Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sunday…Girls Night Out

Hey Beautiful People,

Okay so I went out on Sunday with my Sis…Girls Night Out was way Overdue! We were celebrating “Happy Birthday Ahmad” at Yen Sushi in Culver City. Sunday night Happy Hour and Karaoke what a great combination – the Karaoke participants were hilarious! The sushi was delicious and the drinks were on point. It was a nice crowd of people but a little crowded in the lounge area by the bar…early arrival suggested. The good news was that my friend moved the party to a bigger room, but I missed out because the “so-called” bouncer irritated me and claimed the area we were sitting in was Reserved after we had been sitting there for about 3 hours.  I can’t tolerate BS and I took that as my cue to leave.
Happy Birthday Ahmad
Sidebar- if I were just a little more patient I would have been able to go to the Reserved birthday room, but I wasn’t patient and as a result I missed out…my bad!
Sorry but I prefer not to stand at a crowded bar and I refuse to stand in a line to get into a Club. I’m Grown and So Over It! If I’m going to a Lounge…then I need to be able to lounge and they need to be able to accommodate me and my guests. Looks like I’m going to be upgrading to some “new” venues in the future so I can expand my social horizon.

Overall, I was soooo happy I got the chance to dress up “Like a Lady”. So you know I had to come with it: threw on my sweater dress, wedge boots, make-up, eyelashes, lip gloss and I had to walk that walk! I’m looking for a man who can Talk that Talk! No luck tonight but I had fun anywhoo!

Unfortunately, I’m going to miss out on my friend’s upcoming Birthday Celebration this Friday at the SLS hotel L and I’m so mad about it! That’s a spot I need to make an appearance at!

Sidebar - Why is it when I didn’t have this “After Hours” job I had nowhere to go…but now that I take on these new work hours I get invitations to Everything!!!
Well, I’m working on being creative with my Free time/Off Days in the new year 2012… I can’t keep listening to ADELE on heavy rotation (as much as I love her CD 21 :)!!

I am SingleNFabulous and We Like to Partaaaaaay!!! Until next time…Smooches

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Facebook Pet Peeves

Me and my Twin/Best Friend
Hi Beautiful people,

I’m back and ready to vent. As you all know my “new” work schedule hasn’t allowed me to do much “mixing and mingling” during my free time but I’m okay with it…for now ;) Although I haven’t been going out I’ve still been keeping up with the social networking scene. I just wanted to express that I think Facebook is a great social networking site however it is not a place where people need to tell “All” their business. Listed below is my own “personal opinion” regarding what I’ve seen posted on Facebook News feeds.

Let’s review “My Facebook Pet Peeves”:

·         I don’t need to see your sonogram on facebook.

·         I don’t need to see all these damn self portraits of yourself, that’s just vain.

·         If you are promoting your business on every other post, you might want to choose another line of work.

·         The excessive profanity is just not mature.

·         My condolences to you and your family… but posting a death of a family member is just inappropriate. R.I.P.s is acceptable.

·         If you are working out in the gym…post the “After” pictures because we really don’t need to see the “before” pics. Thank you

·         Ask someone for permission before you tag them at a location.

·         Please review your pictures before you post every single one of them because some of them don’t need to be posted.

·         Long ass facebook posts…keep it to a minimum!

·         I don’t need to know the details of what you ate for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner menu! Holiday meals are an exception.

I’m not trying to offend anyone I just need you to think twice about what you post for the world to see! If anyone would like to add to this list feel free J (men are welcome to comment as well).

In the meantime, I’m earning my stripes at work and sacrificing my personal life until I’ve earned my new found freedom ;) that may result in a more flexible schedule in the future!

Although the Adventures may be delayed…they will continue…as I am still Single N Fabulous! Smooches