Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy New Year to All My SingleNFab Followers !!

Hi Beautiful People!!!!
Ive missed you guys and I look forward to sharing all my upcoming “shenanigans” with you in 2015.
Do you like my new hairdo?! Foxy Sandy Brown is back. This is the honey blonde hair color that I love so much. That's all MY HAIR...for now!
As usual I have to give you an update on my ongoing struggle with weight loss. I like giving you guys updates because in some way I think it helps hold me accountable on what I should be doing and keeps me on track with my attempts to make a lifestyle change! Well...I appreciate all of your support and just know that I'm still trying (smile)!

I tried doing my Pure Proactive 21 day detox again but I only made it as far as 13 days. I was dying a slow and horrible death due to the lack of ‘deliciousfood” LOL. I'm sorry but I truly believe that there is healthy food out there that doesn't have to taste BAD or BLAND. Seriously, I was angry, irritable, and just miserable! The purpose of me doing this detox again, in the beginning of the New Year, was to rid my body of all the toxins Ive accumulated over time and then start new by trying this meal prep program I found on Instagram @Eatnaked_la. Well I fell short of 21 days and Im just going straight to the meal prep program. Now mind you my girl Nikki told me I need to learn to meal prep on my own, and shes completely right, but Im lazy and not that creative when it comes to food so, as usual, Im still trying to figure out what works best for me...again, LOL. I'm frustrated but still Motivated. So I will utilize my Pinterest page and see what good ideas they have so I can eventually meal prep on my own. As always I will keep you posted on how I’m doing.
Sidebar Update1 week of meal prepping has passed and I lost 4 pounds, but Im hungry throughout the day, due to the small portions, so Im working on being creative with my snacks that are going to be health and filling in between meals.

FYI - I have at least 2 migraines (or more) once a month and they become more frequent when I'm stressed out, whether it's over work or lack of food. Unfortunately this prevents me from exercising. I'm not trying to make up an excuse it's just crazy how every time I'm ready to workout something happens, smh. I just have to get more creative - go to the gym, use the outside track at work, use the million and one workout dvd's I have at home, drag my ass to hot yoga, etc. I'll figure it out!
My New Years Resolution is Consistency & Dedication...Yeah we'll see how that works out in 2015, LOL

2 weeks later...

My sister found a new meal prep location called They have great meal selections too and I think I'll try them out this week! I'm a girl who likes variety and you have to "switch it up" to keep me interested. So I will add them to my "healthy lifestyle support system" (hey I think I like that terminology (smile). I will keep you posted on how this meal prep plan works out for me next week.

Oh and I almost forgot to tell you I bought a waist trainer from @body_shapers, also on Instagram. I'm hoping the act of waist training will help motivate me to be consistent in eating small portions , keep me focused and decrease some of my bad eating habits.
Please note - I would never do anything to my body that is detrimental or too extreme. I love food too much and I don't like pain so if waist training becomes a problem I will definitely terminate it. I LOVE ME and All My Curves but I'd love to loose weight and tone my body, however I am not obsessed with trying to look like a "supermodel"...because it's not that serious. We are not hear on this earth to conform to what SOCIETY wants us to look like. I am doing this for me and no one else!

My Birthday is in less than 2 months and I need to report back to my Fab followers what the hell I've been successful in achieving...I'm on a MISSION people!! So Wish me Luck (wink)

My Adventures in being Fit & Fabulous...
To be continued...

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