Friday, February 17, 2012

Puppy Recovery vs. Superbowl Weekend

Hey Beautiful people,

Thanks for my car booster seat granny!

Time for an update! Super Bowl 2012 has come and gone! My New York Jets weren’t playing so I only watched it for the cool commercials J. I originally had plans to go out with my twin sis but this plan failed miserably when we realized puppy Bailey had a #niptuckspay appointment the day before Super Bowl Sunday (my bad…). My closest friends know that Bailey is my “puppy child,” and since I don’t have any children… she’s spoiled rotten! My sis became “Auntie” (against her will J) and she cares for puppy just as much as I do. So after surgery, our poor puppy was down for the count and there was no way we were leaving her “home alone” while we go out to flirt and get tipsy. So my MOM hooked us up and packed up some Super Bowl snacks “to go"….Delicious. In addition, she hooked up her “grand puppy” with a new car booster seat, it’s so adorable and the best thing ever created…don’t judge first! Caring for my puppy is my responsibility and so I had to skip the SinglenFab social event of the weekend.

Although I have no particular social plans for the rest of February I am in the process of planning my "Birthday Shenanigans" for the month of March. My twin sis is always down for whatever! The challenge is planning around my work schedule and her work schedule!  I’m entertaining different ideas but haven’t made any definite decisions yet. Feel free to give your suggestions for Saturday/Sunday/Monday or Tuesday nights! I love lounges and cool dinner spots. I’m “boughetto” so think “classy but fun”!

I’m semi-ready for My Birthday Celebration:
*Birthday dress…. check….
 Birthday shoes….check….
 Birthday venue…HELP!

The Adventures of Single and Fabulous will continue…Smooches!