Sunday, December 5, 2010

Leopard Vest and Red BEBE Stilletos

Saturday night and I was Miss Popular with two parties to attend! First, The Holiday party with my best friend's mom and her friends and family at The Wine Place and Storage in Marina Del Rey. I made my first appearance here only to pay a $10 cover with "unlimited" drinks. Now that's what I'm talking about! I had a great time mingling, grooving down the soul train line and being clowned by a silver haired comedienne by the name of Ms. Ida Mae who was hilarious. Of course she couldn' let me walk by without saying something about my Leopard vest and how the animal I was wearing came from the zoo and was now extinct! What was I thinking I should have stayed all night and got tipsy off the Free Riesling. But it was time to move on to the Second party: Actor Brian White's Blazers & Heels Affair @ Amalfi & Room 5 Lounge! The parking was easy, the line was brief and the spot was nice. Of course, I was giving them my version of leopard couture and in my opinion I had on the best damn red stilettos in the building! DJ Lady Jamar on the 1s and 2s had the party crackin' and hips rockin! I had a blast making friends with some cool ladies and meeting a brotha from New York who was Black and Arab with a totally different upbringing and outlook on life. He was a nice guy but it was strictly conversation. On to the next one! I continued to dance and have a great time but no love connection! However, on my way out a guy states he knows my face from somewhere, classic pick up line right? but he denies he's "flirting with me". I quickly let him know that "it's okay to flirt" ;)LOL. Sidebar -It's possible he may have seen me before seeing that I am a social butterfly and have a twin that looks exactly like me! Long story short we know some of the same people and began chatting about the different Lounge options for the "30 and over crowd". We exchanged numbers and email to keep each other informed on local social events. Did I mention he was Handsome? Uh Oh, I may be on to something! I will keep you posted....because that's what you do when you are Single N Fabulous! Until next time....Smooches

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