Monday, May 2, 2016

Summer's Coming...

Hi Beautiful People,
I've been M.I.A. again... I know, I know.... my bad, Lol. But I really haven't been doing anything exciting...until NOW :) 
Unfortunately my life has not been that interesting these past few weeks but that's not my fault I just haven't had any Hot Spots to go to! My Birthday was in March and my sister and I normally do something EPIC but this year we decided to lay low and just go out to eat. We ate Breakfast at Schooner or Later, Lunch at The Strand House and Dinner at The Terranea

In the meantime, I've just been working and trying to come up with a full proof plan on...How I can take over the world!!!!!!! LOL.
Anywhoo, the summer is coming and I will definitely be planning more weekend shenanigans with my girls because a sista is STILL SINGLE! Smh

The good news is....I've had a few opportunities to go out and mix & mingle with some cool peeps.

My sister was doing the make-up for the bride at a wedding and I was her plus 1 guest (smile). It was a beautiful wedding and I had a good time. There were some nice looking guys but no potentials :( more couples with kids then single men, Oh well...

Last weekend, I found out there was a Kiss N Grind "Day Party" at the Sofitel and two of my girl friends were down to go. Hot damn, I'm finally going out. Sadly it was the weekend that Prince passed away and they did a tribute and played all his songs. We had the best time! There was a lot of people in attendance and the place got packed real quick. We sat down and ate appetizers and perused through the crowd of people.  I was worried about my outfit and whether I was going to be cute and comfortable. But apparently there was NO dress code because we saw a lot of women wearing some outfits that were just unacceptable. I'm going to need these women to get some "real" friends that's going to tell them what outfit is flattering to their figure and not just let them walk out the house looking crazy! 

But I digress, everyone was having a good time and it was a good environment to be in. A great crowd of people, good music, good food, wine and some nice "eye candy" to look at, but no personal connections with any one guy in particular (sad face). A room full of men and I gets No Love, WTH does a girl have to do???

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