Sunday, September 13, 2015

Labor Day Weekend Fun in the Sun!

Hey Beautiful People,

Finally the 3 Day Weekend is here! My sister and I have been looking forward to going on this getaway to Las Vegas during the Labor Day Weekend for months as it was waaaaay overdue. I purposefully didn't travel anywhere or engage in too many extracurricular activities because I knew I wanted to turn up during the Holiday Weekend. But of course everything didn't go as planned which, for me, is never a good thing...

The original plan was for my brothers Bruce & Davion to go but someone's "evil" work schedule got in the way, booooo!
Then my younger sister Vanessa and her husband Q were suppose to go but unforseen circumstances happened that prevented them from going, boooo! Really???
I was so hurt that none of my peeps were going because I planned this End of the Summer trip for ALL of US!!
Then the icing on the cake, we didn't have a dog sitter!!! Arrrrgh. I really didn't want to leave my "child with four paws" in a pet hotel in L.A. while I partied it up in Las Vegas. So guess what...ROAD TRIP.... Princess Bailey was coming with us! Did I think this through, probably not, but at this point all my other pre-planning had went to shit, so we might as well wing it!

My sis and I rented a car to drive up to Las Vegas on Saturday morning because we were taking our Mom to the Patti LaBelle concert the night before. We had no idea that we weren't going to go to bed until 2am (last minute packing of course). So of course we didn't leave on time in the morning but we finally got on the road and made one stop in Barstow and another at State Line so Bailey could handle her business (Oh and us too)! The traffic wasn't too bad and we arrived in about 4 hours. I would have preferred to have gotten there sooner but that didn't happen, oh well.

Sidebar - We already had a one way ticket to fly back because we were not driving back Monday on the 15 freeway in that holiday traffic!

It's Saturday afternoon and the first order of business check into the SLS Hotel Las Vegas, turn in the rental car and go SHOPPING! Bailey had a great time and got lots of attention. People love her...that's what happens when you are the cutest dog on the planet, Lol. Bailey was also a good luck charm when we were playing on the Wheel of Fortune slot machines. Her Auntie Kee hit the jackpot twice and I hit it once. Driving in that heat took a lot out of all of us so once we 'got rich quick', lol, it was time to cash out and call it a night.

My HartBeat Girls from last year (Nikki, Angie, Abike, & cousin Kym) were in Vegas too, turnt up for the Drake concert but we didn't get a chance to meet up and hangout (sad face).

Saturday night was RUFF! Who knew Bailey was going to wake up in the middle of the night and bark at every person who walks through the hallway on our floor...midnight, 2am, 4am, etc! Oh my goodness, Keesha and I got No Sleep!  Guess who was on the phone Sunday morning calling the PetSmart Pets Hotel at 8:30am trying to get someone an overnight "doggie suite". The store supervisor Mason took good care of us and understood our Labor Day weekend dilemma. He accommodated our last minute reservation and made sure Miss Bailey got the royal treatment.

Keesha and I made it back to the SLS in time to secure our Daybed at the Foxtail pool. We had the best hostesses - Emily & Joey. I text "the birthday boy" and he came down to celebrate with us at the daybed. Good company, breakfast, lunch and drinks by the pool who could ask for anything more...
A curve ball... in walks in a bunch of broke men who aren't on our level and have no problem taking advantage of what we have to offer!

Unfortunately we were put into a situation that none of us saw coming. There were 4 guys who came to our daybed. Two of them "the birthday boy" knew, the other two he didn't know. The birthday boy asks if one of the guys can join us as he was celebrating his birthday too and he was going to "put in" on the day bed, but then says I don't know what the other guys are going to do. We said cool but then come to find out "put in" on the daybed really meant I'm going to get comfortable in your space and make a "donation" to the daybed, Really?? The others guys left briefly to go get their own food and drinks but then brought it back to our area so they could sit down. WTH? My boy should have known that if you invite one you are inviting them all. It started off cool having them there but then little things started happening. At one point one of the guys tried to get real comfortable on the day bed and he had to be told to relocate his ass to the edge of the bed where he belonged. Then another time one of the guys decided to bring two females to sit on our daybed. I checked him real quick and let him know: "I don't know where you got them from but you can take them right back where you found them". In my mind I'm thinking: You don't have a daybed WE do!! Be grateful you are even allowed to sit over here. See this is why people think Black women are mean and have an attitude. What people don't know is the position you put us in that made us go off in the first place! Well now you know. Then that same fool that brought the girls to our daybed decided to try and make himself a drink from someone else's bottle service. Are you frickin kidding me??? His dumb ass got caught and kicked out of the Foxtail and his boys didn't even move a muscle.

At this point my ass was drinking and having a good time. Flirting with the cute boys in the pool who said they loved my "classic" one piece DOPE bathing suit. After bouncing around in the pool to some great music I got a little tipsy. Unfortunately it was off of a drink I shouldn't have had. It was a pitcher of margarita that someone else ordered and I had no idea what the ingredients were. Whatever it was didn't mix with what I had already been sippin on. As a result, I passed out on the bed and missed Fetty Wap's performance. Of course my sis Kee had to get some incriminating photos of me and rub it in later. When I came too, lol, Lil Wayne was on the stage. I looked around and one of those guys had another female at our daybed. I looked at Keesha and she told me it was okay and she gave him a pass because it was the end of the day. But once again in my mind I'm thinking you didn't put in on this, what makes you think this is okay?  
My main issue is this, none of these guys (except the one) even tried to contribute to the daybed that they crashed...that's just RUDE! At the end of the night my sister made a very good point, "If they don't already have a daybed in our area they can't hang with us". NO NEW FRIENDS!

Later that night we chilled, I recuperated and we got a decent nights rest, Lol. But it still wasn't the same because Bailey wasn't with us. 

Monday morning we had car service pick us up, then we picked up Princess Bailey #spoiledpup and then off to the airport we went. It was Bailey's first time in the cabin of a plane and she did an excellent job.

Overall we had a good time! Our mini vacation was not long enough (it never is) but we're grateful we were able to go and it was a relaxing but Fun getaway.

After all of that you would think I would have at least met some potential candidates...but no such luck!
So the Adventures of SingleNFabulous Must Go On!

P.S. I am on snapchat: @singlenfabla but forgive me for not utilizing it as often as I should,
 I'm still getting used to it! LOL

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Dating...A Lost Art Form

Hey Beautiful People,

I know it's not just me and I know dating still happens but some of the $hit I have to go through is just ridiculous....hence the purpose of my Blog. To give you the inside details on what I go through as a single woman residing in L.A.

In the last 2 weeks I've had to tell 2 guys "I accept invitations to go on dates". But my question is...why do I have to tell you this! Why don't you just ask me out?

Typically my "guy friends" fall in two categories: we are either dating or really good friends (with no benefits) that I've known for a while. So if you are texting me randomly saying "hello" I will say "hello" back. I don't have long conversations via text so my response is going to be short and to the point. But then my next question is "are you texting me for a purpose or did I just cross your mind?"

Now let me be clear...I don't have a bunch of rules I go by but I do have some old school expectations. I'm open to almost anything but I need the person I'm "dating" to be on the same page. I know guys think differently than women and so I try not to make things too complicated. Tell me what you want and we can make it happen. However, what I don't like is if you think youre coming over to my house to hang out??? That position is EARNED and is a privilege. I need to know you very well in order for me to let you into my personal space!

So singlenfab followers let me give you two different scenarios and you tell me what you think!

First an "old boo" starts sending me random text messages. Now I could have been rude and responded like "what do you want" but I didn't, so I entertained the back and forth correspondence. Honestly peeps there really was no substance to this mini conversation so I had no desire to keep the communication going. Then it just ended. What was the point?

I recently gave him the opportunity to come see me at a location that was closest to him and he asked me all the details, when and where, and then doesn't show up. What was the point of you asking?

Another time he hinted that he wanted to see me and so I told him "I go out on dates when asked". But low key I knew he was just trying to get me to hang out at his house. I don't want to hang out at your house (unless you offer to cook dinner)...we not cool like that anymore! I need to get to know the person you are now. Going on a couple of dates isn't going to kill you and they don't always have to involve spending money. I have yet to get a response out of him. Don't bother me unless there is a method to your madness. You need to have an objective or goal when it involves ME. I'm not one to waste my time because my time is valuable. Hey, lets face it I'm not getting any younger!

Then last night I'm having a conversation with my neighbor and he tells me "I'm full of shit" because I haven't given him the time of day (we have that kind of relationship). Of course my response is "Ask me out and you might get somewhere. Hanging out in your driveway talking shit doesnt count. Hes cool and all but I really don't know him or what he wants out of life. The brief encounters we've had has led me to believe that he's a nice guy so I'd say yes to going out with him...but he'd actually have to ask me in order for that to happen! Hello?!

Sidebar - Now he may have gotten the wrong impression in the past that I wasn't that into him: In a text message he said, "you must not be feeling me" All I said was "you cool". His response, "Wow cool I'll take that I guess, lol." 
But once again I really don't know him well we just joke around and he flirts with me when I see him outside.

I don't know what's with men today...

Are you worried you are wasting your money on a date?
Do you not want to work for it?
Do you even know what the hell "courting" or "dating" is?

This is so frustrating. It is much easier for me to either relax at home in my nice comfy bed or just go out with the girls because its so much easier and NOT complicated.

As you can see Beautiful People nothings changed. Im either dropping hints or telling them straight up what they need to do. I need a strong man that is confident in himself and comfortable in approaching a sista, having a conversation and asking her out. Is that too much to ask?? Or am I living too far in the past?? Or just meeting the wrong Men?!

So of course...

The Adventures of SingleNFabulous must go onSmooches!