Saturday, March 12, 2011

Seeing the Positive in the Negative

2011 Mammoth BlackOut Weekend
Hi Beautiful People,
I am so sorry for the delay but I was honestly working on this Blog after my return from my Mammoth Trip and of course my computer died and none of my work saved because I did not originally start in Microsoft Word. Guess what I’m doing right now! Saving my work, LOL.
So here’s the short version of what you guys missed in my Socializing Escapades.
NBA All Star Weekend (for me) Over Rated !!!! $200 to get into the Club, not that serious! Too many damn black people in LA. Did I stay out late every night, of course! I made the best of it but was happy when the weekend was over J
Mammoth BlackOut Weekend was Interesting. Started off a little rough, was I surprised we left a little late, No! Was I pissed our bus broke down in Mojave for 7 hours, Hell Yes! Did we arrive in Mammoth at 1:30am on a Saturday morning, SMDH. The trip got better when it was time for the pre-party lunch jam and ended with a Mardi Gras party Saturday night with special guest performance by Teedra Moses! Love Connection….uh no J But met up with some other girlfriends and made friends with new girlfriends!! Did we plan some upcoming Single Ladies trips Oh yeah, because we are still on a Mission!!!
** I highly recommend the Mammoth Trip next year if you arrange for your own transportation and get enough people together to rent a Condo it will be a BLAST!
#1 - I love how a guy tries to give me attention at an out-of-town event where I’m 5 hours away from LA but this same guy doesn’t have time to pick up the phone when we live 15 minutes away from each other in LA. Hmmmmm.
#2 - I love how you text a guy Friday night and no response. Then you call a guy Saturday morning (just in case they didn’t get the text) in hopes to make plans for maybe Saturday evening or Sunday but you get no return phone call. WOW, you have an iphone I know that shit works! Really a sista can’t even get a courtesy call?? I can’t wait to return the favor because he is going to call and I will not be available. Is it too much to ask for some form of communication? I’m not asking for the other “C” word Commitment because you can’t even communicate so you are definitely not eligible for anything else. This is why yo ass stay on the “bench”!! I’m still looking for a 1st round draft pick!
Mix and Mingle: I had a good time at 3 Vinos Restaurant & Nightclub in Covina hanging out with the LAPD. A man with a badge can always come in handy ;) Do I need to be partying on a Tuesday night No, but the unlimited Sangria was worth it!
Upcoming Events: My Birthday on March 20th and the LA to Vegas Baker Run to Support the LAPD/Sherriff’s Dept. and whatever else happens in between!!!
To be Continued…Smooches J


  1. hey ladybug check out my blog as well i love yours

  2. Girl, you got me over here rolling! I have been wanting to take that Mammoth trip, but not that raggedy bus part lol! As far as Mr. Telephone man...NEXT!!