Friday, February 6, 2015

Straight Gyrl in a Gay Bar, Whaaaaaat???? LOL

Hi Beautiful People,
Okay so I’m a few weekends behind but bear with me…the blogs are coming!!

As the new year moves along I've been trying to figure out what different events and activities I can do to encourage me to get out the house to "mix and mingle". My intention was to go out to a BlackNLA mixer but my “road dawg Timi” was feeling under the weather and wasnt able to go with me. I opted not to go out by myself (I've don't that before and it isn't as fun) so I passed on this event.

However, my brother from another mother “Bruce” sends me a last minute text saying he was going bar hopping for his Birthday on Saturday. Now you know Im too old for the “bar scene” but its MY BROTHER so I had to make an exception. Surprisingly it was my sister Keesha who was extra excited to go. Why was she excited you ask…because we were going to  party in West Hollywood to one of the more popular GAY BARS - My twin sister has been before but it would be my first time.

First Stop @ Micky's in WeHo: Bruce’s Impromptu Bday Celebration
Who would have thought that my first night out in 2015 would be at a gay bar with 4 of the coolest gay guys I know and 3 very straight girls, Lol…surprisingly I had the best time EVER!! I had no idea what to expect.
Keesha and I showed up first! Bruce  was soooooo surprised because I made him think we weren't coming (wink). We (Bruce & hifey Davion) started off with drinks downstairs in the main room, dancing to the music, taking pictures and people watching. Eventually the Hip Hop room upstairs opened up and we made sure we claimed ownership of the couches right next to the female DJ... then enters the rest of the "Clique" - Elexesia, Damon & Terrall....Let the party begin!!
As the night went on I had to break out my fan so I could get some was thick up in there. We went from starting out with very few people to being the “hot spot” for the night. That crowd went  0 to 100 real quick (smile). Not only did I dance with my brother Bruce but I got a lap dance a few times from random gay guys who were there just having a great time. I don't know what it was but even the security guy standing next to us in our section told me "in the 2 hours you've been here you've gotten more action from the guys here then I have in the 8 months I've been working here" Lmao. Maybe it's the new hair color, LOL, I don't know. Even Damon threatened to "throw me in a bush" because I was taking all the attention, Lol !!  I think they subconsciously knew I was a "virgin visitor" at the Club and felt the need to break me in properly. Whatever it was I had a GREAT time. It's unfortunate that I got more action at a gay club then I normally do at a straight club. What the hell??
It’s been awhile since I’ve had such a great time clubbing with great people. We had so much fun that my brother Bruce broke down and became emotional…it might have been that brown liquor he was sippin on (smile) either way we got lots of hugs and kisses for always being there for him.
This is what REAL friends do…We Show Up & Show Out!!

The Adventures of SinglenFabulous...
To Be Continued…Smooches!

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