Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Deeply Inspired

Hi Beautiful People,


It's The Twins Birthday!!!
March 20th
Pisces Baby!

This Blog is the result of those in my life who inspire me. "Every person in my life” has a special place in my heart and inspires me in some way shape or form...however...
My SISTERS are my constant Inspiration!
Me and the Birthday Girl - Sharinna! Love ya

My younger sister Vanessa surprised the hell out of me when she made it a point to create her own clothing store for plus size women when she realized there was a need for this particular size clothing and found that mainstream retail were neglecting plus size women. Now she is the Owner and Originator of Thick Chic Boutique in Inglewood known for selling-out all the hottest clothes straight off the Rack. Every shop that comes after her can only "imitate" as I have seen first hand that my sis has a passion for her clothing store and she is a "go getter" that makes sure her customers are happy, look damn good and represent Thick Chic's Everywhere! I'm so proud of her and I can't wait to watch her business grow and become even more successful !

My twin sister Keesha has an on-going successful career in the Entertainment Industry as a Make-Up Artist. Although there are times when she has to hustle harder than usual to land a gig, I have come to respect and admire her lifestyle as I have witnessed, behind the scenes, how it is a demanding and unpredictable career... I've learned that she is committed to her "make-up artist grind" and she's damn good at what she does for a living...and in the end she makes it Look Oh So Easy!

Could I ever do what my sisters do for a living, uh no, not a chance, Lol. Each sister has her own creative qualities and I promise you I did not inherit ANY of the "creative juices" flowing through their veins.

I’m the Brains in the Family...My job is to try to take over the world, J/K
(Pinky and The Brain, LOL)!
I'm behind the scenes and provide advice (...even if they don't ask for it) 
when my sisters need Me the most!
*Okay so Our Birthday fell on a Wednesday in the Middle of the Frickin Week, Booo!*

Our original plan was for my twin sister and I to put on our sweats, stay in the house, lay up on the couch be complete bums, hang out with Princess Bailey, order junk food and rent a video from Redbox...Here enters my girl friend Sharinna – my fellow Pisces partner in crime to Save the Day!  Her Birthday was on March 19th but she was celebrating it on the 20th, PERFECT timing !!! We received an invitation to her Birthday Bash at Rooftop 3100 and there we were on The Guest List. Looks like we have NEW plans...Woo Woo, no pressure on us to plan a party this year!

My twin sis already had a dress in her closet she's been dying to wear and of course she was able to represent Thick Chic Boutique courtesy of our sis Vanessa and was rocking her floor length, off the shoulder black & white with a hint of green ensemble. Nessa always makes sure her twin sisters are looking good from head to toe whether it's casual or club attire. Now I am not always able to fit All the clothes in Thick Chic Boutique because I'm what Nessa calls "a mini-thick chic", LOL.(a 1x in the ass, hips and thighs). But that's okay because then I remembered what I wore for my birthday last year and a light bulb went off !!!
My inspiration for my Birthday Dress came from Philthy Ragz entrepreneur Ms. Gaynelle White in Los Angeles. Another inspiration and positive black woman in my community that I Love to it is the presence of her clothing store that allows me to be able to purchase the "Hot and Affordable" outfits I love to rock that fit my Personality so much!! My twin sister and I came to the agreement that once you wear a Philthy Ragz dress for your birthday there is no going back. So naturally I had to find something that coordinates with Keesha's outfit. On the exact date of our birthday, my #1 priority was to go to the shop and peruse through all of Gaynelle’s fabulous items. I love going here because she always has her own “unique and one of a kind” styles of clothing. And of course when I arrived she was ready for Me and she always shows the TWINS so much LOVE!! She has such a Big Heart and always passes her blessings on to others. She's one of those woman you love to be around because she's so positive and supportive! 
Of Course I found the perfect tie-dye dress that she tailored for me on the spot at the shop!! It doesn't get any better than this! Thank you Gaynelle my dress is Gorgeous!!! I can't wait to wear it again at the Essence Festival in New Orleans and show them How We Do It in L.A. - West Coast Swagg...take Notes!!!

 @Rooftop 3100 -
Happy Birthday Sharinna!!!
Of course we arrived “fashionably late” only to have two seats saved for us in the front row on Karaoke night with the host Joe Torry and co-host Andre Pitre (he was very handsome)!
I was pleasantly surprised to find that most of the people who got up on stage could actually “blow” (not sing but sang) not like Karaoke night at GS Sports Bar, LOL. One amaretto sour and one birthday cupcake later it was time to party on the dance floor. My sis and I can honestly say we had a great time on our actual birth date all because of Sharinna, thanks Boo!! We were glad we were able to dress up, go out and have a good time…in the middle of the week, LOL. I already told you I’m getting too old for this shit (smiley face)! But we had a GREAT Birthday Celebration with our girl Sharinna!! What more could we ask for.
Although we were killin them at the Rooftop in our floor length dresses we/I still didn't meet any NEW prospects. Many tried but couldn't even meet the pre-screening requirements. One was disqualified as he was "special" and knew I was way out his league and shouldn't have even tried to give me his card. I'm sorry ladies but you  know what I'm talking about... You see him from a mile away and pray he don't come up to you...yep that's what I got. Then you have the stripper (from out of state) that dances like one of the guys from the Right Track and has no idea how to dance any other way...he can't even two step because he forgot how. yeah I got that one too! Pray for me, LOL.
The Adventures of SingleNFabulous must go on!
Until next time Beautiful People...Smooches!!!

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