Monday, August 15, 2011

Long Beach Jazz Festival

Hi Beautiful people,
Sunday morning, bright and early 8am I'm up and getting ready for the festival. Of course I'm hoping to get a good seat across from Crenshaw and Slauson (the infamous walkways that are adjacent to the lagoon). But of course nothing went right before I left the house. Pulling out the garage sis leaves her sunglasses in her car and we go back to get them and we find my big floppy hat is sitting on the trunk of her car, Really! I left the sandwiches and chicken salad in the fridge, had to go back and get them. Too bad I didn't remember I left the tickets behind, had to go back again and get them too. Lord what are we going through this morning, I've never been this absent minded, lol. Good news is we made it to Rainbow Lagoon Park only to stand in line for an hour. Finally got in and ended up on the "sidelines" not our usual spot (south side of Crenshaw) but we made it work. My partners in crime for this Adventure are Keesha and Devona. You know we had to represent in the pic below!

It's mandatory that we walk down the pathway and unfortunately I did not see very many "potentials". My girls agreed with me that there weren't very many single men available and the ones that were "easy on the eyes" were either with a female or knew they were a hot commodity. What's a girl to do! Shout out to my social worker girl friends who came out to represent and have a good time too!

I enjoyed Kem and Charlie Wilson but no luck at meeting anyone new at the jazz festival. I must check my social calendar and see if there are any upcoming events I need to make an appearance at because I can not continue to let all this sexy go to waste, lmao!

SideBar - why is it men and women have different communication styles? I don't get it. I call a guy to tell him I'm available to hangout over the weekend and I don't get a call. I know things happen but you could give me a courtesy call or text (since we cool like that). I was trying to be considerate but I'm done trying to work around someone else's schedule. I'm going to take a backseat and let you make the next move. Ladies and gentlemen let me know if I'm wrong!

In the mean time, Sade is in concert this weekend at the Staples Center and I'm going to put on my classy but sassy outfit and show em how it's done! The Adventure continues...Smooches!


  1. If he wanted to hang out with you, *HE* would have made the move. Men are the hunters, the sperm swims for the egg, not the other way around.

    He has a main woman and obviously is looking for side action- DROP HIM & do not be an option for him.