Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Hey Beautiful people,

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Who can deny a holiday that has a Christmas tree, 
Christmas lights, 
Christmas presents, 
Christmas carols, 
Christmas music by The Temptations & Nat King Cole, 
Christmas dinner and
Quality time with the family! 

Christmas is my favorite Holiday as it is the birth of Christ. Since we can't give him our gifts personally...I love that We have a Santa Claus for the children and they receive HIS presents instead. I also love that I get to go shopping and pose as Santa's Little Helper! 

Now people take note - Our economy is not at its best and I know that times can be hard on parents and relatives so please remember that it's not about quantity but Quality.... and it is the thought that counts!  If you don't teach your children to be grateful for what they have you will regret it later, LOL, trust me!

Please believe me when I say...No matter how much I complain I'm so thankful for my FAMILY, Good Friends, my puppy Bailey and the BLESSED LIFE I have. 

The Adventures of SingleNFabulous will continue in 2013...so Stay Tuned!
You know I have to get into some type of Shenanigans come New Year's Eve ;) Smooches

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