Monday, April 21, 2014

The Struggle is Real

Hey Beautiful People,

I know it's been awhile and I apologize for neglecting my Fabulous followers. To my defense my trusty PC died on me and I've been without a personal computer for a few months. I'm trying to decide if I want another PC or invest in an Apple. Good news is...I just found out an Apple has the ability to run like a PC (the best of both worlds) I just have to save the money to buy the computer! #applesaintcheap

All that being's a loooooong overdue update on my Fit & Fabulous Journey!!

After committing to and successfully completing a 30 Day Detox in the month of February. I got sick with a cold in the beginning of March. This is like the 4th time I've been sick in 2014.

Sidebar - Nikole told me that the reason why I keep getting sick is because this was my body's way of releasing all the toxins in my system. This makes complete sense to me! I was not taking care of myself and therefore my body made sure I knew about it.

I hate being sick because it is so uncomfortable and it messes up all of my plans! I started off really sick on a Sunday and was in the bed all day. Come Monday morning I still felt like crap so I didn't go to work and I was in bed all day again. That's the other bad part about being sick...I wasn't productive at all. But I know the overall point was for me to rest because I wasn't going to heal unless I relaxed. For the rest of the week I was not at 100%. I didn't go to the gym and I couldn't go to my hot yoga class. Consequently, my eating habits weren't bad because I was forced to eat soup and crackers, Lol.  I've been really tired lately and this cold took a lot out of me so I decided to go to the doctor to see if they could run some tests to make sure I'm not low on Iron or B12. I was a little disappointed when the nurse weighed me and gave me the results. But then she told me how much I weighed in late December and then I realized...OMG, I lost 8 pounds!!! If that isn't MOTIVATION I don't know what is!! It helps a lot to know that changing my eating habits and being consistent with exercising REALLY makes a difference!! I am so proud of myself for completing my 1st Race for Success 5K.
Now I didn't do so well with being consistent in March but I will definitely be back on my fitness come April. I'm so Excited.... 

In case you're wondering, I "borrowed" this pic below, hence the word proof on the front of it, LOL.

Fast forward to one month later...

Well we are 2 weeks into April and I'm still not consistent (sad face). I had a "heart to heart" talk with my Nutritional Coach (Nikole) last weekend and she helped me to realize that "I" am getting in my own way. Of course I completely agree. Apparently, I have "self-defeating thoughts" and I can and will talk myself out of any and everything. The other thing I discovered, realized or just finally accepted is that I don't MAKE time for myself. This past week is a perfect example, I should have been either in the gym or working out at home. But I either took work home with me or stayed at work too late. I have to get to that point where I believe that "this weight" is No Longer Acceptable! and make the time to do what it takes to get rid of it!

I have this Quote saved as Wallpaper on my phone!
So now I am giving myself a 30 Day Challenge starting on Sunday, April 20th. I am going to workout every day (except for 1 day of rest, if I need it) either by going to the gym, utilizing one of the millions of fitness DVDs I have at home or using the list of exercises Nikole has given me. NO EXCUSES!

This is my Countdown to Aruba!! Now don't get me wrong I'm not expecting any miracles in 30 days but I at least need to make EXERCISING a PRIORITY in my life and the RESULTS will follow!! #gohardorgohome

I Love this Ecard!

Stay Tuned for More Fit N Fabulous Updates!!
Happy Easter!!