Monday, March 14, 2011

For Colored Girls Night!

Can I just say I Love My Girls!
When I found out two of my girls had not seen Tyler Perry’s movie adaptation of the book “For Colored Girls Who Have Consider Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf”. I made it a point to plan a Movie Night at my place. When I first saw this movie it touched me deeply as I believed Mr. Perry did a very good job in directing and casting this film. I felt EVERY woman I knew should see it so we could witness another person’s experience in relationships and relate it to our own life experiences. Unfortunately, I couldn’t invite everyone so I invited my most supportive ER co-workers (sorry for anyone I left out, it was not intentional :). Although everyone wasn’t able to attend we had a great turnout for Ladies Night! We were 8 deep with food and wine and great conversation! Prior to actually watching the movie we came to the conclusion that WE need to have our own Reality Show documenting our experiences as social workers so other people can see what we see in our communities on a daily basis.
For those of you who don’t know, WE are Children Social Workers that dedicate our time to making sure children are safe in their homes and provide resources to families who are not afforded the same opportunities. Depending on the severity we may have to relocate children to another home but we only do this if it is a last resort. Please understand that this is not an easy job and it takes some “hard working, dedicated and passionate people to do this job”. P.S. We are not in it for the MONEY as we are extremely underpaid for the amount of work we are given!! Therefore we drink a lot of wine and plan nights like this so we can maintain our sanity. Do we end up talking about our jobs and have a venting session Yes! Do we have great stories to tell and have some families that make our job worthwhile Yes! Does this job affect our own personal social lives and/or spouses and families at home YES!
Do we go to work every day praying that the children on our caseload are safe and have not been involved in major crises from day to day, YES, so please think twice before you assume you know what it is we do!  Police Officers have told us more than once they don’t know how we are able to do this job and they are the ones who put their lives on the line everyday and they “admire us”. This job can be rewarding but emotionally draining at the same time.
We are told to make sure we take care of ourselves and this is when we have to lean on each other and support each other. Our mental health days consist of planning baby showers, spa days, Christmas parties, happy hours, Vegas trips and movie nights!
OMG!  I had a great time with “my girls” and was happy to be able to spend time with them outside of work. It is the support of these ladies that get me through each day when I don’t think I am going to make it and the stress is overwhelming! I am not happy to have a job in this recession I’m happy I work with such great friends at my job J. My next Friday night event is going to be COED, LOL.
Until Next Time….Smooches

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