Monday, May 16, 2011

My "Zen" Weekend

I couldn’t wait to go out Friday night as I was/am so “Over It”. My job that is! I was tired from a long work week and ready for a glass of wine! Unfortunately my hair appointment  conflicted with a "long overdue happy hour” with my co-workers but I had to sacrifice one for the other :( But I know my girls had a good time as they should :)! 
I made it home just in time to throw an outfit together and go out to Villa Lounge in West Hollywood to support my girl April in celebrating her new membership into a very distinguished social organization "representing that crimson and white", lol. Of course my girl friend Devona and I arrived in Style! The venue was Hott! Cool little spot to be at on a Friday night. Good crowd of people, DJ was jamming and drinks were expensive but delicious! Sidebar- I love it when a guy just stares at you but doesn’t have the confidence to approach you (in my sarcastic voice). I had a blast hanging out with my girls and dancing the night away. That night was just what I needed to relieve some Stress!
For some reason this was my Zen weekend (lol @ Keisha ;) Sometimes my status on Facebook or BBM might say “Just Breathe”… It’s my state of mind at that time, heavenly influenced by an Interlude called “Breathe” by Jill Scott. This weekend I was inspired by Jill Scott’s album “The Real Thing Words and Sounds Vol. 3”.
The song “The Real Thing” is powerful and passionate, she says:  “you gotta do right by me, it’s mandatory baby, sweeter than your favorite ice cream, basking with glory baby…I’m the real thing in stereo, I got a little highs I got a little lows, follow this melodic flow I can make you shine I can make you glow! I can play this album straight through from beginning to end.
My favorite single is “Wanna Be Loved” as every single word on this track describes my feelings right now! I’ve realized that we “as women” have so many things in common: no matter what your celebrity status is, or how much money you have, what neighborhood your from or your nationality, we all have our moments when we are at our most vulnerable as human beings and desire the same things - one of them being companionship. I often ask myself “am I asking for too much?” But we must remember “What may seem simple to you may not be as simple to someone else”. This is what makes it difficult for some of us to find our “true mate”! But I hear patience is a virtue and so I wait !!!!!
Well enough of me on my soapbox. My weekend started and ended well…now back onto my daily grind…
I had a great workout at the gym and a GREAT 55 min Massage from my favorite masseuse Mona! I have places to go and people to see next weekend so…until the next Adventure…Smooches!

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  1. God will send the perfect person for YOU when you least expect it. You are a good person so believe it!:)