Friday, January 4, 2013

NYE 2012…New Year…New Me!

Hey Beautiful People,

Happy New Year!

It is officially 2013 and I am looking forward to making things happen this year. No New Year Resolutions just major changes that are in MY best interest. I'm looking forward to Reinventing Myself. Don't ask me what that looks like because I don't know yet, LOL, it just sounded good when I wrote it, Lmao!

Last Blog post....I told you I was trying to get into something for New Years...What better way to ring in 2013 than with comedian Kevin Hart's "Let Me Explain" Tour at the Staples Center. I am so glad my sister and I decided to go because I refused to be home alone with my dog, AGAIN! To her defense she was only 4 months old and nothing could keep me away from my puppy then. But I had to end 2012 with a Bang so that I can start 2013 off RIGHT!

First on the agenda…LA LIVE...Drinks at 8pm with the Ladies at WP24 Restaurant and Lounge by Wolf Gang Puck in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. This is a pretty cool spot…I loved the ambiance! The view from the 24th Floor was beautiful, the drinks were delicious and our waitress was very nice! Lemon drop shots and Gummy Bear drinks were in full swing! I got a nice little buzz and I was feeling great! Of course, before we departed the lounge, we had to meet THE awkward white boy who heard us having a good time and tried to converse with us (yes that's how you say the is not conversate, lol) and get US to buy HIM a drink! Really??? You ain't slick! Didn't your boys school you on how this works before you came out on NYE. You are suppose to buy US drinks Helllooo! I don't know where he came from...but we left him there, LOL. Unfortunately, that was the most action we got that night...maybe next time! Thanks Timika for taking all the paparazzi photos with your super cool Galaxy S III phone - my damn iphone does not take good pictures :(

Girls Night Out at WP24 Lounge
Walked over to the Staples Center and got comfortable in (Section 112, Row 9, Seat 5) Up Close and Personal. Why is it we always have to sit by the "ghetto folks" that have to laugh Loud, Really?? He’s funny but not that funny!

I don’t know if it was because it was my first time seeing Kevin Hart Live or if it’s because I was tipsy but he was HILARIOUS! I enjoyed every minute of  his show. We weren’t allowed to use are cell phones or I would have posted some pics….because they were taping the show…probably for an HBO Comedy special that will be out in about a month or soJ, so be patient. You know colored folk was getting in trouble left and right. Every time you turned around someone was getting a flashlight in their face. That indicates put your phone away or get Kicked Out the Staple Center. Allegedly people were thrown out but I have no evidence of that really happening, Lol. My sister Keesha said people are so addicted to social media that they can't even put their phones down for one minute! She has a point...I may be one of those people, LOL.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... 2013 in the Building!!! Unfortunately, we couldn’t find an After Party that we could CRASH afterwards. It’s NYE and we knew every place would be packed. I just wished there was a spot we knew about In Advance that we could have just showed up to and got the party crackin’ LOL. But no such luck. We would have gone to Bossa Nova to eat but my sister and I weren’t impressed with the cuisine the last time we were there so that didn’t happen. Maybe we need to go again and give them a 2nd chance, hmmm, I will think about it.

Overall my New Year’s Eve Night Out was great and I am so happy that I was able to get out, dress it up and have a good time.
I HAVE to get out MORE! The Weather has changed and I pray that there is no more rain because I despise working in the rain. However…I LOVE Fall Weather and I have 2 new pair of boots that I want to rock in the very near coming soon!

P.S. I am putting it in the Universe that the Lord will be Blessing me with a new position at work Very Soon…and hopefully it will involve a change in my work hours giving me a Social Life Again!!! (Girl, GET YO LIFE... damn Tamar Braxton).

So Stay Tuned...The Adventures of SingleNFabulous in the Future
will consist of Me and My Clique getting into as much trouble as possible…
(I have to recruit some peeps for that too! LOL)

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