Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas@ Bottega Louie

OMG! I had a blast at ALL my Pre-Christmas Eve Events on Thursday night. I went to dinner at Bottega Louie in downtown LA, then made an “appearance” at a Birthday backyard boogie in Inglewood and ended the night at the ever so popular Cork in LA, LOL. Dressed in my zebra print black and gray top with leggings and zipper boots I was ready for any and everything. Out with my favorite co-workers Bottega Louie didn’t know what hit them! Shout out to my girl Maria who wasn’t able to come with us! We missed you girl ! This was the last Christmas Celebration for 2010 and I had the best time. Great conversation, beautiful ambiance and plenty of attention from the gentlemen.

6:30pm, we started the night with a glass of wine waiting for our table that seats seven. 2 bottles of wine later- we were giggly, tipsy and making new friends. I was flirting with our Jewish waiter and acknowledging all the “gorgeous” men working that night (note: new hot spot on  Thursday night ;). The table to our right was also filled with handsome professional Latin men who made it a point to introduce themselves. They so kindly expressed that they’ve never seen so many beautiful women at one table at Bottega Louie's EVER. Hot damn, they made our night!
10:00pm, on to the next destination! Arrived in Inglewood "suited and stiletto booted". We formed a circle around the birthday boy and got the party started. Due to the lack of and DJ potential applicants we only stayed a moment, it was time to move on. Heard through the grapevine The Cork was packed.
11:30pm, walked in the door all eyes on “US”. Started the night off rocking my hips to the old school music I’m used to hearing that will have your feet hurting. Started at the bar, 1st drink was paid for, nice guys but too old. 2nd drink was paid for, nice guy but not my type, 3rd drink was paid for nice guy but still rocking cornrows. Come on guys we are going into 2011 get a fade! However, I was impressed with the men in the Cork - they were friendly and confirmed that chivalry isn’t dead. Wait a minute! Hello, spotted him at the bar. Local celebrity in the house a Plumber known for laying pipe! LOL. Handsome man that I have history with but not sure this one is ready for a “commitment”, stated he is but it’s so easy to “say” not so easy to “do”. I told him we need to start all over so he introduced himself and we had a conversation……to be continued….In the meantime, I have another one in my ear and one flirting with me from the other side of the room. I’m popular tonight, must be this new curly hair I’m rockin! LOL. Much love to my hair stylist Major Must Haves – Tanya S. Uh oh, last call for alcohol. I'm at the bar, again, and a brotha simply complimented me on my Swag, 4th drink was paid with no pressure attached. You gotta love the Cork. Home by 2:30am!
Any love connections? probably not J had a Great night, Definitely!
Merry Christmas Beautiful People!
Stay tuned....Smooches

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