Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey the Movie...Loved It!

Hi Beautiful People,
It’s a nice sunny President’s Holiday and me and Princess Bailey (the most adorable malitpoo EVER!) decided to hangout on our patio and relax as the sunset. We had the iTunes Radio playing a good mix of R&B music as she played with her toys for all of 2 seconds then curled up on my lap. It’s kind of hard to type on your laptop when you have a dog on your lap (smh).

Since I still haven’t had the opportunity to attend any mixer events lately, I got the bright idea to be a movie critic for the next hour as I write this Blog. This is Valentine’s Day weekend and yet again I have no valentine. To make it worse it was NBA All Star Weekend in New York and a sista couldn’t go (sad face). That would have been the perfect place to find me a Valentine .… “at least for the weekend” LOL….maybe next year!
So I had to settle for going to see an early screening of the new movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”.  Now if you know nothing about this moving you’ve been living under a ROCK, Lol. This has been one of THE most highly anticipated movie releases for 2015. Women of all social backgrounds have read this book. A good book does not discriminate but appeals to all audiences (in this case “lonely women”, lmao)!

Sidebar – I don’t recommend you go see this movie if “you’re single”. I did not get this disclaimer before I read these books, Lol. You’ve been warned….I forsee a lot of “sexual frustration” if you don’t have a partner on standby (wink).

Let me give you a little back story…My sister told me about this 3 book series a few years ago. I think it was some time after she read the Twilight series. Although she couldn’t convince me to read these particular books , the werewolves and vampires wasn’t something I wanted to read about but I LOVED the movie version!! However, it didn’t take much for her to convince me to read the Fifty Shades trilogy after she raved so much about it and told me I HAD to read them. Initially, the first book started out a little slow but once you get to that first “kinky” scene you’re HOOKED. Now, since I’m not a fan of pain the thought of mixing pleasure and pain has never crossed my mind but to each his/her own. As adults we learn about our own personal preferences and what sexual activities are classified as “out of the ordinary” (to say the least). The Fifty Shades Trilogy takes you into a whole other world that explores sexual desires outside of the norm that include the main characters participating in submissive and dominant roles while utilizing sex toys and various tangible objects, all while trying to discover why the most successful “single” business man in this story is tormented by his past and how he’s come to prefer this type of sexual dominance. Now I’m no E.L. James (the author) so I can’t describe this story as eloquently as I would like to but just know that this woman can narrate a damn good story.

Immediately I was drawn to it because I love a “good character”, which is why I’m not a big fan of reality TV. I also love a good storyline that has a good beginning, plot and an ending. I use to read a lot when I had more time because I loved how writers allow you to enter into a world outside of your own reality. I can appreciate the author’s ability to create their characters, make them complex, give them depth and then watch their lives evolve throughout the pages.  
So when it was announced that Fifty Shades was going to be made into a movie I definitely had my reservations. #1 it is not that easy to capture the details of a book in a short movie due to time constraints. And #2 everyone has their own “idea” or picture of what the characters in the book look like, and #3 will the movie truly do the book justice when it comes to the big screen?! Despite the obvious, I couldn’t help but to be excited just like every other woman who read this trilogy. Of course, we all had our own idea of what actors should play the main characters so now we just needed the casting director to make our dreams come true! But of course that would be too much like right. Unfortunately, I and a few thousand other women were a little disappointed when we found out who the actors would be. See I told you… we all had our own idea of what actors we thought should play the characters “Christian and Ana”.
Well we can’t always have what we want so I had to accept the new actors chosen for this movie…Introducing Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. After seeing the movie trailer I had to admit that the actor Jamie Dornan is kinda HOTT (wink)! At this point I was REALLY ready to go see this movie.

Now let me be clear on how I feel about the movie theaters, we haven’t always got along. I have an issue with people putting their feet on the back of my chair, playing on their cell phones and talking during the movie. But thank goodness the movie theaters have upgraded so now I can buy my tickets in advance and pick my preferred seating! Arclight Theaters gave me these options and  just so happened to be showing the movie prior to its release date so I just HAD to buy my tickets ASAP!

And now the Review you’ve been waiting for….Fifty Shades of Grey the Movie gets…4 STARS!!!
The directors did an EXCELLENT job in recreating this book and it was TASTEFULLY DONE!!  
Now there are a few things that I think could have been done differently in this movie but I will keep my opinion to myself to prevent from spoiling any part of this movie for anyone else.

I highly recommend everyone go see this movie…especially with someone you like A LOT, LOL.
Update: FIFTY SHADES Smashes Box Office Records with $81 Million Opening Weekend.

Since I’m still on the hunt for my “Christian Grey” (minus the ropes and leather whips, lol)…
The Adventures of SingleNFabulous…Must Go On!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Straight Gyrl in a Gay Bar, Whaaaaaat???? LOL

Hi Beautiful People,
Okay so I’m a few weekends behind but bear with me…the blogs are coming!!

As the new year moves along I've been trying to figure out what different events and activities I can do to encourage me to get out the house to "mix and mingle". My intention was to go out to a BlackNLA mixer but my “road dawg Timi” was feeling under the weather and wasnt able to go with me. I opted not to go out by myself (I've don't that before and it isn't as fun) so I passed on this event.

However, my brother from another mother “Bruce” sends me a last minute text saying he was going bar hopping for his Birthday on Saturday. Now you know Im too old for the “bar scene” but its MY BROTHER so I had to make an exception. Surprisingly it was my sister Keesha who was extra excited to go. Why was she excited you ask…because we were going to  party in West Hollywood to one of the more popular GAY BARS - My twin sister has been before but it would be my first time.

First Stop @ Micky's in WeHo: Bruce’s Impromptu Bday Celebration
Who would have thought that my first night out in 2015 would be at a gay bar with 4 of the coolest gay guys I know and 3 very straight girls, Lol…surprisingly I had the best time EVER!! I had no idea what to expect.
Keesha and I showed up first! Bruce  was soooooo surprised because I made him think we weren't coming (wink). We (Bruce & hifey Davion) started off with drinks downstairs in the main room, dancing to the music, taking pictures and people watching. Eventually the Hip Hop room upstairs opened up and we made sure we claimed ownership of the couches right next to the female DJ... then enters the rest of the "Clique" - Elexesia, Damon & Terrall....Let the party begin!!
As the night went on I had to break out my fan so I could get some air...it was thick up in there. We went from starting out with very few people to being the “hot spot” for the night. That crowd went  0 to 100 real quick (smile). Not only did I dance with my brother Bruce but I got a lap dance a few times from random gay guys who were there just having a great time. I don't know what it was but even the security guy standing next to us in our section told me "in the 2 hours you've been here you've gotten more action from the guys here then I have in the 8 months I've been working here" Lmao. Maybe it's the new hair color, LOL, I don't know. Even Damon threatened to "throw me in a bush" because I was taking all the attention, Lol !!  I think they subconsciously knew I was a "virgin visitor" at the Club and felt the need to break me in properly. Whatever it was I had a GREAT time. It's unfortunate that I got more action at a gay club then I normally do at a straight club. What the hell??
It’s been awhile since I’ve had such a great time clubbing with great people. We had so much fun that my brother Bruce broke down and became emotional…it might have been that brown liquor he was sippin on (smile) either way we got lots of hugs and kisses for always being there for him.
This is what REAL friends do…We Show Up & Show Out!!

The Adventures of SinglenFabulous...
To Be Continued…Smooches!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy New Year to All My SingleNFab Followers !!

Hi Beautiful People!!!!
Ive missed you guys and I look forward to sharing all my upcoming “shenanigans” with you in 2015.
Do you like my new hairdo?! Foxy Sandy Brown is back. This is the honey blonde hair color that I love so much. That's all MY HAIR...for now!
As usual I have to give you an update on my ongoing struggle with weight loss. I like giving you guys updates because in some way I think it helps hold me accountable on what I should be doing and keeps me on track with my attempts to make a lifestyle change! Well...I appreciate all of your support and just know that I'm still trying (smile)!

I tried doing my Pure Proactive 21 day detox again but I only made it as far as 13 days. I was dying a slow and horrible death due to the lack of ‘deliciousfood” LOL. I'm sorry but I truly believe that there is healthy food out there that doesn't have to taste BAD or BLAND. Seriously, I was angry, irritable, and just miserable! The purpose of me doing this detox again, in the beginning of the New Year, was to rid my body of all the toxins Ive accumulated over time and then start new by trying this meal prep program I found on Instagram @Eatnaked_la. Well I fell short of 21 days and Im just going straight to the meal prep program. Now mind you my girl Nikki told me I need to learn to meal prep on my own, and shes completely right, but Im lazy and not that creative when it comes to food so, as usual, Im still trying to figure out what works best for me...again, LOL. I'm frustrated but still Motivated. So I will utilize my Pinterest page and see what good ideas they have so I can eventually meal prep on my own. As always I will keep you posted on how I’m doing.
Sidebar Update1 week of meal prepping has passed and I lost 4 pounds, but Im hungry throughout the day, due to the small portions, so Im working on being creative with my snacks that are going to be health and filling in between meals.

FYI - I have at least 2 migraines (or more) once a month and they become more frequent when I'm stressed out, whether it's over work or lack of food. Unfortunately this prevents me from exercising. I'm not trying to make up an excuse it's just crazy how every time I'm ready to workout something happens, smh. I just have to get more creative - go to the gym, use the outside track at work, use the million and one workout dvd's I have at home, drag my ass to hot yoga, etc. I'll figure it out!
My New Years Resolution is Consistency & Dedication...Yeah we'll see how that works out in 2015, LOL

2 weeks later...

My sister found a new meal prep location called myfitfoods.com. They have great meal selections too and I think I'll try them out this week! I'm a girl who likes variety and you have to "switch it up" to keep me interested. So I will add them to my "healthy lifestyle support system" (hey I think I like that terminology (smile). I will keep you posted on how this meal prep plan works out for me next week.

Oh and I almost forgot to tell you I bought a waist trainer from @body_shapers, also on Instagram. I'm hoping the act of waist training will help motivate me to be consistent in eating small portions , keep me focused and decrease some of my bad eating habits.
Please note - I would never do anything to my body that is detrimental or too extreme. I love food too much and I don't like pain so if waist training becomes a problem I will definitely terminate it. I LOVE ME and All My Curves but I'd love to loose weight and tone my body, however I am not obsessed with trying to look like a "supermodel"...because it's not that serious. We are not hear on this earth to conform to what SOCIETY wants us to look like. I am doing this for me and no one else!

My Birthday is in less than 2 months and I need to report back to my Fab followers what the hell I've been successful in achieving...I'm on a MISSION people!! So Wish me Luck (wink)

My Adventures in being Fit & Fabulous...
To be continued...