Monday, April 1, 2013

I was....CLUELESS, Lol

Hi Beautiful People,

I am blogging you today to give you an update on my Dating Shenanigans (or lack thereof). Forgive me for using the word “shenanigans” but it’s my new favorite word. Why you ask? Because that’s how I feel sometimes when it comes to meeting new people. Everyone is raised differently, everyone has different expectations and everyone communicates in the way in which they are comfortable…hence the term “shenanigans”, LOL. I would love to meet someone who is on the “same page as me”. I’m not looking for PERFECT, as that does not exist, however I am looking for damn near Mr. Right (4 Me)!

Okay so let’s review My Taco Tuesday Kick Back Event at The Game Sports Bar (see Blog dated 3/23/13). So I told you that I met a guy there who seemed cool and asked me for my phone number. The next day he was nice enough to send me a Happy Birthday Text (awww that was sweet). He started off conversing with me through text messages (uhhh guys know how I feel about "first impressions").

Sidebar - Now don’t get me wrong I know that it’s 2013 but remember “I’m Grown” and I’m accustomed to getting to know a person through “actual” conversation. That way there is no misunderstanding about the information that has been exchanged. Besides if you decide you want to lie or become creative with what stories you want to tell me then I can utilize my investigative skills and get the Truth out of you real quick (person to person). Tell me anything in a Text!

So of course I was "real nice" and I let him know that I wanted to have an actual conversation with him. After a lot of “Text Tag” we eventually ended up talking over the phone and I found that he has a good sense of humor. See you can’t always get that in a text message. Well you know he had to be subjected to one of my "straight to the point" interviews as I had to find out if he meets:

The “Mr. Right” Pre-Requisites

First question I asked him “How old are you?”
His answer “28” (Strike 1)
My answer “Looks like we are going to be JUST friends, LOL.”
He wasn’t trying to hear me!!!! He’s still trying to go out on a Date. Okay I can give it a chance but I can’t make you any promises. I’m a DIVA not a COUGAR, I stay in my lane!!

Second question I asked him “Do you have any children?”
His answer “One pre-teen. Singular not plural, I have one child” (1/2 a Strike)
My answer, “Okay that’s cool.”
My expectations are not that high beautiful people I have to make some exceptions at times. I’m not getting any younger. As long as you are taking care of your child and there is no baby mama drama, I can work with you.

Due to extenuating circumstances (both of our crazy work schedules) we haven’t had the chance to plan an actual date yet but I’m sure I will have another update for you guys sometime next week.

Now I came up with the current Blog title "Clueless" based on this next experience I’m going to so eloquently describe to you, lol. Like I mentioned before Everyone has their own way of doing things so if you are not paying attention it just may go right over your head...So that’s what happened to me one night when I was “working in the field”. (All identifying information will remain anonymous so that I don’t get anybody in trouble, lol).
When I’m working at night it usually goes without saying that I call the police to assist me when I’m out investigating. After waiting over an hour for police to respond they finally arrived and turned out to be 2 really cool guys…so it was worth the wait! After we got the job done they were asking me questions about my job, joking around and trying to figure out what my license plate says – PNKDYMD. For whatever reason, my license plate seems to confuse people. I think it’s easy to decipher but I’ve found that this isn’t necessarily the case (smile). I’ve had a lady sitting in the car behind me in the McDonald’s Drive thru line ask me what does my license plate mean, Really? It must have been driving her crazy that she couldn’t figure it out. So now I’m going to leave it up to you guys to tell me what you think it means!!! I gave the Officers two hints and on the second one they were able to figure it out. I practically gave them the answer, LOL. Anyway I ended up going back to the police station, escorted by 1 officer, so I could type up my work.

Let me just cut to the chase…. I was trying to type up my work that would have taken me 20 minutes easy but it actually took me an hour because someone wanted to keep talking to me and asking me personal questions. Now don’t get me wrong he was very appropriate and inquisitive and I had no issue conversing with him because I’m “a talker” and I was comfortable talking to him. As I'm hanging at the station he offers me Easter candy, he gave me a Free Baker to Vegas T-shirt repping his police station and somehow he talked me into promising to bring him donuts (a secret spot in L.A.) that I claim to be better than his favorite Krispy Kreme (their donuts are garbage…sorry fans). So of course we had to exchange phone numbers so I can communicate with him and there it is! WTH JUST HAPPENED? I’m telling you I was Clueless the whole time. He couldn’t have been anymore subtle in his approach and I can appreciate that. Someone else had to ask me “Well is he cute?” and I couldn’t answer the question because I wasn’t looking at him like that. We were just talking and as I reflect back I found that we have some things in common and compliment each other in some other areas. Once I realized he could be “a potential” I looked at his ring finger and there was no ring. Then I thought, okay he’s handsome but not over the top FINE. I definitely think that’s a good thing because FINE is nothing but trouble!! During our conversation he didn’t mention a girlfriend, wife or children and I believe he’s the same age as me…So I guess he’s single. Since we already had over an hour long conversation getting to know each other (in-person), I’ve already given him permission to text me, LOL. Looks like I will be delivering donuts to him next week because I'm a woman of my word and I have to prove that I'm right about these donuts.
So expect another update soon. Wish Me Luck!!!

The Adventures of SingleNFabulous must go on…
Because I’m still SINGLE, LOL.


  1. I think that was the whole key. A totally clueless situation where you couldn't pull out your check list. LOL. That way you have no expectations and you can't self-sabotage what could possibly be a great situation. I love reading your blogs, your honesty about the dating seen is informative, humorous, but most importantly REAL. Not everything can be formulated or calculated. YOUR PLAN to find love is NOT GOD'S PLAN to GIVE YOU the love you so desire. Jus a thought ladybug!! Peace and Blessings

  2. Thank you @ An_Amazing_Being your comments are always inciteful and a blessing. I'm going to do my best to go out and have fun and allow the Lord to Bless Me when the time is Right!!! In the meantime, I'm going to let nature take it's course and just enjoy life. Thank you for ALL of your support honey!! XOXO