Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I'm Doing Me...Having a Good Time!

Hi Beautiful people,
As expected… I fell off the map because more often than not “my job” consumes my life. However, you’d be happy to know that I’ve been getting out a little more J.

It’s been so long that I don’t know where to start! Lord, it’s sad that I have to look at my Facebook Check-In’s to remember where the hell I went, Really?? Damn, I’m getting old, LOL. Here’s a rundown of my February Fun!


First Event - Superbowl Sunday - it was fun and hosted in a beautiful house out in the Valley. Even though the 49ers didn’t win, there were no “potential men” at the party, I drowned my sorrows in peach Ciroc, got a little tipsy and made the best of it.

2nd Event – 2 for 1 Deal - My partner in crime – Timika and I went out to support a friend at a Sunday night function at Nirvana in Beverly Hills. The music was great, the drinks were scrumptious but the attendance was a little low. I’m not sure what happened but it was MLK weekend and I was ready to party and it was the perfect venue to hang out at…maybe next time. Seeing that the night was still early and we still had energy we moved on to the local hot spot down the street. The W Hotel had live Jazz on Sunday nights in the Living Room. I heard about this spot but since I’m always tired I don’t always have the energy to go out on a Sunday night. But this time I was in rare form, Lol. There were so many people it was ridiculous. Of course the smallest men in the room approach Timika and I and started a conversation. Lord, why us. We were cordial but quickly moved on. Why do we attract complete strangers… It must be our lively personalities, lol. After bobbing our heads to some old school music we called it a night. Two hot spots in one night is my maximum, LOL. At least we both agreed that we had a good time. We gave ourselves one day to recuperate (Monday) and were back in the mix again.
Tuesday night we were at Xen Lounge in LA/North Hollywood for Jazz and Art night. This event was not what we expected however once again we made the best of it. The house band was really cool, the drinks were delicious (as always) and it was a great set-up with an open patio. We found out this lounge is owned by celeb couple Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell and they host various events throughout the week. We may have to come back out here to celebrate my birthday in March.

3rd Event – Celebrating my Brother-in-law Davion’s Birthday at The High Bar, Hotel Erwin in Venice/Los Angeles. As usual, I was fashionably late and as a result missed the Sunset on the Rooftop because I was on CP Time…my bad L. My brother Bruce almost cursed me out but he held his tongue and my brother-in-law was just happy that I showed the hell up...thanks brothers, LOL. That was a fun night hopping from place to place and ending up at Il Moro Restaurant in Los Angeles for a delicious dinner…real cute and bougie, LOL.

I think that about sums up all my February Fun and I really can’t complain as I’ve been able to get out more often than usual J. As you can see there has been no mention of meeting any “potential dating candidates” so my journey of being Single and Fabulous must go on.

Soon to come is plenty of March Birthday Madness ;)
so stay tuned.


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