Thursday, May 17, 2012

Destination Wedding - Negril, Jamaica

Hey Beautiful people,

I tried to get this damn Resort Wi-fi to work without charging me astronomical prices so you could get an International Blog this week :) straight from Jamaica mon! But that didn't sorry...maybe next time!

Blogging in Jamaica
 Topic of the Day - Marriage

Although marriage is not the most popular pathway people have chosen to take in this day and time, I am proud to say I still believe in the "institution of marriage".

The reason for my position is simple: I know couple's who are happy and in a successful relationship.

Case in point - I am in Negril, Jamaica attending a "destination wedding" of a very loving couple (mid to late 20's) who appear to cherish each other and have made the commitment to spend their lives together. I was in Cancun 2 years ago attending another "destination wedding" of a Couple that was around my age (mid to late 30's). I can't help but to think that "true love" and "compassion" still exists and that special someone exists for each and every one of us...when the time is right.

I also have other positive examples in my life such as my parents, uncle's/aunt's and grandparents that have been in long term marriages and it appears to be working for them 30 plus years later. Seeing that this is the example my family has shown me regarding commitment it is only natural for me to seek out a committed relationship that will eventually lead to marriage.

All that being said, I am completely excited about being in Negril, Jamaica to attend a wedding and take a long overdue Jaication (Jamaica + Vacation :)!
1st stop - The Seawind Resort Hotel (1 night only), Greeted with a Rum punch and a cold towel...I can't complain. Live Jazz music and Jerk Chicken Dinner for $12, Delicious!

I loved relaxing at the outdoors Restaurant located by the water listening to the cover band sing all the greatest hits from...Nintey-four Seven, The Waaaaaaave! Lol

2nd stop - Couples Resort - Swept Away (3 nights)
Greeted by a glass of champagne and a cold towel...heeey now! Let the party begin! We meet up with the engaged couple and get the party started with the wedding guests by THE most gorgeous beach, woo woo!

Our girl Trisha made sure we stayed cute as she was on BGHW - Black Girl Hair Watch- from Friday to Saturday, while we were on the beach! Everyone knows the last thing a sista wants to do is get her hair wet. My twin and I had to make sure the hair did not get WET as it had to look good for the wedding Saturday! Afterwards all bets are off :)
Sidebar - Next time I go to Jamaica you best believe I'm braiding this hair up and jumping straight in that beautiful water! Don't' get it twisted I will be ready for all the water sports: snorkeling, wave runners/jet skiing and parasailing.

First on the Agenda - OMG! The Bob Marley shots on the beach...tasted like kerosene, it was no joke! I was good and tipsy for the rest of the night! The wedding was held in the Garden and it was Beautiful. The Dinner/Reception was on the beach and it was Gorgeous. The partying started on the beach and continued to the Resort Club. My ankles were hurting after all that dancing! I had a blast with the most coolest people ever!

Bob Marley Shots!
This was a stress free/relaxing vacation and I enjoyed every minute of it! Granted I should have slept with every cute Jamaican guy there (as there were a few) but I just wasn't feeling it! Sidebar - back in my college days I would have gotten it in! But at this point in my life I didn't' feel the need to re-enact Stella getting her groove back! If anything I was "envious" of all the "couples" (most married) that were present and attending the wedding. It's times like these where I wish I had a "spouse and/or significant other" when going to a Couples Resort.

Of Course...
Leave it to Resheda to attract the wrong kind of guy in another country! I briefly met this guy by accident in the Pasta Bar line during dinner. I wasn’t trying to create attention, he introduced himself to me. He was okay looking but appeared to be a little rough around the edges with lots of random tattoos and a chipped tooth. He introduced himself, said he eas from Chicago and has been watching me during most of the vacation (yellow flag - possible stalker). I ask him what he does for a living, he says he’s an “entrepreneur” (red flag – that’s not specific, that’s a general description). He asks for my phone number but states his phone doesn’t work in Jamaica (yellow flag – my phone works, what’s wrong with yours?) He says he’s willing to fly to see me in LA (red flag – you don’t know me, we just met! Hell I’m not thinking about flying out to see you, I’m thinking let’s have a few phone conversations and find out what we have in common). Needless to say he managed to write his phone number down on a piece of paper to give to me….too many yellow and red flags for me to even entertain the idea of a long distance relationship…okay maybe he just didn’t peak my interest. And the  beat goes on... :)

Sidebar - Just a Warning - never fly Spirit Airlines they are a total rip off! They get you by advertising a “cheap” airfare but then charge you for everything under the sun once you buy your ticket!

Overall, I had a great time…I enjoyed my Jaication and I wish it could have lasted longer but it’s back to REALITY!

Let’s see what future activities I can get into that can provoke some stimulating Blogging…
The Adventures of SinglenFabulous must continue…Smooches!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Text Msgs vs. A Real Conversation

Hey Beautiful people,

Kirk & Meagen's Bridal Shower @ the Malibu Winery

Sorry for the delay but I had to rewrite this Post because something happened and I lost everything. I could have swore I saved everything but here I am re-doing it, again!

Shout out to My girl Tanya - Major Must Havs blog for sending new Followers my way :) Thanks boo!

A few weeks ago I went to the Pet Expo with my twin sis and puppy Bailey. This Expo is in Orange County for three days and Friday is the only day they allow you to bring your pet. I thought it would be a great day to get out in the sun and let Bailey run around with her fellow four-legged friends. It turned out to be a beautiful day and everyone was so friendly and nice. While hanging out at this Event browsing all the different Vendors and the products they had for sale I ran into a nice looking guy! In the process of talking about the "product" he was trying to sell me he asked for my phone number, Cool.

Mistake #1-
He sends me a text message instead of taking the time to pick up the phone and have an actual conversation!

Granted we've had very few basic text conversations prior to what you are going to read below.

Here's how the TEXT conversation went on 4/22/12:

Him: You got a curfew tonight
Me: Nope

In my mind - what kind of question is that...I'm grown!

Him: Maybe we should link up and make out, lol.
Me: Lol, where u trying to meet up?

In my mind - he's playing right? "make-out?"

Him: I'm still in Costa Mesa
Me: Ok hit me up later

In my mind: call me when you are closer to L.A we can meet somewhere.

Him: So u down to make out?
Me: U doing too much, I don't know you MAN!

In my mind: He is serious??? Really?? I just met your ass!

Him: Lol

In my mind: You're laughing but you really want to know if meeting up with me is going to be worth your time...WOW.

It's sad how I'm able to tell you guys verbatim how this conversation goes via text message. What happened to "talking"??? This is a total turn off for me. It's like "conversations" have become Extinct - null and void. You can not truly get to know someone by sending a 2 to 4 long ass text messages!

You think I've heard from that fool since...Nope! He was cute but he already had an Agenda and knew what he wanted and ASSUMED I was going to give it to him... but that nucca don't even know ME! That's the problem, No one wants to have a conversation anymore to get to know someone. Well I;m sure we've all concluded that he wasn't THE ONE, Lol.

Ladies...I refuse to settle so I guess it's On to the Next One! I'd rather be by my damn self than have to deal with the BS!

The Adventures of SingleNFabulous must continue... so on to Negril, Jamaica for a Wedding. 
Let's see if Stella can get her Groove Back, lol. 

Well I know I'm bringing Sexy Back while I'm out there.... 
but I AM NOT bringing a JAMAICAN Back, Lmao!