Monday, November 22, 2010

First Impressions

Good evening Beautiful People,
Lets review my most recent "First Impression" of a guy. Let me first give you a little history of myself. I am a woman in my mid-30's and have "some" old school values. Chivalry is not dead ! But obviously I've transitioned into this new technical era and have embraced the blogging, texting and social networking community. However, my confusion at this point is, to what degree do we allow technology to take over. Recently I was introduced to a guy (via third party) and we exchanged numbers. My first phone call with him was when I received a text message from him. What happened to picking up the phone and calling????? If there were no texting you wouldn't have a choice. For me this is a complete turn off. In addition, I reserve text messages to people that I have already established a relationship with. Is it me? or is texting so impersonal? Especially if I don't know you! As a result, I didn't respond. I'm not cutting the guy off (i'm not that evil :) I will give him a second chance but I really want to see how long it's going to take for him to call me so we can have an "actual" conversation. Talk to me ppl

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  1. Well...have you told him that you prefer talking vs. texting? I think that people these days get so wrapped up into technology they forget about the "old ways" of communicating. So with that being said I would give the brotha the benifit of the doubt and let him know how I like to communicate and then see if he is mature enough to follow through with my request. If he doesnt then ...urrahhh, brotha got a problem and can't follow directions(red flag number one) lol!