Friday, November 8, 2013

J. Cole Concert hit a Nerve!

Hey Beautiful People,

Finally I’m back to having A Life…it’s on a budget…but I do have a social life, LOL.
Unfortunately, I’ve been forced to get real creative in how I spend my money.

Lesson #1 - FYI -  changing from a County Job to a regular job is a BIG decision as it ultimately will affect your check immensely. What has baffled me that I’m happy in my current position I’m forced to sacrifice financially. But when I was stressed the hell out, unhappy at my old job and complaining every day I was making a lot of money!! It’s funny how the world works. Would I change the decision I made NOT AT ALL!!! - I work a regular day shift and get home at a decent hour every night. I have my weekends to spend with my family and friends and I’m not worried about being blamed for a child dying on my caseload. I feel bad for my friends who are forced to continue working for the County but I say a prayer for them every night hoping they are able to find a way out. Okay enough about that depressing topic…lets talk about my Thursday Night Date with J. Cole, Lol.

So I started my weekend off by going to the J. Cole Concert - “Solo”
(by my damn self)
on Thursday Night, Oct., 24th
 @ Nokia Theater.
I originally thought I was going to the concert with a friend but he didn’t follow through on his end so I ended up going by myself.  If I want to go somewhere I will make it happen. I don’t have time for the Bullshit!

So you know attending this event was cause for a NEW outfit! So let me be clear…I’m not as young as I use to be. So my goal was to be cute and comfortable.  I knew them young girls would be running around the concert in stilettos. I was crazy enough to do the same thing “back in the day” when I was young but now I use my common sense, Lol.  I had an idea of what I wanted to wear but of course I didn’t have everything I needed in my closet.  As a result, I had several outfit changes and my twin sis Keesha can testify to this as it drove her crazy every time I tried to tell her what I was trying to do! She knows she’s my “go-to fashion consultant” so I don’t know why she was complaining as she knows this process is inevitable! Case in point – just last night we were working on putting together my outfit for a fundraising auction I’m going to next Friday and she was advising & complaining at the same time, LOL. 
We finally settled on my Hip Hop Heavyweight T-shirt (Biggie and Tupac) East Coast meets the West Coast that I hadn’t worn in months because I needed shoes to go with it (just hanging in the closet, nwt - new with tags). I got lucky and found my red, white and black Jordan’s in the Slauson Swapmeet (don’t sleep that’s my low key go-to spot). I got my camouflage cargo pants from Old Navy but I had to settle for this choice as I didn’t know where to go to get a more “girlie” version to fit my curves! P.S. I’m still on the hunt for another pair!! Since my hair wasn’t done I had to throw in my oh so favorite ponytail and topped the outfit off with my red leather jacket. I think the outfit came together  real cool and I was good to go!!

Now, truth be told, I REALLY went to see Wale but he was only up there as an opening act and so his time was limited. I had a good time rockin out to some of his most popular hits but now I need him to have his own gig!! He start out at Club Nokia and I will be there!

Mr. Nice Watch - J Cole put on a good performance too. Naturally he gave us a little bit of his first album and then performed his radio hits from the second album like Power Trip and Crooked Smile but I think he’s become a little more “hood” then I remembered from the first album. I become somewhat annoyed if every other word you say is “nigga”. After the concert I wanted to write a post on Facebook because it bothered me but I didn't because I knew it was going to be difficult trying to explain my position without writing a book! So here it is -

My argument in a nutshell: I don’t mind anyone BLACK using the word “nigga” in their own personal circle of friends but what has become an issue for me is this new generation that uses it as if it is the only word in their vocabulary. If you as an artist say the word “nigga” in your songs on almost every song on the entire album and then your records (explicit version, of course) sells to the “mass majority” who do you think now believes they have the right to say the word??!! And it’s not just J. Cole, this includes popular artists like Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and the new artist YG and his aptly titled song My Nigga! Really?? Don’t get me wrong… I understand that he’s trying to give love to his homeboys but did you have to release it as your next main stream single? In addition, you had the nerve to try and have a “clean version” called "My Hitta"!! This should have been released on an underground mix tape and stayed underground.

Oh this isn’t new…this has been an on-going debate within our society and now I understand why Oprah feels “no one” should use the word because look at what this has evolved into. Perfect example – the scene in the movie “White Girls” with the girls in the car singing Realest Nigga by Biggie Smalls feat. Eminem. The only difference is that, back then, they would say it when we weren’t around but now that’s no longer the case!! Some people of other races remain respectful and choose not to use the word but that is far and few between. All I’m saying is that if you hear anyone outside of the Black race (Latin, Asian, White) saying the word “nigga” in their conversation don’t get mad because our own black rap artists have basically given them a pass to say it. It's sad how the artists we have out now can no longer be viewed as a "role model" for this new generation growing up!
Well, that concludes me ranting on my soapbox...Just thought I'd get this off my chest!

Needless to say I still had fun at the concert and left “solo” just like I arrived, Lol. But, I’m glad I was able to get out and enjoy myself.
As You Already Know...The Adventures of SingleNFabulous must go on…Smooches!

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