Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Swagg

Happy Holidays Beautiful People,

I know it's been a minute since I've updated my blog but unfortunately my social life hasn't been that exciting, Lol. Houston we have a problem! I've been to Salt Creek Grille in El Segundo, The Yardhouse at LA Live and The Embassy Suites for 3 holiday parties this week and "no such luck". Regardless, I definitely wanted to say that I have had a great time getting out and socializing with all my friends at these great holiday events. I know that I should not be "looking 4 the 1" so I try to keep a low profile and hope that I'm blessed with making new friends. I'm still going to keep hope alive! I have a few more events coming up and I'm definitely trying to figure out what's on the agenda for New Year's Eve 2011.

P.S. - Why do guys commit to getting themselves into a "situation" with you but then expect "privileges" that come with a "relationship"??? But swear up and down they do not want a girlfriend. Then get upset when you remind them of their position "the jump off", LOL. I was just wondering......Hmmmmm!

Happy Holidays! Smooches


  1. Because boys want their cake and eat it too! They're greedy and if we let them get away with it they will. So as long as you keep the line defined on what the 'situation' is there shouldn't be a problem. :) They'll eventually come around or move on. Either way we're good! xoxo

  2. C'mon Keesh...lighten up. You like your cake and you like to eat it! I will agree, both men and women have to be firm in their beliefs and/or whatever decisions are made, and NOT participate in said activities that lead to intensifying desire for other activities. Otherwise, you need to redefine and set the contracts, no commitments, no funny feelings. In the authors words, you are "the jump off." Alpha Convention, Chicago, July 2011, Natl Black MBA Conference October 2011, Natl Forum for Black Public Administrator Conference April 2011. I'm sure there will be some eligible men there
    Have a very Merry!

  3. LOL @ Kee, you make a very good point!

    Thank you Larry for your comment and support of my Blog Adventures! I totally agree with you. I am definitely making plans to attend one of the Conferences listed above that way I can explore ALL my options ;) thanks for looking out for a sista!

  4. I'm not intending to appear negative, BUT men are selfish creatures by nature and they are accustomed to women constantly and consistently pandering to their selfish whims and ways. You're beautiful and I'm sure that you are unwilling to settle for the "Okey Doke!" I know it's frustrating ... but hold strong to your standards. I am excited to hear about the National Black MBA Conference in October 2011 and I am going to make a HUGE effort to attend. If all else fails, it may be time to migrate to other parts of the country that have a higher population of men that value polished, wonderful women!