Saturday, February 20, 2016

2016 Super Bowl Weekend ~ Panther's Fan for a Day

Hey Beautiful People,

Forgive me for this delayed blog post but I’ve been trying to finish this post for weeks now and life just got in the way! I’m currently in Hawaii (for work) and I finally found some down time to type the final details of this blog post. And I only have the time to do it now because I’m 2 hours behind California, so I’m loving this extra time I get to take advantage of!

The good news is: You'd be very proud of me because I went out twice during Super bowl weekend. However, it was very INTERESTING to say the least…So just sit back and relax and just hear the words that are coming out of my mouth. Lol

Let's start with Saturday...unfortunately I was hit with a migraine first thing in the morning. So I was down for the count for the first few hours of the day. I had to take some medication and wait for it to kick in so I would feel better. Around 2pm I was back to my normal bubbly energetic self. I threw on my cute outfit, did my make-up and text my girl Rhonda and told her to meet me at Xen Lounge for our 4pm reservation for their Saturday #RNBrunch. Apparently when Rhonda got there first she was right on time to watch them set up the stage and deliver the ice. Uh Whaaaat? We wanted to be "fashionably late" not the first one's in the door!!! (I thought this event started at 3pm, I'm confused…you know black folks!). I arrived about 15 minutes later and a few more people had arrived. 

Rhonda had already warned me that the men looked "suspect"...uh what does that mean??? I knew exactly what she meant when I walked in the door (wait for it….lol). But we wanted to give this event the benefit of the doubt so we waited for more people to arrive. As mentioned before, black folks don't ever start on time. So we ordered some appetizers and watched as the artists performed their sound checks, smh. We had great seats, thanks to the promoter Brandon Anthony, with a good view of the stage to see the "live music performances". 3 drinks and 3 appetizers later it was 6:30pm and finally show time! The singers who graced the stage were pretty good. It was real cool to hear talented people sing "covers" of our favorite songs. As the place got packed with more people Rhonda and I realized we were probably 2 of the only STRAIGHT women in the Room, wait whaaaaaat?? We definitely wanted the men to outnumber us but not by an abundance of GAY Men! Lol, Awww Damn. No one gave us a heads up what the crowd was going to be like! I should have known when Milan from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood walked in the door and new everybody in the place! Did we make lots of friends YAAAAAASSSSS because everyone was really friendly and cool to talk to. But were we going to find our "future husband" in this crowd, Ummm I think NOT! Overall, we still had a good time eating, drinking and listening to good music. On any other given Saturday night we might have been stuck in the house doing absolutely nothing. At least we tried…but the waitress told us to come back on a Friday night! The next time I go I’m going to definitely invite my favorite Hifey couple Bruce & Davion so we can go out together and enjoy the Live Music!

Now let's talk about Superbowl Sunday...I was definitely hoping it would be better than Saturday's Unexpected Adventures!

After consulting with Brian my "dating advisor?" We narrowed down my choice in venues to water the game down to Pink Taco in Century City and Rush Street in Culver City. We discussed these two options and agreed that Rush Street should have a diverse crowd of people since it's located in Culver City.

So I made reservations for 2:30pm to go to Rush Street. My twin sister Keesha was super excited because her team The Carolina Panthers were playing in the Super Bowl. She was ready to go! Panthers t-shirt (check), Cam Newton #1 Jersey (check), face beat and hair on fleek (check). We settled into our seats and had the best waitress in the joint "Murray". To make things even better it was Keesha's "cheat day" Lol. The menu was on point: up first chips and guacamole, then we feasted on chili cheese tater tots, and angus beef sliders.
Before the game came on there were two guys sitting next to us and it was clear they had already been drinking as they were really talkative and crackin' jokes. But one of them almost knocked my drink over when he got up from his table. The Good News is that the second round of drinks were on HIM (instead of me, lol). Please note 4 martini's in the picture, OH Yeah, We were LIT!!!

We got through the first half of the game but tension was high. We witnessed some great passes but then Cam became the victim of some unforeseen sacks. We weren't prepared to watch the Panthers suffer at the hands of the Bronco's offensive team.

As we continued to support the Panthers we contemplated ordering pizza the second half of the game but it turned out that neither one of us were hungry.

Sidebar - both of us have been on this healthy kick and have been supporting each other through this difficult time of resisting temptation. But the fact that we have at least one "cheat meal" on the weekend gives us something to look forward to and helps us stay on track during the week. We've noticed that we get full quicker and we don't need to eat as much as we've eaten in the past.

We decided to order coffee and a dessert instead. It was delicious and we didn't finish that either.

Sadly the Panthers lost the Super Bowl and that is okay, it just wasn’t their time yet. However, Cam was voted MVP and he had a great season overall. Next year it's on and crackin' hopefully my NY Jets can make it to the Super Bowl so I can root for my own team!

Unfortunately we didn't meet any cute guys but we had a good time regardless. We were in good company with a lot of friendly people who came buy to show their love because Keesha represented her team from beginning to the sad end. As a DIE HARD FAN is suppose to do! Nice Outing but no Love this time around.

This just gives me a good excuse to keep my eyes and ears open for some great “L.A. hot spots” to go hangout and meet new people. Hey if anyone has any suggestions please let me know! It’s going to take a Village to Marry my Ass off to the next eligible bachelor, Lol.

As if you didn't know…Stay Tuned
The Adventures of SingleNFabulous Must Go On!