Saturday, April 16, 2011

Don’t Block Your Blessings

Hi Beautiful People,
I’ve been told in the past that if I continue to “settle” and keep giving men the opportunity to put me in “a situation” that I am continuously “blocking my blessings”. It took awhile for me to figure out what this meant. Effective this past Thursday I was no longer in denial ! So I decided to reflect: There was a time in my life (I was younger) when I had to learn the hard way and I was giving men the power to break my heart. Then I got a little older and learned that I’m the one with the power and I “as a woman” allowed the man to take “my power”. Mother’s, Aunties, older Cousin’s and Grandmother’s have all told us, at one time or another, that a man can only get away with what you allow him to get away with. So as time passed I made the decision to take back my power and control what I wanted to give away and on only on my terms! However, as I dealt with these situations I eventually realized this was still not a good position to be in. How am I looking for “the one” if I’m giving away the one thing that should be sacred in a relationship? God’s looking down on me, He-the patient one. The goal was for me to understand that I need to give up what is not good for me and make some sacrifices to get what it is I really want. So I had to give HIM up! I was comfortable and I guess deep down inside I wanted him to realize what he’s had right in front of him all along, But he must not be the one! So I am moving on, by my damn self! No more “situations”! I have to be consistent and demand what it is I want and that’s “a relationship” (aww damn I might have scared some readers away, lol). If he can respect that then it will be worth the wait! Thanks for listening!
P.S. The significance of the picture above is that only one woman in that picture has a successful relationship and "disappointment" is how I feel right now.
Until next time…Smooches!