Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Single N Fabulous Adventures in 2013

Hi Beautiful People I’ve missed You!

It’s that time of year again…countdown to 2014. Is it just me or did this year FLY by??? Well I thought I’d get in one last post before the New Year!! Thank you for All of your Support.

Now Let’s review My 2013 Shenanigans. 
Thank goodness for Social Media outlets like Facebook & Instagram

Part I, Bruce's Birthday Brunch with his closest friends at the Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel, Santa Barbara
Gorgeous View!

Part II, Bruce's 26th Birthday celebration continued a the Rooftop Lounge at Hotel Erwin.

Shout out to my Younger Sis Vanessa…Celebrated her Birthday this Month.

I was working for LA County DCFS as a Children's Social Worker and regardless of the stress and complaints I am still proud to be a Social Worker.

THE TWINS BIRTHDAY Celebration with our Girl Sharinna @ Rooftop 3100!

We ended the month with a Bang as the celebration continued with my girl Tenisha’s Birthday Yacht party an "All White Affair" in Marina Del Rey.

Celebrated my Dad’s Birthday…He’s Such a Simple Man…
and the reason why I’m single! LOL

Had sooo much Fun in Las Vegas with my "partner in crime" Timi for the Las Vegas City of Lights Jazz Festival. We are definitely doing that again!

Field Trip to the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Pasadena with the MHS Ladies to plan our 20 Year High School Reunion.

We celebrated my niece Kamille’s 12th Birthday with her “Converse All Star Crew” at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Played Thick Chic Model for a Day to help out MY younger sister and Owner of Thic Chic Boutique - Vanessa!

Attended the 35th Annual Playboy Jazz Festival…Never Again, Lol, I’ve been to better Jazz Festivals!

Middle of June..I QUIT MY JOB! Yaaaay! I stepped out on Faith and made the decision to take control of my destiny! 

Totally enjoyed the Justin Bieber Concert with my One and Only Favorite niece Kamille!! 

Went to visit my twin sister Keesha "Dept. Head of Make Up" working on the set of the television show "The Soul Man"...
Hey Cedric!

Celebrated the BET Experience at LA Live, where our boy Darren hooked us up at the door at Salvage Bar and Lounge and then lounging at the J.W. Marriott Hotel with Tenisha and Lashawn.


ESSENCE FESTIVAL BABY!! It’s Like Heaven on Earth…it was Raining MEN!! Hello! Met my Long Distance Boo here (aka Germany, wink)! I can't wait to go back in 2014!

Jazz Festivals ALL Summer Long!!

Morningside High School c/o 1993 – 20 Year Reunion/3 Day Weekend – 
Loved wearing my Monika Chiang puddy stilettos!

Finished off the weekend with Jay Z & Justin Timberlake Concert at the Pasadena Rose Bowl…Loved It!

Started my NEW JOB at Challengers Boys and Girls Club as their MSW Intern Program Manager thanks to this Fabulous Social Worker who created my position…Love You Sarah! Happy to be Reunited with Corey and My girl Nikki too!

The oh so Infamous “Good and Hood” Long Beach Jazz Festival – Straight Comedy!! I Love Black Folks...My People!

I finally made it to a Dodger Game @ Dodger Stadium – All U Can Eat Pavilion with my friends and family. It was so much Fun! I have to do that again next year!

Bringing Sexy Back with my GodBaby’s Daddy - D Kemp!
"All White Party" at Sevilla Night Club in Riverside, Fun Weekend. Rocked "The Resheda" Dress exclusively from Thick Chic Boutique!

Princess Bailey’s Birthday month! 

I Love this little Dog!

Celebrated my girl Keisha’s Birthday at The Roof on Wilshire…
I Love this Spot!

Celebrated my Mommy and my God Daughter Brooklyn’s Birthday on the Same Day! 

First time at Big Wangs in Downtown L.A. for Sunday Football with my Twin Sis…Love their Mimosas!

I went to the LA County Fair - Twice this Year!! I’m just a BIG KID at Heart!

Loved my Halloween Costume this Year – Leader of the Pink Ladies from Grease! I'm looking forward to next year...hmmmm what will I be??

J. Cole Concert at the Nokia Theater...Featuring Wale (oh yeah)!

Santa Monica Boys and Girls Clubs – Main Branch “Art Exhibition” featuring Guest DJ Set by Nick Cannon; Sevyn Streeter at JAMS Boys and Girls Club & A.C. Green at the Boys and Girls Club Teen Summit! Gotta Love My Job!

Celebrated the BOSS’s Birthday - CEO Corey Dantzler’s at
The W Hotel in Westwood with Food and Drinks at the Whiskey Blue Lounge…and ended the night at The Cork in Ladera! We roll deep and we make it happen!

Wrapped up the Month at Dean’s "Dirty White" Christmas Party!
Half-Naked Men Dancing Everywhere…Loved it! 

Challengers Boys and Girls Club Christmas Party - Lucky Strikes Bowling Lanes @ L.A. Live…so much fun!

AVON sponsored Chris Paul’s visit to Challengers Boys and Girls Club, hey now!

Ne-Yo and Wesley Jonathan Christmas Toy Giveaway @ Challengers Boys and Girls Club… 
Fine Ass Men! Hot damn! 

Grand Re-Opening of Thick Chic Boutique at its New Location…
More room for More CLOTHES!!! Yaaay!

Now that we’ve reviewed ALL My Cali fun…can ANBODY Tell Me WHY I’m still SINGLE???
As you can see My ASS is always getting into something…You would have thought I would have met SOMEBODY by NOW!!!

No worries this just gives me ALL the more Reason to Keep The Party Going...!!
The Adventures of SingleNFabulous Must Go On in 2014!

Countdown...5, 4, 3, 2...1
Happy New Year!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Ladies Night Out

Hey Beautiful People,

Friday Night Out with the Ladies was something I have been looking forward to All Week! Somewhere in my busy schedule I managed to get my hair done on Friday evening but as the day came to a close I realized I was tired and as a result I began debating with myself on whether or not I wanted to go out Friday night. On any other Friday I would have been at home with a Redbox movie and takeout food. So why now the hesitation? Other than me not wanting to put the effort into "getting cute", I have come to recognize that I have my own issues with not having control over events that I have not assisted in planning. So I almost talked myself out of going because I wasn't sure how it would turn out. But I had to "check myself" and accept that everything isn’t going to be perfect and told myself to just go out, have a good time and roll with it. Sidebar - I should have known that anything planned by the Infinite Journey Book Club Ladies and/or Honorary Members would be an Adventure in itself and it was inevitable that I would have FUN!

So I went home, freshened up and headed to LA. We all met up at the hostess house for drinks around 6:30/7pm to get the party started!  But because it was so early half of us hadn’t ate dinner yet. Any lunch I ate was no longer in my system and drinking alcohol with no food was not an option for me. I know my alcohol tolerance level very well and I know that if I drink alcohol on an empty stomach it's not going to be pretty. So I tried to opt out of the pre-drinks...but the girls weren’t having it. The hostess supplied me with some much needed snacks - a rice cake topped with peanut butter and some cheez-its crackers, Lol. Hey don't judge me I was very appreciative of these snacks...only then was I able to fill up my red cup with some Seagrams Pineapple Twisted Gin which turned out to be Delicious! But I had to pass on the tequila floaters, I would have been f*c%d up before we even left the house, Lmao.

Please Note – I had one cup of alcohol. Me and one other person made sure we stopped at the bathroom before we left the house. We knew we were going to be on the Metro for at least 2 hours. Now remember I told you this, Lol.

Ok so our Clique was 9 women deep and we hopped into 2 Uber cars! 4 in the Honda Civic and 5 in the BMW X5. Uh yes some of the ladies were lapped up in the backseat…just illegal, Lol. We weren’t going far, so we said a prayer and rolled out. 10 minutes later we were dropped off at the Metro station off Jefferson and La Cienega. Did I mention most of the ladies were already buzzin from the pre-party liquor and therefore the conversation on the train was loud & hilarious. We boarded the Metro Rail and headed to Universal City Walk to eat, drink and be merry.

Now the first train was a little slow and of course we stopped at every stop. Unfortunately, one of the ladies (who forgot to go to the bathroom before we left) had a little too much to drink and her bladder decided it no longer wanted to cooperate on this trip. There was no bathroom on the train or at any of the stops. We were almost forced to get creative…we had a plastic bag and some tissue and we were going to make it happen some way, some how, Lol. But once we got off the 1st train we knew we had to find a bathroom before we transferred to the 2nd train. Eventually we found a restaurant downtown that she potentially could have used but our time had expired THE bladder was about to burst and something had to be done. So we did what we do best...Improvised! 
We were in Downtown LA and found a spot “in the cut” off a side street and my girl had to squat and make it happen. To give her what little privacy I could I had to squat down in front of her to camouflage her as much as possible so no one would see all her goodies. Of course, we had to have at least 1 guy passing by try and be nosey and actually attempt to see what we were doing. "Mind yo damn business" is what I wanted to yell but I couldn't get ghetto girl loud as it would bring more attention to us that what we already had! Thank goodness one of the other ladies I our crew came to the rescue and literally kicked at his ass to get him to keep it movin! The bladder was finally relieved and all was right with the world, lol. That shit was Hilarious! Of course, when we go back to meet the rest of the ladies at the restaurant they had access to the bathroom, Damn!! Really?? Don’t Judge Us!! (smile)

On to the 2nd train! This one was much quicker and as usual we had an audience enjoying our loud antics. Finally we made it to Universal Studios and were able to sit down and eat dinner at Camachos! The mexican food and my strawberry margarita was Delicious and well worth the wait!
Next Stop was the Saddle Ranch. No bull riding tonight, just music, more drinks and getting harassed by the extra friendly - drunk white guys! Ha! The one sitting at the bar by himself wanted to know everyone’s name and how we knew each other. His other 2 homeboys spoke to me and the drunk one wanted me to go outside and fight some random girl. Really?? I just got here and you already trying to get me caught up in some shit! I don’t even know you. His friend standing next to him told me to ignore his drunk friend and then explained that his boy called a girl out her name and she got mad at him and cursed him out, that shit was funny! Unfortunately, none of the guys were cute but they were cool and the conversation...or lack thereof...was interesting. A few drinks and a few R&B songs later it was time to go.

Sadly enough, once again...I didn't meet any potential dating candidates. But I'm glad I at least went out with the girls and had a good time! We may need to plan these at least once a month. You never know what shenanigans we may get into!
Stay Tuned until the next episode of...The Adventures of Single N Fabulous

Friday, November 8, 2013

J. Cole Concert hit a Nerve!

Hey Beautiful People,

Finally I’m back to having A Life…it’s on a budget…but I do have a social life, LOL.
Unfortunately, I’ve been forced to get real creative in how I spend my money.

Lesson #1 - FYI -  changing from a County Job to a regular job is a BIG decision as it ultimately will affect your check immensely. What has baffled me is...now that I’m happy in my current position I’m forced to sacrifice financially. But when I was stressed the hell out, unhappy at my old job and complaining every day I was making a lot of money!! It’s funny how the world works. Would I change the decision I made NOT AT ALL!!! - I work a regular day shift and get home at a decent hour every night. I have my weekends to spend with my family and friends and I’m not worried about being blamed for a child dying on my caseload. I feel bad for my friends who are forced to continue working for the County but I say a prayer for them every night hoping they are able to find a way out. Okay enough about that depressing topic…lets talk about my Thursday Night Date with J. Cole, Lol.

So I started my weekend off by going to the J. Cole Concert - “Solo”
(by my damn self)
on Thursday Night, Oct., 24th
 @ Nokia Theater.
I originally thought I was going to the concert with a friend but he didn’t follow through on his end so I ended up going by myself.  If I want to go somewhere I will make it happen. I don’t have time for the Bullshit!

So you know attending this event was cause for a NEW outfit! So let me be clear…I’m not as young as I use to be. So my goal was to be cute and comfortable.  I knew them young girls would be running around the concert in stilettos. I was crazy enough to do the same thing “back in the day” when I was young but now I use my common sense, Lol.  I had an idea of what I wanted to wear but of course I didn’t have everything I needed in my closet.  As a result, I had several outfit changes and my twin sis Keesha can testify to this as it drove her crazy every time I tried to tell her what I was trying to do! She knows she’s my “go-to fashion consultant” so I don’t know why she was complaining as she knows this process is inevitable! Case in point – just last night we were working on putting together my outfit for a fundraising auction I’m going to next Friday and she was advising & complaining at the same time, LOL. 
We finally settled on my Hip Hop Heavyweight T-shirt (Biggie and Tupac) East Coast meets the West Coast that I hadn’t worn in months because I needed shoes to go with it (just hanging in the closet, nwt - new with tags). I got lucky and found my red, white and black Jordan’s in the Slauson Swapmeet (don’t sleep that’s my low key go-to spot). I got my camouflage cargo pants from Old Navy but I had to settle for this choice as I didn’t know where to go to get a more “girlie” version to fit my curves! P.S. I’m still on the hunt for another pair!! Since my hair wasn’t done I had to throw in my oh so favorite ponytail and topped the outfit off with my red leather jacket. I think the outfit came together  real cool and I was good to go!!

Now, truth be told, I REALLY went to see Wale but he was only up there as an opening act and so his time was limited. I had a good time rockin out to some of his most popular hits but now I need him to have his own gig!! He start out at Club Nokia and I will be there!

Mr. Nice Watch - J Cole put on a good performance too. Naturally he gave us a little bit of his first album and then performed his radio hits from the second album like Power Trip and Crooked Smile but I think he’s become a little more “hood” then I remembered from the first album. I become somewhat annoyed if every other word you say is “nigga”. After the concert I wanted to write a post on Facebook because it bothered me but I didn't because I knew it was going to be difficult trying to explain my position without writing a book! So here it is -

My argument in a nutshell: I don’t mind anyone BLACK using the word “nigga” in their own personal circle of friends but what has become an issue for me is this new generation that uses it as if it is the only word in their vocabulary. If you as an artist say the word “nigga” in your songs on almost every song on the entire album and then your records (explicit version, of course) sells to the “mass majority” who do you think now believes they have the right to say the word??!! And it’s not just J. Cole, this includes popular artists like Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and the new artist YG and his aptly titled song My Nigga! Really?? Don’t get me wrong… I understand that he’s trying to give love to his homeboys but did you have to release it as your next main stream single? In addition, you had the nerve to try and have a “clean version” called "My Hitta"!! This should have been released on an underground mix tape and stayed underground.

Oh this isn’t new…this has been an on-going debate within our society and now I understand why Oprah feels “no one” should use the word because look at what this has evolved into. Perfect example – the scene in the movie “White Girls” with the girls in the car singing Realest Nigga by Biggie Smalls feat. Eminem. The only difference is that, back then, they would say it when we weren’t around but now that’s no longer the case!! Some people of other races remain respectful and choose not to use the word but that is far and few between. All I’m saying is that if you hear anyone outside of the Black race (Latin, Asian, White) saying the word “nigga” in their conversation don’t get mad because our own black rap artists have basically given them a pass to say it. It's sad how the artists we have out now can no longer be viewed as a "role model" for this new generation growing up!
Well, that concludes me ranting on my soapbox...Just thought I'd get this off my chest!

Needless to say I still had fun at the concert and left “solo” just like I arrived, Lol. But, I’m glad I was able to get out and enjoy myself.
As You Already Know...The Adventures of SingleNFabulous must go on…Smooches!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Social Butterfly

Hey Beautiful People,

I finally gave the hair weaves a rest and decided to rock my own hair. It's actually longer than I thought. I'm a little sad because I don't feel Gone With the Wind Fabulous now that my weave is gone. I'm proud that my hair finally grew out but its just not the same (sad face). MajorMustHavs is my stylist and it is because of her that my OWN hair looks this good but I'm going through withdrawals!!! On a positive note - Surprisingly my closest guy friends have noticed my hair and love it. We've had a conversation in the past and they've never had a problem with me wearing a weave because I make this shit look good but what I'm finding out now is that they really like natural hair. Well now it looks like I'm going to have to figure out how to get creative!!! More hairstyles to come (smile)... Now lets see how rocking my natural hair will differ in my attempts to have a dating life.

Lord, have I been busy since we last talked...Every Weekend!!!
                                            I'm not complaining..I'm just tired, Lol.

Me, DK and Michelle
Lets review my shenanigans...

Saturday Night - Met up with my girls Lashawn and Tenisha at a Fight Party in Inglewood to watch the Mayweather vs. Canelo fight. I had Big Fun! Food was good, drinks were flowing and the DJ was spinnin all the hits on the 1s and 2s. I was a lot of guys at this party but there was only one good looking guy that caught my eye. He was hanging out in our area and I gave him every opportunity to talk to me I threw out all kinds of hints to show that I am approachable but "no such luck". I guess he wasn't interested....oh well...moving on!

@ The After "Fight" Party - I met up with my boys D.K., Ahmad and "white boy" Dave at a house in LA!

Me & Dave

Did I mention I love me some Dave he's such a sweet heart. When I tell you this man knows how to treat a lady...Believe me! He also only dates Black Women...And He's Single...Gotta Love Him!! Dave's like a big brother to me so I can't date him but if anyone's interested....let me know I'll hook you up (wink).

Only qualified applicants may apply...meaning you gotta get through me to get to him...so make sure your portfolio is tight!

Actually I just realized that all my boys are SINGLE...I think they have the same problem I have...and thats finding a GOOD Companion! Damn shame. Well all the guys at this party were either taken or friends of mine so there were no potentials here either. After attending 2 fight parties still no LOVE!! SMH

Relaxing Sunday consisted of watching football and drinking damn good Mimosa's at Big Wangs in Downtown LA. I had a good time talking to complete strangers but I did not meet any potentials (sad face).

The following weekend...

On Saturday morning I went hiking in Del Cerro Park in Palos Verdes with my sister Kee, brother Bruce and brother-in-law Davion. I don't know what I was thinking??? I probably should have picked an easier path to go on my first hike but in the end the beautiful view was worth it. The best part of the hike was the end, Lol, when we went to eat at Capiola's Gourmet Sandwich Company it was DELICIOUS!

Beautiful view
Later on that night I met up with my girl friend Timi at Maverick's Flat. Initially I was told this was going to be a pretty good party but I should have trusted my gut. Once I looked at the location I should have known. Smh. I was misled, bamboozled, led astray...Lets just say the experience was different!

Sunday evening, I went to the LA County Fair - 1 strawberry margarita in one red boot, 2 good girl friends and lots of night time Fun.
P.S. I'm STILL trying to figure out what's the best way for me to loose weight, smdh. But a good friend of mines, Lashawn, gave me some good advice she said see a nutritionist!  She's exactly right I need an EXPERT! So I'm working on that and I will keep you posted.

As you all know...The Adventures of SingleNFabulous must go on...so Stay Tuned!!

More Shenanigans are on the way...Smooches!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Standing in My Own Way

Hey Beautiful People,

Me in "The Resheda Dress"!
I have to confess...I initially started out writing this Blog with my usual complaining about how I haven't met anyone and then out of the blue I meet someone...and then I successfully manage to mess it up...hence today's Blog title!

So let me back up a few days -
I was at the BB Jazz Festival in Huntington Beach on Sunday, when I began writing the following -

My ass has been here, there and everywhere and I'm happy to report that I've been having a good time!

My presence has been requested at several different local events this summer: 
Rodrick's birthday party at Nola's, An All White Party in Riverside with my boy DK, Happy Hour at Mas Malo in Downtown LA for Ashley's Going Away Party & Birthday drinks with the Birthday girl Keisha at the Rooftop on Wilshire.
Guess which one is Keisha? Lol
Not to mention, I've been to every jazz festival I could possibly get to this summer...but still no potential dating options (sad face)!  All I can do is continue to go out and meet people and have a good time...it's out of my hands...I'm just trying to be in the right place at the right time! (smiley face)

Now my twin sister, on the other hand, has recently been dealing with this one particular guy and from what she's told me he sounds like he just needs to focus on himself and not even THINK about dating!! She's already made it clear to him that they can ONLY be friends. She's been trusting her "gut feeling" and seeing to many subtle "yellow flags" that tell her too many things are not right.
Ashley & I
Listen guys your number #1 mistake is telling us ALL your business. If you are struggling with your income and/or transportation you are in no position to be dating or making new friends. Ain't nobody got time for that! In addition, this is not information you should be comfortable sharing with someone you are trying to get to know. First Impressions are Everything!!
So needless to say my sis will be keeping this one at arms length as he sounds like he has a few things he needs to work on immediately. Right now he doesn't have a chance in hell. So sorry boo!

In the meantime, I'm trying to loose this damn weight but to be honest with you this weight loss journey is a pain in the ass.

I've tried so many different things and 'm still trying to figure out what works best for me. I don't want to do anything extreme because I don't want to fall back on my bad habits. It needs to be a way of life that I can see myself adhering to as a lifestyle change. I know there is a way to eat healthy and loose weight that works for ME...I just don't know what it is yet!! Unfortunately everyone has a different idea on how to loose weight. One diet will say you can eat fruit and another diet will say no fruit because there's too much sugar, WTH?? That's part of my problem, not knowing what's good for me. I'm trying to educate myself on what ingredients are beneficial to weight loss. If anyone has any other "realistic" suggestions please let me know!!

Rodrick & I
FYI - I started out real good on The SHRED diet but then I realized after a week and a half I was tired of repeatedly eating salads, soups and smoothies. I then found out that as you progress through the 6 weeks it just gets harder. Can we say I am no longer motivated (sad face). If I can't get through the 2nd week I'm really not going to make it through the other 4 weeks, SMH. So now I'm on a mission this weekend to do as much research as possible on how to Eat Clean. Then maybe I can prepare my meals in advance for the work week and somehow manage to be consistent. Wish Me Luck & Will Power! (I'm going to need it)
Now that I've caught you up to speed let's fast forward to Monday evening

OMG! I'm so mad at myself. Ok so here's what happened. I went to Target after work Monday evening and a guy stopped me and asked if I was from Belize...yeah the hair will throw them off every time, LOL. Of course I told him no I grew up in Inglewood. We had a quick conversation - he appeared to be of Latino descent and I found out that he graduated from Locke HS, lives somewhere in LA and I think he said he works at a naval base (idk). Somehow I ended up telling him a little bit about myself but when he asked if he could "text me sometime" I automatically responded with my "go to line"...Sorry I have a boyfriend.
Wait what just happened? WTH was I thinking???? He seemed like a perfectly nice guy, approximately my age and he wasn't bad looking at all. After I walked away I wanted to kick myself for not giving him a chance. I think the whole encounter caught me off guard. I haven't been  randomly "hit on" in so long that I think I froze up. But still that's no excuse for me not to give him my number. The perfect opportunity presented itself and I let it slip through my fingers. I'm sooooo disappointed in myself for blocking my own blessing. I guess I learned my lesson for next time!
Back into the "social trenches" I go...I promise to be more open to giving a guy a chance!
In the meantime, The Adventures of SingleNFabulous must go on...Smooches!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

10 Things That Keep A Woman Single according to a MAN!

Hey Beautiful People,
My first Official Dodger Game...LA all Day!
I recently read an article about why women are single that came from the perspective of a Man and I found it very interesting. I did not get offended and the various topics he discussed seemed realistic. I think this is a good Self-Reflection tool for us single ladies to use. After reading the article I could honestly say I do not believe I fall into any of these categories...except for one Number #3! It wouldn't hurt for me to do better in this area (smiley face)...I'm working on it!
Let's review -

The Things That Keep A Woman Single
By Evan Moore of www.chicagonow.com
Heres our list of things single women should stop doing RIGHT NOW to change their fortunes:
1. Your friends and family are poisoning your love life.
Nothing makes a single man cringe like a woman who insists that her bff, mom, big sister take on an active role in their dating lives. Look, we want to date you. Not your FB friends list. No man wants to think about dating a woman long term who cant take a dump without soliciting advice from the nearest member of the clique. When you invite people who dont have to live with the consequences of their judgment into your love life, you only are inviting frustration. Be a big girl. Make decisions on people based on your best judgment.
2. Get out of your mommas house.

Look we get it. Its a rough economy and plenty of guys are still under moms roof too. But really, how is that going to work long-term? No man wants to be picking you up from your moms house like its prom night. If you are not financially secure enough to have your own place, you are NOT ready to date, and youre DAMN SURE not ready to be in a relationship.

3.  Get in shape

We know, we know.we are shallow, misogynistic heathens. But guess what, we are men. We are visual creatures. We know what we like. For most of us sans a small segment of chubby chasers, some of us dont like the biggens. It is what it is. You cant realistically be pushing two spins and then wonder why the cute guy on your bus stop with the ripped up arms and flat stomach just doesnt seem to be into you.

4. Tone down the God stuff, really
Hey, we know some of you ladies love Jesus, but he will be the only man in your life if we think we have to compete with him for your attention. This is a touchy subject and we know faith plays a big part of many of your lives. However, if you go to church more than you go on dates then you are narrowing your pool of available men.

5. Shut up and get off the phone

Women are social creatures. We understand your need to go on and on for hours about.nothing. However, like the rest of this list, we are telling you what a man is thinking when we see this kind of behavior. In this case, we are thinking, "Dear god, does she ever stop? The BFF will live if you dont call her and complain about the b---h in the next cubicle over.

6. Get out of the Club..now!

Look, you are not on campus anymore. Being in a club four or five nights per week is not a good look. No man wants a woman that he has to have the DUI lawyer on speed dial. There are many ways to meet men without dressing up like an extra from a Beyoncé video and partying like its 1999.

7. Your Facebook page is your worst enemy.

In the social media age, nothing will tell the tale about you as a woman more than your Facebook page. Here are three things that are an immediate deal breaker with the fellas. First, if you have 300 pictures on your profile, and 299 of them are of you, you are basically telling Mr. Right that YOU are the most important thing in your world; I mean damn, you dont have a dog or something? Second, put some clothes on. Thats exactly what we as men want, a mate where all my bros have seen your asscrack. Third, control your emotions. Nothing says potential stalker/drama queen like a woman who lashes out constantly in frustration over the men she dates.

8. Carry yourself like someone who actually likes men.

Attitude is everything. The last thing a man wants to add to his life is a woman who is mean, combative or bitter. If you have unresolved issues, get counseling. A man is not a punching bag or a psychologist. You say Hes not strong enough for me! No lady, Everclear is not strong enough for you. So many ladies out there have taken the bad b---h attitude. Some guys may gravitate to that for a one night fling. Most avoid it for legal reasons.Im just saying.

9. Know your role

One of the primary reasons the fellas will put your ass on waivers is because the woman cannot or will not play her position. I dont mean be submissive or look the other way if hes being shady. I mean be a friend if he wants a friend, be a great lover if thats what it is, be a girlfriend if both of you decide thats the right thing to do. Nothing will get you put into the f--k buddy file faster than demanding or taking privileges designed for someone you are not. If you are not his girlfriend, why are you checking his phone or asking where he was last night? You cant force a man into anything he doesnt want to do. Earn his trust and admiration before you earn his ire.
10. Temper your expectations.

Lets be very honest. Lots of men out here ain't s--t. We know that. However, just like your flawed ass, men have imperfections that can change over time; maybe they wont. But for you to demand that Mr. Right should be running a Fortune 500 company, benching 300 pounds, while making your mother giggle from jokes is just downright silly. Be realistic about what you want. Everybody has likes and dislikes, its human nature. But when you create unrealistic and in some cases, bizarre barriers to meeting men, you are only narrowing the pool of candidates. That guy that works for the streets and sanitation crew with a two-year-old son may not be the best option, but he IS an option. The guy living in the shady hood with the beater car that works at Target and goes to school at night may not be taking you to San Tropez anytime soon, but Ill guarantee hell take you somewhere nice every year if you stick with him and build something together.

Honorable Mention:

Comparing your girlfriends husband or boyfriend to your mate. Men hate that.

Just because a man compliments you or tells you good morning does not mean that he is hitting on you. Hes just being polite.

Its okay to read Steve Harveys book. But tread lightly.

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