Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas@ Bottega Louie

OMG! I had a blast at ALL my Pre-Christmas Eve Events on Thursday night. I went to dinner at Bottega Louie in downtown LA, then made an “appearance” at a Birthday backyard boogie in Inglewood and ended the night at the ever so popular Cork in LA, LOL. Dressed in my zebra print black and gray top with leggings and zipper boots I was ready for any and everything. Out with my favorite co-workers Bottega Louie didn’t know what hit them! Shout out to my girl Maria who wasn’t able to come with us! We missed you girl ! This was the last Christmas Celebration for 2010 and I had the best time. Great conversation, beautiful ambiance and plenty of attention from the gentlemen.

6:30pm, we started the night with a glass of wine waiting for our table that seats seven. 2 bottles of wine later- we were giggly, tipsy and making new friends. I was flirting with our Jewish waiter and acknowledging all the “gorgeous” men working that night (note: new hot spot on  Thursday night ;). The table to our right was also filled with handsome professional Latin men who made it a point to introduce themselves. They so kindly expressed that they’ve never seen so many beautiful women at one table at Bottega Louie's EVER. Hot damn, they made our night!
10:00pm, on to the next destination! Arrived in Inglewood "suited and stiletto booted". We formed a circle around the birthday boy and got the party started. Due to the lack of and DJ potential applicants we only stayed a moment, it was time to move on. Heard through the grapevine The Cork was packed.
11:30pm, walked in the door all eyes on “US”. Started the night off rocking my hips to the old school music I’m used to hearing that will have your feet hurting. Started at the bar, 1st drink was paid for, nice guys but too old. 2nd drink was paid for, nice guy but not my type, 3rd drink was paid for nice guy but still rocking cornrows. Come on guys we are going into 2011 get a fade! However, I was impressed with the men in the Cork - they were friendly and confirmed that chivalry isn’t dead. Wait a minute! Hello, spotted him at the bar. Local celebrity in the house a Plumber known for laying pipe! LOL. Handsome man that I have history with but not sure this one is ready for a “commitment”, stated he is but it’s so easy to “say” not so easy to “do”. I told him we need to start all over so he introduced himself and we had a conversation……to be continued….In the meantime, I have another one in my ear and one flirting with me from the other side of the room. I’m popular tonight, must be this new curly hair I’m rockin! LOL. Much love to my hair stylist Major Must Haves – Tanya S. Uh oh, last call for alcohol. I'm at the bar, again, and a brotha simply complimented me on my Swag, 4th drink was paid with no pressure attached. You gotta love the Cork. Home by 2:30am!
Any love connections? probably not J had a Great night, Definitely!
Merry Christmas Beautiful People!
Stay tuned....Smooches

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Swagg

Happy Holidays Beautiful People,

I know it's been a minute since I've updated my blog but unfortunately my social life hasn't been that exciting, Lol. Houston we have a problem! I've been to Salt Creek Grille in El Segundo, The Yardhouse at LA Live and The Embassy Suites for 3 holiday parties this week and "no such luck". Regardless, I definitely wanted to say that I have had a great time getting out and socializing with all my friends at these great holiday events. I know that I should not be "looking 4 the 1" so I try to keep a low profile and hope that I'm blessed with making new friends. I'm still going to keep hope alive! I have a few more events coming up and I'm definitely trying to figure out what's on the agenda for New Year's Eve 2011.

P.S. - Why do guys commit to getting themselves into a "situation" with you but then expect "privileges" that come with a "relationship"??? But swear up and down they do not want a girlfriend. Then get upset when you remind them of their position "the jump off", LOL. I was just wondering......Hmmmmm!

Happy Holidays! Smooches

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Leopard Vest and Red BEBE Stilletos

Saturday night and I was Miss Popular with two parties to attend! First, The Holiday party with my best friend's mom and her friends and family at The Wine Place and Storage in Marina Del Rey. I made my first appearance here only to pay a $10 cover with "unlimited" drinks. Now that's what I'm talking about! I had a great time mingling, grooving down the soul train line and being clowned by a silver haired comedienne by the name of Ms. Ida Mae who was hilarious. Of course she couldn' let me walk by without saying something about my Leopard vest and how the animal I was wearing came from the zoo and was now extinct! What was I thinking I should have stayed all night and got tipsy off the Free Riesling. But it was time to move on to the Second party: Actor Brian White's Blazers & Heels Affair @ Amalfi & Room 5 Lounge! The parking was easy, the line was brief and the spot was nice. Of course, I was giving them my version of leopard couture and in my opinion I had on the best damn red stilettos in the building! DJ Lady Jamar on the 1s and 2s had the party crackin' and hips rockin! I had a blast making friends with some cool ladies and meeting a brotha from New York who was Black and Arab with a totally different upbringing and outlook on life. He was a nice guy but it was strictly conversation. On to the next one! I continued to dance and have a great time but no love connection! However, on my way out a guy states he knows my face from somewhere, classic pick up line right? but he denies he's "flirting with me". I quickly let him know that "it's okay to flirt" ;)LOL. Sidebar -It's possible he may have seen me before seeing that I am a social butterfly and have a twin that looks exactly like me! Long story short we know some of the same people and began chatting about the different Lounge options for the "30 and over crowd". We exchanged numbers and email to keep each other informed on local social events. Did I mention he was Handsome? Uh Oh, I may be on to something! I will keep you posted....because that's what you do when you are Single N Fabulous! Until next time....Smooches

Friday, November 26, 2010

Jus Me and my Pinot Grigio

Okay It's Wednesday night and I have a party to go to but no partner in crime (home girl) to roll out with me??? WTH ! So What do I do? Roll Solo! Hey a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do. Shout out to Black N LA for hosting the Pre-Thanksgiving Celebration at Xino Restaurant and Lounge in Santa Monica. Good looking people, cool atmosphere, great patio, bangin' DJ and Me! I started the night out with a glass of wine, Pinot Grigio and held a semi-interesting conversation with a 47 year old man who probably shouldn't have been there (stay in your lane!). Gave myself a tour of the Lounge and was impressed. Met another 30-something year old guy who was friendly and kept me company for a minute. The conversation was pretty cool until the "played out question" reared its ugly head. Do you cook? My immediate response was going to be - Do YOU cook? I'm sorry but if that's one of the first 5 questions you ask a woman when you first meet her it already tells me YOU have no skills in the kitchen. Sidebar -Now don't get me wrong I cook but I ain't from the South and you will not be getting collard greens and cornbread or Sunday dinner like the movie Soul Food sorry (meet me at Big Mama's house for all that)! But will you eat, Yes! Do you have a problem with me experimenting in the kitchen trying out new recipes? if so, then I suggest you get your Culinary Arts degree and cook 4 me! Some of us career woman don't cook "every day" however will I attempt to do so Yes. I'm trying not to rip this guy a new one because I've been told that I can be a little "Harsh" in the beginning so I let that question slide and gave him the benefit of the doubt. But surprisingly he stated it was a pleasure to meet me, shook my hand and left the spot before me. Wow okay. But that was a relief for me, no pressure to give my number out. Cool maybe I wasn't what he was looking for and guess what, I'm okay with that. Needless to say I really didn't see any other potential men I would have been interested in. However, I continued on to my 2nd glass of wine- Riesling, and met up with another guy I met at a previous event. I couldn't turn down an invitation to "drop it low" to a few "old school joints" and it was Deuces by 1:30am. I had a good time, All by My Damn Self.  Stay tuned....for the next Adventure :) Smooches and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

First Impressions

Good evening Beautiful People,
Lets review my most recent "First Impression" of a guy. Let me first give you a little history of myself. I am a woman in my mid-30's and have "some" old school values. Chivalry is not dead ! But obviously I've transitioned into this new technical era and have embraced the blogging, texting and social networking community. However, my confusion at this point is, to what degree do we allow technology to take over. Recently I was introduced to a guy (via third party) and we exchanged numbers. My first phone call with him was when I received a text message from him. What happened to picking up the phone and calling????? If there were no texting you wouldn't have a choice. For me this is a complete turn off. In addition, I reserve text messages to people that I have already established a relationship with. Is it me? or is texting so impersonal? Especially if I don't know you! As a result, I didn't respond. I'm not cutting the guy off (i'm not that evil :) I will give him a second chance but I really want to see how long it's going to take for him to call me so we can have an "actual" conversation. Talk to me ppl


Greetings Beautiful People,

Tonight I had an epiphany! I complain so much about the so-called "LA Dating Scene" that I decided to Blog about it! I don't know if I'm reinventing the wheel and a similar Blog is being explored, but I hope you join me in "analyzing" how dating has evolved and help me (or we help each other) in deciphering what is REALLY GOING ON !  I guarantee this is going to be a wild ride, Lol. I'm definitely going to keep it interesting as I will share with you my Adventures in Dating! I'm pretty sure Men and Women alike will have their "opinion" to share and will not be afraid of a healthy debate. I've read Steve Harvey's book "Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man" and it was very informative but now I hear there is a former NFL wife who is coming out with "Why Do I Have to think Like a Man?", this should be interesting. Although these books have good intentions I'm having trouble just getting to the 1st Date. Which is where you (the reader) come in at, I am open to all opinions and welcome the discussion. However, I ask that we all be "respectful" of each others comments. I don't have any particular Goals with this blog but believe this open forum will help us all have a better understanding of the "complications" to dating and understanding each other and our expectations of the opposite sex. All stories posted and parties involved will maintain Anonymity in an effort to show respect. Let the Games Begin.....