Monday, November 22, 2010


Greetings Beautiful People,

Tonight I had an epiphany! I complain so much about the so-called "LA Dating Scene" that I decided to Blog about it! I don't know if I'm reinventing the wheel and a similar Blog is being explored, but I hope you join me in "analyzing" how dating has evolved and help me (or we help each other) in deciphering what is REALLY GOING ON !  I guarantee this is going to be a wild ride, Lol. I'm definitely going to keep it interesting as I will share with you my Adventures in Dating! I'm pretty sure Men and Women alike will have their "opinion" to share and will not be afraid of a healthy debate. I've read Steve Harvey's book "Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man" and it was very informative but now I hear there is a former NFL wife who is coming out with "Why Do I Have to think Like a Man?", this should be interesting. Although these books have good intentions I'm having trouble just getting to the 1st Date. Which is where you (the reader) come in at, I am open to all opinions and welcome the discussion. However, I ask that we all be "respectful" of each others comments. I don't have any particular Goals with this blog but believe this open forum will help us all have a better understanding of the "complications" to dating and understanding each other and our expectations of the opposite sex. All stories posted and parties involved will maintain Anonymity in an effort to show respect. Let the Games Begin.....


  1. I'm ready to participate and I always have an opinion! Let's get it! :)

  2. This should be interesting lol :)

  3. Let the games begin!