Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Standards are NOT too High!

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Surprise!!! I'm baaaaaack....So Soon....Already!!!! Yes.

My Sisters!! #throwback
 After attending my Bloggers Like Me Lunch Lab Series on Saturday I've regained my Motivation. I've made a personal commitment to devote more time and promotion to my Blog.  Goal #1 post a Blog entry every week! So my Blogs are going to involve more than just my Single Life Shenanigans but also Conversations that make us think about our lives, our standards and what we want from our "future partners". Please feel free to dialogue with me about any and every topic because I'm sure we can all relate in some way, shape or form!

Please forgive me for this long blog post BUT it's REALLY GOOD and from a MAN's Perspective!!!

Thank you to my Facebook Friend Eena who shared this Post on Facebook it was a really good read and helped solidify that I AM NOT CRAZY!!! This is Exactly What I'm Looking For in a Man!

by Michael Jai White (Actor)

In all my years as a grown man I knew, without a doubt, that women were different than men and required a gang of emotional attention. I came to the resolution that part of a man’s role was to endure women’s emotional neediness by patronizing them much as you would a child: “Yes, Dear, I’m listening”…even though this is some rhetorical BS. ” Of course I miss you… even though I just saw yo ass a little while ago! “I see you’re calling me”… even though I just F*^#ing talked to you 20 minutes ago! As a man, you have to deal with hand holding, “yes dear,” and freaking cuddling! I endured this for years until my relationships reached their natural demise due to some natural chemistry flaw between us or the woman’s natural chemical imbalance- Yes I said it! I believed ALL WOMEN WERE CRAZY and the only choice a man had was to decide exactly how much crazy he’s willing to deal with to sustain a relationship. It’s crazy to think I, as a man, would ever want to spend every waking moment with a woman, to be all-up-on each other constantly, to talk endlessly about “every-damned-thing” and see each other “every-damned-day!” I was always the spoiled Alpha Male who didn’t have to try as hard and I dealt out advise to my brethren due to my abundant experience with women. I had Alpha Females, “Dime Pieces” with degrees and plenty of them! I pretty much got every woman I wanted, rich or famous and who could argue with my numbers? On every level, I was “The Man!” Agreed? Well take my numbers, “Dime Pieces,” and vast experience and apply it to what I’m about to say- I WAS WRONG ABOUT WOMEN ALL THESE YEARS! My Ex’s were right!
The interesting thing about every good argument is the shifting percentages of validity on each opposing side, but only one concept will tip the argument past the 51% and expose the unflinching reality of the truth. My new life philosophy is to look forward to being wrong because each time I’m wrong, I learn something that unlocks the door to a concept I struggled to understand. The truth is then revealed and to live in the truth is to live in enlightenment.
I am now in a relationship that I never knew was even possible. I’m in love with my best friend who I shower with endless affection, talk to all times of the day and miss the moment I leave her side. I now understand what the women of my past desired from me. They INSTINCTIVELY KNEW that love actually looked this way! Everything from the hand holding to countless daily declarations of love were not only a byproduct of the man’s emotions but it was something easily volunteered by the man who’d truly loved them. I simply didn’t love my Ex’s in the capacity their spirits knew organically needed to be loved. I believe woman nowadays have learned to settle for what’s FAMILIAR to love. In turn, they’ve had to decide how much of a man’s love they can live without to sustain a relationship. As we men are natural leaders in providing security, it is women who are the natural leaders in how to love. They are instinctively born with the barometer to feel when love is real. The behaviors they’ve required from men IS the behavior that is true for love. The crazy lesson for men is that YOU’LL NEVER KNOW HOW MUCH OF A MAN YOU CAN BE UNTIL YOU TRULY LOVE SOMEONE BEYOND YOURSELF. I can say that I am now the very best version of myself and that’s due entirely to my relationship. My perspective is clear, my goals are defined, distractions are nonexistent, my business and personal relationships are stronger than ever. I don’t feel like “The Man,” anymore. I feel like A MAN.

P.S. This post definitely gives me FAITH because although this is Michael Jai White's second marriage he finally found "The One" woman that completes him....and he's only a few years older than me! LOL

People always ask me if my standards are too high? My answer will always be NO. I strongly believe that MEN should set their standards higher!
Therefore the Adventures of SingleNFabulous Must Go On!!!

**I apologize beautiful people but I had to remove the picture of Michael Jai White and his wife to avoid copyright infringement**

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