Thursday, August 25, 2011

Like it, Love it, Live It!

Parting by the Pool - Rumor Boutique Hotel in Vegas!
Dress from Thick Chic Boutique in Inglewood
Hi Beautiful people,

Just checking in as my "Staycation" approaches an end! I have loved every minute of my "stress-free" vacation!
  • I've been to the Conga Room on Monday night and enjoyed the comforts of live music!
  • I've attended a couple of jazz festivals and had fun listening to more live music in the beautiful sun and relaxing in the park!
  • I've laid out by the pool in Corona and Rancho Cucamonga enjoying good company with family, friends and a good drink! I've turned my cafe latte skin tone into cafe mocha, lol (at least in my mind i've gotten darker) I love getting a tan in the summer.
  • I spent quality time with my twin sister, younger sister, brother-in-law and niece at the MAGIC Retail Convention Show in Las Vegas and had a great time getting out and enjoying the 102 degree weather and night life!
  • The only down side to this vacation is I missed two trips to MIAMI this month. But I am definitely planning on going next year, Mandatory!
  • Congratulations and Happy Birthday to my girl Tracy as she will be getting married soon and celebrated her birthday in Miami. Also, Happy Birthday to my girl Tamanika who also had a blast celebrating her birthday in Miami.
  • Since I'm giving shout-outs, I can't forget about my girl Gloria (aka Doctor Hudson) for getting her doctorate degree! Of course she had to celebrate big at The Standard downtown and of course I had to be in attendance.
  • Last but not Least! I LOVED the SADE Concert! She is a beautiful human being, inside and out and it reflects in her Music!
Sade Live @ Staples Center "Just Beautiful"
Notice that out of all these events I've attended I haven't mentioned any thing about meeting anyone new, WTH!!! Yep I've been out on the town and no such luck. What's a girl to do??? I'm really contemplating moving to another state. A girl friend of mine's (Sam :) stated it's really not that difficult. Finding a place to live isn't hard, it's making sure you can line up job interviews and have a savings account to keep you afloat. I mean really what's stopping me. I love my family and I was born and raised in LA (Cali girl for life), but I'm single with no kids and have met very few men who are willing to entertain the thought of dating. I need to do what's best for me and maybe start Brand New "somewhere else"! But of course everyone knows I'm a "planner" so I'm not going anywhere until I know exactly what I want to do down to the last detail, and of course I will always do what's best for me!
The Standard Hotel - Dr. Gloria, Caroline and Me!  
Sidebar- I almost forgot to mention that another good girl friend of mines attempted to introduce me to a guy I saw in passing a couple months  ago and she totally hooked me up as soon as she saw him again! I spoke with the guy over the phone but had to cut the conversation short due to not being able to hear him well. (I was laid out by the pool with a bunch of cackling tipsy girls and loud music :) However, I thought I made it clear it was okay for him to call me later on that night as I would be available to talk. That was 2 weeks ago, I haven't heard from the brotha since! Lol, I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Ladies and Gents please note - It's not like I haven't been open to meeting guys. As you can see I've done my part in getting out and socializing. If they can't approach me then that's not my problem. And don't get me wrong if I think it's worth it I will definitely approach him or give him an obvious invitation to come "see about me", Lol.

I know deep down that if I just be "patient" the Lord will bless me with a "good man". I just want the Lord to know that I'm just trying to help HIM out! I can't get a man sitting at the house watching Tivo every weekend! And so the Adventures continue.......wish me luck, lol, I have a few more days of vacation left to "Enjoy myself!" Smooches

Monday, August 15, 2011

Long Beach Jazz Festival

Hi Beautiful people,
Sunday morning, bright and early 8am I'm up and getting ready for the festival. Of course I'm hoping to get a good seat across from Crenshaw and Slauson (the infamous walkways that are adjacent to the lagoon). But of course nothing went right before I left the house. Pulling out the garage sis leaves her sunglasses in her car and we go back to get them and we find my big floppy hat is sitting on the trunk of her car, Really! I left the sandwiches and chicken salad in the fridge, had to go back and get them. Too bad I didn't remember I left the tickets behind, had to go back again and get them too. Lord what are we going through this morning, I've never been this absent minded, lol. Good news is we made it to Rainbow Lagoon Park only to stand in line for an hour. Finally got in and ended up on the "sidelines" not our usual spot (south side of Crenshaw) but we made it work. My partners in crime for this Adventure are Keesha and Devona. You know we had to represent in the pic below!

It's mandatory that we walk down the pathway and unfortunately I did not see very many "potentials". My girls agreed with me that there weren't very many single men available and the ones that were "easy on the eyes" were either with a female or knew they were a hot commodity. What's a girl to do! Shout out to my social worker girl friends who came out to represent and have a good time too!

I enjoyed Kem and Charlie Wilson but no luck at meeting anyone new at the jazz festival. I must check my social calendar and see if there are any upcoming events I need to make an appearance at because I can not continue to let all this sexy go to waste, lmao!

SideBar - why is it men and women have different communication styles? I don't get it. I call a guy to tell him I'm available to hangout over the weekend and I don't get a call. I know things happen but you could give me a courtesy call or text (since we cool like that). I was trying to be considerate but I'm done trying to work around someone else's schedule. I'm going to take a backseat and let you make the next move. Ladies and gentlemen let me know if I'm wrong!

In the mean time, Sade is in concert this weekend at the Staples Center and I'm going to put on my classy but sassy outfit and show em how it's done! The Adventure continues...Smooches!