Wednesday, March 23, 2011

There’s Nothin Better than a Pisces Woman

Happy Birthday Twins!
Hi Beautiful People,
Is it a surprise that March is my favorite month of the year? Of Course Not! It’s my Birthday Month! It’s not a coincidence that my sisters and I are all Pisces women. Not only is it the beginning of Spring but I share this birthday month with several good friends.
March 2011 was so exciting, where do I start???
Shout out to my girl friend Devona H. who celebrated her birthday at Nic’s Restaurant and Martini Lounge in Beverly Hills. You can’t pass up an invitation to listen to “Live Music” and relax with good friends. We had a great time and I had 3 delicious martini’s.
I was so impressed I invited a few friends to this Lounge the following Thursday night (my twin sis was told Thursday’s featured Live R&B music with a great male lead singer). Our friends came out to have a good time, we drank delicious martini’s and we “cut a rug” with a cool crowd of people. 3 Martini’s later (and a glass of Reisling wine) I was feeling really good! I had a GREAT time at Nic’s and was sooo happy that most of our friends were able to come out and party with us. I had such a great time I didn't make it to work the next day, ooooooh, damn shame! Let me not forget to mention that there were some pretty good looking guys in this joint. I conversed with a few that appeared to be really friendly…and I made a new friend…. to be continued ;)
We can’t wait to go back and have a few more martini’s ! Until then…Smooches!
Happy Birthday Devona
Pisces Women Represent !!!

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  1. Happy Birthday. I told you in your face already lol...