Benz, him and his black Mercedes Benz, him on the beach, him in his sweat suit, him in a after 5 suit…Lord please make it stop! (In my mind – I’m irritated now…HE is out of control.)
We have yet to have an actual conversation and I have endured All of The Above!!!!

It is now time for me to respond to this madness. I’m pretty sure every person would have handled this situation differently (in their own way) but if you known ME, I’m not one to sugar coat anything. I’m going to give it to you straight, no chaser! In addition, at this point I feel insulted because I feel like he’s trying to buy/bribe me with his material possessions and in my mind his approach is unacceptable. You’ve heard that it’s the 1st Impression that sets the tone, right?
I have to precede this story with a Disclaimer: Please note that this is just my opinion and perception of the situation. In no way does anyone have to agree with me! To follow is my "text conversation" with this man “verbatim” so that you can see how the conversation unfolds (I did not leave anything out as there was no need to, except for his fake identity, LOL). If I’m wrong I have no problem owning up to that and I’m always open to “constructive criticism” as I appreciate other people's perspective that are on the outside looking in. As I received great Comments on the last blog I wrote about “the man with no car who asked me to take him home after the date” (check the Blog Archives for that story J).
Please know that the conversation below contains “graphic language” LOL. So if you are easily offended by certain profanities…please STOP reading now!

For the rest of my SingleNFab Followers, “It’s about to Go Down!”:

Wednesday Afternoon: My first response to this man after he’s sent me a total of 25 picture messages (all via text):
ME: All these picture text messages are a "turn off". You need to come up with a better approach when courting a woman! I am not impressed with your material items.  Please delete my number.
HIM: Bitch I'm a millionaire NFL athlete stupid ho fuck I need to impress u for u confused.

(The Inglewood side of me came out at this point! I don't tolerate DISRESPECT!)
ME: Fuck u nigga if you all that why the hell you by yo damn self! Go to NFL player don't mean shit to ME! Go get yourself a groupie bitch, cuz I'm not the One!

HIM: Yes u are the one and I don't want a lady just a hot girl red bottom shoe diva
(I have officially diagnosed him Bi-Polar after this response!)

ME: (I ignored this last text and didn't respond)

Friday afternoon:

HIM: This is the NFL wide-receiver u met at GS. What size pants tops and shoes do u wear and do u prefer Louis vutton or Gucci handbags.

(Please note: Nothing is Free! He is going to want something in return and I ain't trying to give it, there is no Attraction whatsoever on my part). 

ME: Thank you for the offer but I'm only interested in finding my husband-to-be! I really hope you find a FUN female you can lavish with gifts that makes you happy with "no strings attached". Take care!

HIM: Husbands and wives don't grow on trees boo friendship then fellowship then engagement then marriage then romance keep up wit me I'm solid as a rock and over intelligent.

ME: I agree, but it is extremely clear to me that we both have a different way of pursuing the things we want!

HIM: Work wit me so that I can work with u towards a common goal be it marriage or whatever

ME: Not interested.

I hope this is the last I hear from this man. I’m soooo NOT interested in what he’s offering. We both would have known where each other stood if we would have just had that “initial conversation” that laid everything out on the table. In no way am I saying All men are like this and YES I am putting him on Blast as an Example of what NOT to do when trying to impress a female!

Thanks for listenening followers...I had to get that off my chest! ;)

The Adventures of SingleNFabulous MUST go on...especially if I have to continue to put up with this Tomfoolery! Smooches

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sunday Night...with Chico DeBarge

Hey Beautiful people,

I know I have a tendency to disappear but please know that I'm still here...these new work hours are no joke, this job is unpredictable and got me working like a slave! The difference is I'm not as stressed out as I was before but my personal life has suffered in the process. I didn't anticipate this part... LOL (so sad). But no worries, I'm working on getting it back. I have too many ideas, about my future, floating around in this head of mines! Sometimes you just have to identify what your inner strengths are and get around some creative people to help make things happen. I don't know how much longer I can work for someone else but what I do know is that I need to be patient and stand strong until I can obtain what it is I need to make things happen in my future.
Now that I've left my "soap box" I have to tell you that I was completely caught off guard when a friend of mines told me Chico DeBarge was going to be performing at Game Sports Bar, Restaurant and Lounge in LA. I know my boy isn't a platinum artist right now but I have a soft spot for Chico and his brother El so I couldn't help but go out and support never know he might be making a comeback!
Chico DeBarge Live!

Got the hook up on a table right in the front and took some great pictures! The Game Sports Bar surprised me and had a great dinner special that was delicious - red snapper, jumbo shrimp, veggies, mashed potatoes and homemade peach cobbler. Moscato was the drink of the night and I was a very happy lady!

Once again "no potentials" tonight so needless to say I was a little disappointed. However, it was just my luck that I get an "alleged" NFL football player that looks like he's old enough to be my daddy's homeboy, dressed in a 3-piece suit with shiny shoes and a blinged out watch that costs more than my County salary for the year! I gave him the phone number because he initially mentioned he wanted to help me buy a house...or at least that's what I thought he said. Well the conversation quickly changed to... I just bought a house in Redondo Beach, I want to take you out to dinner, I want to take you shopping and I'm a football player. To avoid embarrassing this man too much I'm going to keep his "alleged" NFL team anonymous. Sidebar - You know I had to google this fool on my Blackberry to find out if his old ass had at least retired from an NFL team...but the jury is still out on this one. Don't get it twisted ladies, my goal is to school him that I am not easily impressed by all the things he says he can do for me and to tell him this should not be his approach when trying to ask a lady out! Oh I'm sorry, did I mention this fool pulled out a wad of cash to prove to me he could pay for whatever I wanted (can you say rubber-band man, lol). Lord it's sad that this is his approach. I don't know about anyone else but I am not a girl to be bought...besides I already told you he ain't cute (or maybe I didn't tell you that part), I refuse to settle people...he is NOT the one... I don't care how much money he has!!!!! Oh did I mention this fool sent me a text message of 8 pictures of himself holding a wad of I look like that chick?? Now if he was "Money Mayweather's" fine ass I might think twice :) ...but flashing your money is a real turn off for me...what happened to modesty?! Beautiful people I'm going to have to keep you posted on what happens with this fool...he is too old to be FLASHY...lord we gonna pray! Maybe he can introduce me to some Cute/Younger/Single football friends...then we can talk ;), LOL!
P.S. I'm so mad I didn't take a picture of my outfit that night because I was cute  that rainy Sunday night.
The Adventures of Single N Fabulous MUST go on...Smooches!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Birthday Shenanigans

Hey Beautiful people,
I'm so happy to report that the Birthday Festivities have finally passed...and We had a Blast!
Last minute birthday function planned at Zen Lounge in Hermosa Beach, thanks Taunya for the idea!

The Twins celebrated their Birthday in style, of course, in the "Owner's booth" with all our family and friends, thanks to our promoter Vince. Appetizers were cool, drinks were flowing and the music was the DJ could have been better but my twin sis Kee wasn't on the 1s and 2s (her iPod with all the classic hits) so we had to make it do what it do!
You know my Twin Sis and I had to represent in Philthy Ragz originals as I couldn't see myself celebrating our annual "grown and sexy" without the perfect ensemble. Please know that I caught hell from my Twin because she did not want to "go all out" however I have to say that my Kee pulls it together when it's crunch time! I loved her Sheik Punk Rock Kat Von D Fuschia Swag. Thanks Keesha for doing your sisters (Me and Nessa) make-up for the party, those faces were "beat".
Resheda, Vanessa and Keesha "The Patterson Women"
Unfortunately, I didn't see any "potentials" in the club that night but that's okay I had a good time with my people anyway. Shout out to all my friends that were able to come out and celebrate our birthday with us: fam bam - Vanessa and Courtney, brothers - Bruce and Davion, Nikole and Tai, Kirk and Meagan, Jose, Dana K., Keisha and Andre, Ashley, Samantha and friends, Caroline, Jamara, Patty, Bridget and her sister, and my girl Sharinna (whose also has a March birthday the day before the twins).

Birthday Fun - Part 2
March 20th is our actual birthdate and we had to go out to Crustacean's Restaurant in Beverly Hills with our college girl friend Devona who also had a birthday on March 12th. As expensive as that food was it was completely worth it...DELICIOUS...garlic noodles to die for! :)

I'm still on a mission so you know the Adventures of Single N Fabulous will continue...Smooches!