Saturday, November 12, 2011

All Dressed Up...and going out Solo!

A Girl's Best Friend, she greets me when I come home - Me and Bailey!
Hey Beautiful people,

I call myself trying to get out and "mix n mingle" at an after work BlacknLA event at Philippe Chow but I was slightly disappointed. I could have been impressed but there were several things wrong with this event. Where do I begin?

The venue is very nice but it was too small for the amount of people that showed up. The background music was cool. The crowd of people in attendance were cool. But we all were cramped at the bar. Of course there were no seats available and as usual more girls then guys! Sidebar- if this is an "after work mixer" why do some people have on sweats and tennis shoes, c'mon. Leave it to black folks to mess up the dress code! And whose daddy is that over there tryin to holla back, oh lord.  

Although I was discouraged, it was early so Resheda decides to look at the dinner Menu! The food did not appear to be expensive, I haven't had my dinner yet, it's Friday night, I need a Good drink and I really don't want to leave yet! As a result, I'm having dinner SOLO! What else was I suppose to do? I didn't get all doll'd up for nothing! But it is sad that I am blogging at the table waiting on my food when I should be mingling! This Word document to Go is the business, lol.

The good news - dinner: chicken and broccoli with vegetable fried rice and the free dessert: my pineapple sorbet was Delicious! The hostess and waitress took Great care of me, A+ on the customer service! But my presence there just felt "forced".

With my upcoming work schedule changing I can't say I'm going to miss events like this, Lol. But the whole experience was interesting to say the least! Have you ever gotten all dressed up only to think "this was a waste of a good outfit"...well this may be one of those nights, smdh.

In retrospect, I think I would have had a better time if "my girls" were there with me! But of course the goal is to meet a nice guy and rolling 6 six deep with a bunch of girls can be intimidating and so I'm back to square 1;)

My Adventures as Single and Fabulous appear to be Inevitable....and so the journey continues... Smooches


  1. Ugh every event in my city is a waste of a good outfit but we must continue on and be like Cingular and keep raising the bar :) I hope u have better luck next time!! I miss single life it's annoying sometimes to plan events around other people sometimes u just wanna get up and go!!

  2. Stle4Curves good answer; It sounds like we are on the same page. Like Tupac said we gotta "Keep Our Head Up"