Saturday, March 23, 2013

Resheda's Taco Tuesday Kickback

Hey Beautiful People,

My homegirl Tenisha took this Candid Camera Pic, LOL
I've Officially come to the conclusion that I'm getting "too old for this shit", Lol.
I'm officially on vacation and I don't have any major plans!!! I was excited earlier in the month but now I just want to Relax!!! I am not the young "Thundercat" I use to be,
Lmao!!! I remember back in the day clubbin at The Gate and The Century Club and having the hook up with my boy Gino at the waiting in line just walk right in.
Now in 2013 it's a whole new Game!
Since I don't party as much anymore I don't have any specific spots that I frequent and it's "hit and miss" when picking a good spot. Now days I have a minimum of TOP 3 requirements when picking out a good lounge spot -

#1 Good music -the DJ must be on point, It's Mandatory. Unfortunately, in the present time
there are no more O.G.'s on the 1s and 2s but as a replacement you see an Apple laptop and a set of Beats by Dre headphones. Damn how times have changed.
#2 Good Food - you have to be able to order every appetizer on the menu that makes you fat. But half the time it's this "new school" food that has no flavor, is extra healthy and is just enough to make you mad AND hella expensive...Not to mention the overpriced alcohol!!!
Most importantly...
#3 Good company - is also Mandatory and the hardest thing to scout for at your local hot spot. I'm always on the lookout for a crowd that is friendly, classy and has some eye candy. I know I'm asking for a lot but I know it exists somewhere!!! 
With all that being said I ended up having an impromptu Taco Tuesday gathering at
The Game Sports Bar Lounge and Restaurant. For the most part they met the first 2 out of 3 expectations and at this point I had no other options. Lets be clear, I just wanted to eat some delicious tacos, sip on an alcoholic beverage and hang out with my closest friends and GS was the local spot to do it at.

Sidebar - The sad part is that my Twin sis couldn't even come hang out with me because she had to work in Riverside! Booooo...But she gotta make that money! Celebrity Make-up Artist Grind. But no worries, OUR next big birthday event is when We turn the big 40 and its going to be EPIC, lol. You heard it here first!!!

Now Back to our regularly scheduled program...already in progress
Leave it to black folks to always be late...wait a minute I'm always now I know how it feels, Lol. Honestly, they were all getting off of work so I had to be patient. You guys would be proud of me, I actually arrived on time today at 5pm and now it is 5:45pm. I will now order my tacos because I'm hungry! I've only ate once today - my favorite cereal Frosted Flakes! Hey Let's Not forget - I'm trying to hold at least 6 seats and that's hard to do when it's only You and your big ass purse! I refused to pay $100 per table to reserve on Taco's not that serious. So if these people don't hurry up they will be standing up! As long as I'm comfortable I can't be concerned about nobody else!!!
Me, Latricia and Tenisha - MHS Alumni 20 Years Later, Whaat!!! 
Please note - I decided to be productive and I am writing this blog on my iPhone as I patiently wait for my friends to arrive.
6pm-ish, my P.I.C. Timika walks in the door... thank goodness for her because I was really starting to look like I was "single and lonely", LOL.... I'm single but not that Lonely!!!
Not too long after my peeps began to arrive!!!  Tenisha, Latricia, Claudia, Keisha, Lashawn, Tamara, Bruce, Ahmad, Sabra , Seon, Bridget, Lia and more. I was soooo happy and was finally able to just relax and enjoy myself around Good Company!! Let Taco Tuesday Begin!!! Woo Woo!!

P.S. On my way out the door a nice looking guy asked me for my number. I was a little tipsy but I think he was "cool", LOL. He offered to buy me a drink for my birthday but a sista was driving and on my way out the door but you better believe I took a raincheck! I will keep you posted if anything comes of this brief interlude.
The SingleNFabulous "Pisces" Adventures will continue...Stay Tuned. Smooches!!

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