Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Countdown to My Vacation…Essence Festival Baby!

For those of you who know me…you know that “a vacation” is long overdue! I’ve been working my assets off so much that my body aches from head to toe! Sidebar - I accept all full body massages from the male persuasion, sexy and single of course, lmao. Fortunately, I’ve been drinking a glass of wine every day after work to calm my nerves. Moscato does wonders to relieve stress. After making it through a very rough 3 weeks at the job, I’m able to relax this past weekend for a brief moment and prepare for my trip to New Orleans…yaaay!

I went to Staples and they were a rip off. However, Best Buy redeemed my faith in retail as I bought a few things on sale and received some things for free! Found a cute dress at Del Amo Mall and I love the great “steals” at TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

Only my “better half” - Twin Sis Keesha - knows that I (over) pack at least 2 weeks in advance. I can’t stand not being prepared and I dread forgetting something at home. I also don’t like the pressure of packing at the last minute…I need my beauty sleep, Lol.

So let’s review “The List”:

Plane Tix/Concert Tix/Hotel reservations – Check
Roommates/Best Girlfriends’ In the World - Check

Summer dresses – Check
All BEBE stilettos (my fav shoes) – Check

Sandals (back up shoes ;) - Check
Camera/Flip video – Check

Luggage – Check
Toiletries – Check

Jewelry – Check
Cell phone/Charger – Check
New Hairstyle (finally figured it out!), Lol – Check

Feel free to make suggestions on what you think would make my trip complete ;)

Let the Essence Adventures Begin…….Stay tuned J


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Intimidated...Or Not

Hey Beautiful People,

It’s June and Summer is Officially Here! No Scorching Heat yet, but I can’t wait. You know a sista needs a TAN asap J
I’m back to share/discuss the "pattern" I’ve been dealing with every time I go out. Not once but several times I’ve been out attending different events and NO LUCK in meeting anyone!

Let me give you the rundown:
Memorial Day Weekend - I hung out at the Roosevelt Hotel Pool, relaxing in the shade with two cool guys from the Bay area (not my type) but made no connections with anyone.

I went to the UCLA Jazz/Reggae Festival – Jam Day on Sunday – I got lots of sun, had fun with my girlfriends and enjoyed Lupe Fiasco, but no such luck. (P.S. There was a big crowd on this day but a very limited amount of “potentials”, I was sadly disappointed).

Last night, I went to my girlfriend’s Birthday Bash at an Art Gallery – stuntin’ in my haram outfit, decent looking guys but no phone numbers. The one guy I did talk to most of the night was from Seattle, Washington!
What’s a girl gotta do? I really need to be in a room full of handsome eligible bachelors or at a Speed Dating Event because this is Ridiculous!

Is it me? I’ve been told about the “intimidation factor” but I didn’t think this was going to be an issue in meeting other people. Let me rewind, I was told a few years back by a male friend that some men are “intimidated by me” and will not approach me because they assume I am going to “be rude, say no or that I am stuck-up”. Of course I was taken aback by this but what can you do if some assumes these things about you. However, I have a tip for guys - If you observe my body language I am always friendly towards the people I am around, I am very talkative and I love to dance.”  If you are paying attention you will observe all these things which should make you a little more comfortable in approaching me.

For the Record – Some of us LA Women Keep it Real, please stop assuming we are “Hollywood” we are not those fake hoe’s on Basketball Wives, thank you!

In the meantime, I can’t wait for the Essence Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana, starting at the end of this month (4th of July weekend), because then I know that I will be surrounded by an abundance of “Grown men” who will not be intimidated nor have a problem expressing their interest or appreciation of a fabulous Black woman J! Damn, why do I have to go to another STATE to feel the LOVE! Maybe I need to Move?????????
Stay tuned as the Adventures will continue....Smooches