Friday, October 14, 2011

Patience is a Virtue

Hi Beautiful People,

The time has come where change is inevitable…my persistence has paid off. I am going to a new position at work and with change there is sacrifice. Although I will be working nights now, I get 3 day weekends. I will be able to go to the gym, pre-cook my food and focus on getting my clinical licensing hours. Also, I can meet new people in the daytime rather than limit myself to meeting them at night. I’m actually looking forward to this change as I think this change will afford me some flexibility with my schedule and hopefully lead to less stress. So the career change looks good.

Let’s transition over to my social life…

Okay so one of my girlfriends invited me out to the Conga room last Sunday night. Hey I didn’t have any plans, so what the hell. I like the Conga room on Monday nights because of the “Live music” as this is Foxxhole night, so I thought I would give it a shot. It was pretty packed and had a pretty good turnout of supporters that night. Sadly, I did not observe any “potentials” upon my arrival. Let me clarify and give you my definition of what a “potential” is…a man you can spot out of a crowd who has his own swag, dressed nice from head to toe, crisp and clean, nice smile, not intimidated but confident in himself…and of course handsome. You know him when you see him because your eyes constantly stray back to him even within a room full of people. Now I don’t think I’m asking for much, because I know these men exist and I’ve met them in the past. Unfortunately, nothing came of these previous encounters and of course I’m still searching for “the one”. However, apparently this wasn’t my lucky night.  But I was appreciative of the men asking the ladies to dance hence I had a great time sweating my hair out ;). I met a nice guy from Chicago who told me his wife was out of town and he was out with the guys having a good time. Somehow I ended up talking to him about his marriage and recommending he and his wife seek counseling (this would happen to me). What’s his response “how can we keep in touch?” My response was “We Can’t”. I told him straight out that I am not friends with married men.Period. I explained to him that this is a “suspect” position to be in especially if I wasn’t a friend of his that met his wife prior to their marriage. I walked away from that situation quickly. Why me, LOL. Well I guess that event was something to do on a Sunday night with no work on Monday!

Transition over to Monday’s surprise…

I have a new “puppy” that I was not prepared for. I knew I wanted a dog but I did not do my usual research on what it takes to care for a puppy. I don’t know what my motivation for getting a dog…was I just set on getting my way…because the price was a good deal…am I going through a midlife crises…is this my way of substituting for not being in a committed relationship or having a child…I don’t know what the answer is but I do know that I love my Bailey! She is the cutest puppy and I am sacrificing some “good sleep” to make sure she gets what she needs. I also have the best supportive family in the world because they have pitched in to help although they did not sign up or this!! So now I am responsible for someone other than myself. I’ve made a commitment of my own. Let’s see how this works out and prepares me for my future. Thank goodness my mom is more than willing to babysit because mama still has to find Bailey a good daddy J.
Bailey's 1st Day Home
I will keep you posted on my usual Single and Fabulous Adventures…Smooches