Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Hour - NFL Football Season is here!

Hi Beautiful People,

NFL football season is finally here! This is my favorite sport. Let me just start by saying I finally picked a football team. I accidentally came across HBOs Hard Knocks football series and I fell in love with the NY Jets! Maybe because the quarterback is an alumni of USC - Mark Sanchez and he's supported by a "shit talkin" coach Rex Ryan and some brothas who can run the ball. Now don't get me wrong I'm very much aware i am rooting for the under dogs. But I think once our boys get their rhythm going we are headed to the Super Bowl. Please don't sleep on the Jets the game may start off slow but they are known to be the "comeback kids!" Now all that being said where will I watch the game?

Happy Hour locations can be tricky. One minute you have a spot to go to and the next minute you find out it's been shut down (I.e. Capitol city, I'm so hurt I didn't even get to go) What's a girl to do? If I'm suppose to be on a mission to find "my guy" I have to pick a spot that fits my personality. So far the suggestions have been Buffalo Wild Wings in Torrance, The Game Sports bar and grill in Inglewood, Pink Taco's in Century city and El Toritos in Marina del Rey. Looks like I have a few places I need to check out. However I need suggestions people!

I'm looking for a place that has friendly people, preferably a mixed crowd (i ain't trying to be at the Savoy I know them folks already), a D.J. is optional, great happy hour prices and a cool ambiance! If you know of a spot that you think Resheda would love please let me know! I will definitely give you a shout out and blog about my experience.

The Adventures must continue....we can not let all this fabulousness go to waste ;) Smooches

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  1. Looking good girl. I love both looks and I need a drink:)