Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey the Movie...Loved It!

Hi Beautiful People,
It’s a nice sunny President’s Holiday and me and Princess Bailey (the most adorable malitpoo EVER!) decided to hangout on our patio and relax as the sunset. We had the iTunes Radio playing a good mix of R&B music as she played with her toys for all of 2 seconds then curled up on my lap. It’s kind of hard to type on your laptop when you have a dog on your lap (smh).

Since I still haven’t had the opportunity to attend any mixer events lately, I got the bright idea to be a movie critic for the next hour as I write this Blog. This is Valentine’s Day weekend and yet again I have no valentine. To make it worse it was NBA All Star Weekend in New York and a sista couldn’t go (sad face). That would have been the perfect place to find me a Valentine .… “at least for the weekend” LOL….maybe next year!
So I had to settle for going to see an early screening of the new movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”.  Now if you know nothing about this moving you’ve been living under a ROCK, Lol. This has been one of THE most highly anticipated movie releases for 2015. Women of all social backgrounds have read this book. A good book does not discriminate but appeals to all audiences (in this case “lonely women”, lmao)!

Sidebar – I don’t recommend you go see this movie if “you’re single”. I did not get this disclaimer before I read these books, Lol. You’ve been warned….I forsee a lot of “sexual frustration” if you don’t have a partner on standby (wink).

Let me give you a little back story…My sister told me about this 3 book series a few years ago. I think it was some time after she read the Twilight series. Although she couldn’t convince me to read these particular books , the werewolves and vampires wasn’t something I wanted to read about but I LOVED the movie version!! However, it didn’t take much for her to convince me to read the Fifty Shades trilogy after she raved so much about it and told me I HAD to read them. Initially, the first book started out a little slow but once you get to that first “kinky” scene you’re HOOKED. Now, since I’m not a fan of pain the thought of mixing pleasure and pain has never crossed my mind but to each his/her own. As adults we learn about our own personal preferences and what sexual activities are classified as “out of the ordinary” (to say the least). The Fifty Shades Trilogy takes you into a whole other world that explores sexual desires outside of the norm that include the main characters participating in submissive and dominant roles while utilizing sex toys and various tangible objects, all while trying to discover why the most successful “single” business man in this story is tormented by his past and how he’s come to prefer this type of sexual dominance. Now I’m no E.L. James (the author) so I can’t describe this story as eloquently as I would like to but just know that this woman can narrate a damn good story.

Immediately I was drawn to it because I love a “good character”, which is why I’m not a big fan of reality TV. I also love a good storyline that has a good beginning, plot and an ending. I use to read a lot when I had more time because I loved how writers allow you to enter into a world outside of your own reality. I can appreciate the author’s ability to create their characters, make them complex, give them depth and then watch their lives evolve throughout the pages.  
So when it was announced that Fifty Shades was going to be made into a movie I definitely had my reservations. #1 it is not that easy to capture the details of a book in a short movie due to time constraints. And #2 everyone has their own “idea” or picture of what the characters in the book look like, and #3 will the movie truly do the book justice when it comes to the big screen?! Despite the obvious, I couldn’t help but to be excited just like every other woman who read this trilogy. Of course, we all had our own idea of what actors should play the main characters so now we just needed the casting director to make our dreams come true! But of course that would be too much like right. Unfortunately, I and a few thousand other women were a little disappointed when we found out who the actors would be. See I told you… we all had our own idea of what actors we thought should play the characters “Christian and Ana”.
Well we can’t always have what we want so I had to accept the new actors chosen for this movie…Introducing Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. After seeing the movie trailer I had to admit that the actor Jamie Dornan is kinda HOTT (wink)! At this point I was REALLY ready to go see this movie.

Now let me be clear on how I feel about the movie theaters, we haven’t always got along. I have an issue with people putting their feet on the back of my chair, playing on their cell phones and talking during the movie. But thank goodness the movie theaters have upgraded so now I can buy my tickets in advance and pick my preferred seating! Arclight Theaters gave me these options and  just so happened to be showing the movie prior to its release date so I just HAD to buy my tickets ASAP!

And now the Review you’ve been waiting for….Fifty Shades of Grey the Movie gets…4 STARS!!!
The directors did an EXCELLENT job in recreating this book and it was TASTEFULLY DONE!!  
Now there are a few things that I think could have been done differently in this movie but I will keep my opinion to myself to prevent from spoiling any part of this movie for anyone else.

I highly recommend everyone go see this movie…especially with someone you like A LOT, LOL.
Update: FIFTY SHADES Smashes Box Office Records with $81 Million Opening Weekend.

Since I’m still on the hunt for my “Christian Grey” (minus the ropes and leather whips, lol)…
The Adventures of SingleNFabulous…Must Go On!

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