Saturday, January 26, 2013

MLK, 3 Day Weekend – SUNDAY, Part II

Hey Beautiful People,

Remember from the last Blog Post I went to bed at 2am....Well you know I struggled to get up Sunday morning as EVERYONE knows I am not a morning person J.
But my sister helped put the finishing touches on my make-up
and kicked me out the house. I made a pit stop at Starbucks and ordered my
tall cinnamon dolce latte and a “morning bun” snack
and was on the road by 8:30am praying that I get to Santa Barbara by 10am!!!
(The invitation said Be On Time…but you know how black folks are ;)
Sunday Day –
Bruce’s Destination Birthday Brunch
@ The Four Seasons Resort - The Biltmore Santa Barbara
If you don’t know my Brother Bruce he is THE MAN and does not play when it comes to planning his Birthday, LOL. He already told me that from his 31st Birthday and on he is planning Destination Getaways Only and Santa Barbara was our First Stop for 2013.
Of Course he picks THE MOST Extravagant & Opulent Hotel in Santa Barbara for Brunch. OMG! The view was gorgeous from where we sat on the outdoor patio, under big beautiful umbrellas with a view of the water and feeling of the cool Pacific Ocean breeze.

Unfortunately because I am on Weight Watchers I was unable to enjoy the All You Can Eat Brunch Buffet but I was amazed at all the choices in food the Resort offered. From your seafood buffet that included lobster, shrimp and grits and caviar (just to name a few) to your delectable deserts that consisted of fruit we did not know the name or origin of, LOL. My plate was simple with eggs benedict, breakfast potatoes and a side of oatmeal. My one guilty pleasure were the “endless” mimosas! I was proud of myself for resisting temptation as my primary goal is to loose this weight before my High School Reunion and keep it OFF!!! Once we finished brunch it was off to Wine Tasting via The Party Bus! Okay I had no idea we were going to be poppin bottles on the party bus….champagne 4 everyone….go on and keep the party going! Bruce’s favorite Playlist of the Day – CIARA! Did he break it down and drop it like it’s HOT on the party bus…yes he DID. Did I expect anything Less…Of course NOT, LOL.
I love me some Bruce and my brother-in-law Davion!
Next stop Reds Wine Bar where we received Free Wine and were welcomed by a Jukebox playing Hip Hop, whaaaat???? It was like they knew we were coming!!! Of Course our group ends up making friends with another group. The “nicest drunk white girls” ever and we ended up celebrating not 1 but 2 Birthday’s at the Bar! Drinks for Everyone! After shutting down the bar it was time to return to LA and bid Santa Barbara Farewell…we will definitely be returning, SOON!!!
My New favorite Boots!!!
As cute as I was.....Did I meet any single men…uh no! Did Resheda travel to another city and socialize outside of her hometown…yes…but still No Love!

After driving 1.5 hours home - half asleep…Try to avoid this if you can… I made it home safe and sound! I was invited to another party that night but I had no energy to bring myself to go.
 The Adventures of SingleNFabulous To Be Continued….in Part III, Smooches!

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