Friday, January 25, 2013

MLK 3 Day Weekend - Saturday Night, Part I

Hey Beautiful People,

 I hope everyone had a GREAT Martin Luther King 3-Day Holiday Weekend….
Because I had a BLAST! This Blog was so long I had to break it down into 3 Parts!
Why you ask???? Because it was THE BEST 3 day weekend I've had so far.... in 2013!

My 20 Year High School Reunion Committee planned a Fundraiser on Saturday Night
 “The C/O 93 Alumni Bowling Fundraiser” involving high school rivals
Morningside H.S. vs. Inglewood H.S.
Of Course I couldn’t miss this event so I took the night off from work to participate!

 Saturday Night –
MHS vs. IHS Bowling Fundraiser at El Dorado Lanes.
(L-R) Phoenix, Tabara, Tenisha and Me!

This fundraising event was the GREAT idea of MHS Alumnae and the home girl Ms. Tenisha G.! Surprisingly, MHS c/o 93 Alumni showed up in “full effect” and I was so proud of them for coming out to represent our school. In addition, we had MHS Alumnus Armmond G. fly out from the Bay area with his own bowling balls and shoes to get the competition crackin! We also had out boy Rod Wynn representin MHS Alumni showin Inglewood how it's done! My girl and MHS Alumnae Lashawn F. was holding down the front desk working her butt off collecting the money and hustlin’ the raffle tickets. I did what I do best.....played Paparazzi all night so we can have the photos to show how the C/O 93 Makes It Happen! The rest of the MHS Reunion Committee was on the Lanes rolling STRIKES to make sure we put it down during the competition… and of course WE WON!
Shout Out to ALL MHS and IHS Alumni who came out to
participate and support this event!


Miss Lashawn
Now out of all the people that showed up to rep they school Inglewood H.S. had a cutie pie come out and chill with us for a minute. But the guys were so focused on buying drinks they didn’t even notice the women peepin them out! I even lo-key got a picture of him ( I walked up and asked for it) but still I Got No Love! Well I guess it wasn’t meant to be L….I didn’t check for a ring…for all I know he could have been married, LOL. Maybe we will cross paths next time....We still have more fundraisers to plan...You never know!

 Sidebar - Of course I didn’t get home until 11:30pm after Bowling night only to stay up even later to pick out my outfit for the next day, pin curl my hair and prepare the camera
so I can get up at 7am to drive to Santa Barbara.
Needless to say I went to bed at 2:00am…Bad Idea!

Stay Tuned...The Adventures of SingleNFabulous To Be Continued….in Part II, Smooches!

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