Monday, October 31, 2011

Everything Happens for a Reason

Hi Beautiful People,

The journey continues and as to be expected unforseen events have been happening in my life.
FYI - I'm not a fan of change and I'm use to things running smoothly. But as we all know everything happens for a reason.

As you should know, approximately a month ago I received good news that my work hours will be  changing and I am pursuing a less stressful position. My release date was scheduled for Nov. 2nd. Unfortunately, I am leaving a great group of co-workers but I must go out with a bang! So of course, I had to celebrate my departure.

But of course I find out on what I though was my "last day" that I'm not leaving and I am being held at my current job for 2 more weeks, REALLY!! These people want me to despise them. Every time I try to make moves "the man" is always trying to hold  me back! Damn!

Well the Party Must Go On (we will just have to celebrate my departure again in 2 weeks, lmao)

Friday Evening - Destination: Seven 7 Restaraunt Bar and Lounge in Downtown LA. Shout out to my twin sis for finding the spot for me :) Happy Hour from 5pm to 8pm! Great venue. The only downfall was the D.J. didn't start until 8pm (world series was on tv). But we were going to make it fun anyway. Cool spot to host your event at. Some random people came by but me and my people took over the joint! Great appetizers for $4 and "four" purple moon drinks later I was good and tipsy! I had a great time.

Thank you for all of my friends/co-workers for coming out to Celebrate my departure I am truly going to miss the comraderie in our office as I think we have the best Social Workers in LA County ;) Smooches

My only love connection right now is with my puppy Bailey!
My Stylist Tanya with Bailey!

If  a sista gets a date anytime soon I will definitley let you know. So the Adventures of Single n Fabulous continue...Smooches


  1. Hate that pic, but you love it. You are such a free hearted spirit that you'll adjust to whatever blessing come your way!

  2. Thank you boo! (majormusthaves) I appreciate all your support. You know I love you much. And yes I love the pic of you and Bailey ;) it's Perfect!

  3. Came across your blog via Major Must Haves's fav site list, she doesn't disappoint! I see you're a social worker as am I. I'm sort of new to the LA area/SW network and was hoping for some advice?

  4. Hi Senait, Sorry for the delayed response but I'm still getting use to my nighttime work schedule. Hello fellow social worker and welcome to the LA area. As far as a SW network there isn't much of one but if you want to get out and network and attend some cool LA events I suggest you subscribe to BlackNLA online newsletter and they will send you emails of LA events to attend. Goodluck and have fun!