Monday, January 28, 2013

MLK, 3 Day Weekend – MONDAY, Part III

Hey Beautiful People,

Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Observed

Although I am sad that I was unable to go to Washington, D.C. this year to witness the 2nd Presidential Inauguration I opted to watch it on TV and I loved seeing My President Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama strolling the streets of D.C. waving and showing much love to the American people who voted for them!

Monday Night -
Ladies Night Out at LA LIVE!

After using Sunday night and most of Monday to re-cooperate from all the fun I had the 2 days before I was ready to get the party started again! It’s been awhile since I’ve gone out to enjoy Happy Hour so I got together with some of my girls and our 1st Stop was The Yardhouse. We were having a good time, 2 alcoholic beverages done and full of delicious and affordable appetizers but I noticed there were NO potential men at the Bar, Really? Then Why are We Here???
Next stop Lucky Strikes let's see what's going over there I heard they have a DJ. Uh no....sounded like some random XM radio to me. The music was okay, however we lucked up on a cool little couch section and made it right on time to buy drinks at the end of their Happy Hour. On top of that we were given FREE nachos from the nice women sitting next to us because their order came too late and they didn’t want to be late to their Lady Gaga concert!I was observing the scenery and once again No potential men! WTH? Well this Sucks! Why is it so card to go to a cool spot and have some good conversation with the opposite sex???
Well hell WE are at LA Live lets go patrol some other so called Hot Spots. WP24, Mixology and ION Rooftop bar….All were Quiet! What is going on...I thought Monday night Happy Hour would be jumping somewhere! Now they may be potential spots for my Birthday Gathering in March but they were DEAD as far as socializing on a Monday Night.
So here we have 4 beautiful women forced to go home early because we couldn't find
any COOL men to engage in good conversation, Boooo!
Now if this wasn’t an attempt at us trying to get out, have some fun and meet new people!!!....
I don’t know what is!!!
Maybe we will have better luck next time!
Did I mention I was Cute!...well at least my Booties were....but they Hurt Like Hell, LOL.
The Sacrifices I make for my guilty pleasures!
Next up on the Agenda...Superbowl Sunday!!! Now I just have to find out where I'm going????
Any Suggestions???
Finding a HOT SPOT is always hit and miss in L.A....But I will keep you Posted.
The Adventures of SingleNFabulous Must Go On...Smooches!

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