Friday, September 2, 2016

Disappointed and Confused

Hi Beautiful People,

So far I'm enjoying my relaxing mini Labor Day weekend staycation and so I thought this would be the perfect time to check-in with my SinglenFab followers and give you an update on how I'm doing.

Unfortunately I haven’t been consistent with my Blog updates but I truly have a good reason…I really don’t have any shenanigans worth telling you about... it's just SAD!

I love to report the juicy stuff right when it happens but I just haven’t had any interesting SingleNFabulous Adventures.

I’ve definitely been going out and attending different events but I haven’t made any “real” connections with any interesting guys.

Let's review my past social activities: 
I may not be on the move every weekend but when I do go out it’s intentional. My goal is to have FUN and meet people organically! But I'm just now having any luck. I spoke to some of my girls and apparently I'm not the only one experiencing this "dating slump". 

Sidebar - Oh and the guy I met at the Essence Festival that I still keep in touch with, on occasion, had the nerve to hit me up randomly one weekend and asked me to come hang out with him?! He lives in another state a few hours away and that would require I buy a plane ticket at the last minute! Ummmm are you paying for my ticket? Am I just suppose to drop what I’m doing and just fly out of LAX because you asked? No boo boo you don’t have it like that, and I know you wish you did but sorry I’m not the one! Hilarious

So now I’m back to square one! Although I’ve been told I need to give online dating a try again, we all know I didn’t really give it a chance the first time, LOL, I haven’t fully committed to updating my profile YET…I’m getting there! I’ve been told I have to be prepared to kiss a lot of frogs to get to the prince. But honestly I don’t have the patience I'm getting too old for this $hit, lol. I’m not trying to rush into anything but if I can go out on a couple of dates, achieve a 1st down, work my way into the in zone and then make a touchdown, well that might be a game worth playing (wink)!

Honestly peeps, as much as I love my hometown, I’m thinking that L.A. may not be the place for me! Should I consider moving, is that even an option? Are there quality eligible bachelors in other cities or states, or do women have the same problem no matter where I go? Should I look into taking my career on the road and open myself up to other social opportunities? Create a new home away from home?

I don’t know the answer to any of these questions but I know that what I’m currently dealing with right now is for the birds!

So I will keep doing what I do best...continue to go out and have a good time every chance I get.

Stay tuned as the Adventures of SingleNFabulous Must Go On! Smooches