Monday, January 7, 2013

Fit & Fabulous in 2013

Hi Beautiful People,

First and foremost I'd like to thank all my Fab followers for coming along with me on this ride! I've found that writing this Blog has been very therapeutic for me. I'd like to thank my little sister of - for guiding me in this direction!

Unfortunately, since I am STILL Single, LOL, I have to find other things to do in my free time. So...I figured that since I am Single N Fabulous my goal in 2013 is to be Fit and Fabulous too! I'd also like to thank my girl friend Taunya Taylor Fitness (on Facebook) for being so supportive. She's heard all my excuses, has seen me start and then stop and heard me try all the different "loose weight quick" schemes, LOL, but through all of that she still encourages me to find what works for me! She just started a Team Beachbody Reset program that I wish I could do but I can't make the commitment yet because of my work schedule and budget...but this is not to say I won't be ready in the near future! Has anyone noticed that Eating healthy is Expensive???!!!

At first I was going to try Eating Clean and then realized that, that lifestyle is Waaaay out of my league, LOL. So I've committed to Weight Watchers instead because I am not happy with THIS Body! ;)
Please understand that I am doing this for ME!
Since I don't have any children my guilty pleasure is Shopping!! However, if I can't fit into a pair of tight jeans or cute top that I like, WE (me, myself and I) have a Problem! Since I began to notice  my clothes were starting to feel tight, and I REFUSE to buy larger sizes, loosing weight became my Only Option!!! I also received my Victoria Secret 2013 Swimsuit Catalog in the mail and can you say Motivation! I'm trying to look like one of those Skinny Bitches but with Curves, Lmao!

What convinced me to join Weight Watchers (WW) was a friend at work who stated she was doing great on the weight loss program and mentioned what helped her a lot was the iPhone app. WHAAAT? They have an APP?? That's all you had to say!!! Conveniently, I get a WW's flyer in the mail right before the new year and they had a special going with no sign-up fee. I  registered for the online program and paid three months in advance. I thought this was a great deal and what better time to make a committment then right before the New Year! Now all I have to do is be CONSISTENT! My goal is to cook as many simple meals as possible. Translation - my twin sis Keesha will be "burning" in the kitchen, lol, because I'm always at work...thank goodness we have different work schedules :p. Then I need to have as many fruit and veggie snacks on me at all times. Now drinking a lot of water is going to be the hard part.  I will try to drink as much water as I can before I go to work because there is nothing like a social worker in the field trying to investigate on a full bladder. You try finding a "decent" bathroom at 2:00am in the ain't cute or comfortable, lol. Lastly, temptations are going to be the most difficult. I haven't been able to give up on sweets all together so what I've been doing is accepting very small pieces of cake or ice cream just to satisfy that craving.
I'm so proud of ME! I never thought I would be able to do it. But the Point System helps because you become extremely aware of what you are eating and how many points it's worth so that you stay within the points allowed for the day. I've never been so motivated until now. I needed some form of structure and guidance and I finally found something that works for me!

Now lets talk, The Kanye West Workout Plan!
I have a membership at one of the best Gym's Ever - UFC baby
Part of me goes because the Instructors are so supportive; they want you to loose weight; they want to see you reach your goal and they genuinely LOVE their jobs! The other part of me loves looking at the Men training to fight in the Muay Thai and Kick Boxing Classes. I know there are some FINE men at my gym but I just haven't met them yet ;)
My Fabulous UFC - Zumba Instructor Mychele!!! This is what I have to look forward to when I go to the GYM. She helps me burn MAD calories in 2 classes on Sunday's - Hot Fusion (old school    hip hop class) and Zumba!!! I will be adding a U-JAM class in the near future. I have no reason NOT to be skinny!!! See her "Live and In Living Color" at
I'm also going to start walking/hiking with friends to get out and exercise more. Thanks Timika for taking me to my first Trail at Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook in Culver City!
But remember baby steps...I ain't Flo Jo (R.I.P.)... My body aint what it use to be! When I graduate to the Advanced trails I will call my girls Ashley and Sam and they will guide me through those Beautiful Hills & Mountains!
Now all I have to do is figure out how to stay Consistent with my crazy work schedule! No Excuses in 2013! I will keep you posted.
As the New Year gets underway I will definitely keep all Favorite Fab Followers informed of ALL
The Adventures of SingleNFabulous...

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  1. I'm right with you #losingweight. WW is a good choice. The snacking every 2 hours is key, and i drink water infused with cucumber (detox). I've lost 5 pounds without really sacrificing in 3 weeks time. Now the work out begins...
    Good luck to you!