Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baker 2 Vegas Weekend

Jus Me!
Finally, I made it to Las Vegas!
Much love to my hunny bunny Majormusthavs (blog) for making me the Glamgyrl that I am! She is my Hair Extraordinaire!
Pay Close Attention! Here’s the Agenda for Vegas:
Friday night – recooperate from that long ass drive, order room service and rest up for tomorrow. (I missed the deadline for picking up my VIP wristband so I can’t get into the Ghostbar tonight, without having to pay L) So I’m updating my blog!
Saturday morning – Rise and shine breakfast by the pool and attempt to get a Summer tan. Before it gets scorching HOTT! Objective: Flirt with MEN!
Saturday afternoon - Pick up VIP wristband at 1pm for LAPD pool party and rock my leopard dress. Damn, I will officially be a “Cougar” when I make my Entrance (lol)! Objective: Flirt with MEN!
Saturday evening – Dinner at N9NE restaurant with My Girls!  Objective: Flirt with MEN!
Saturday night - Moon Night Club, Objective: Flirt with MEN!
Sunday morning – Fly back to LA to attend my Best Girlfriend Erica Cox’s Baby Shower.
Sunday evening – Fly back to Las Vegas for the MAIN EVENT @ Club RAIN,
Objective: Flirt with Men!
Did I miss anything????
Ahhhh the Single Life!!! It has it’s Perks!
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Adventures of Single N Fabulous in Vegas!!!

Deluxe Room with a View!

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